5 things for November 14: Roy Moore, Clinton, quake, Puerto Rico, blood pressure


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DC Republicans are ramping up the pressure to get Roy Moore out of the Alabama Senate race. But the more they insist, the more he resists. The chorus to get Moore to quit grew even louder after a fifth woman came forward to accuse Moore of sexual misconduct. Beverly Young Nelson said Moore sexually assaulted her back in the 1970s, when she just 16 years old. At a news conference, Nelson displayed an inscription in her yearbook that she says Moore wrote, and she said she’s willing to testify under oath about her claims. Moore called her allegations “absolutely false” and said he doesn’t know her.

      Moore accuser: I thought he would rape me

    In addition to urging Moore to quit the race, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and others are looking at other options, like drafting a write-in candidate or expelling Moore from the Senate if he were to win. Whatever they decide to do, they don’t have a lot time. The Alabama Senate special election is set for December 12.

      McConnell: I believe Moore accusers

    2. Investigations

    The Department of Justice is considering a special counsel to took look into the Clinton Foundation. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, at the request of House Republicans, has asked senior federal prosecutors to check out alleged ties between the Clinton Foundation and the sale of Uranium One, a uranium mining company, to Russia’s Atomic Energy Agency. Republicans have claimed Russian interests sought to donate to the foundation to persuade Clinton to support the deal, which was OK’d in 2010 when Clinton was secretary of state.

      Turner on new special counsel: It’s ridiculous

    Meanwhile, Donald Trump Jr. exchanged private messages with WikiLeaks during the 2016 presidential campaign. According to the released messages, first reported by The Atlantic, WikiLeaks reached out to President Donald Trump’s adult son just before midnight on September 20, 2016, regarding a PAC-funded, anti-Trump website. This is noteworthy because the intelligence community believes Russia disseminated information from a hack of the Democratic National Committee through WikiLeaks. There are several investigations into possible links between the Trump campaign and Russia.

      Report: Trump Jr. corresponded with WikiLeaks

    3. Iran-Iraq earthquake

    That powerful earthquake that struck along the Iran-Iraq border is the deadliest quake of the year. It’s killed at least 452 people so far — more than September’s Mexico City quake — and injured thousands. About 100 of the dead are from a single town in one Iranian province. An Iraqi woman who was having dinner with her children when the quake hit said the building they were in “was just dancing in the air.”

      Moment Iran-Iraq earthquake struck

    4. Puerto Rico

    The general’s leaving, and he’s taking the troops, helicopters and supplies with him. But Puerto Rico is still hurting almost two months after Hurricane Maria whacked the island. The power’s still not on in more than half of Puerto Rican homes and businesses. The water’s out for more than one in 10. But Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan says the time is right to transition the relief effort from the federal military to reservists and the National Guard. That decision was made by Puerto Rico’s governor, FEMA and the Defense Department. Buchanan says the island is far from normal but much progress has been made, like the clearing of debris from most roads.

      Top US commander pulling out of Puerto Rico

    5. Blood pressure

    How’s your blood pressure? Is it normal? It may not be now. The American Heart Association, the American College of Cardiology and nine other health organizations released new guidelines on high blood pressure. Under the new standard, high blood pressure should be treated at 130/80 rather than 140/90. The result is that now almost half of all Americans are considered to have hypertension. And it puts tens of millions of more Americans in the high blood pressure category.

      World blood pressure rises


    People are talking about these. Read up. Join in.
    Model citizen
    Colin Kaepernick may be persona non grata to the NFL, but to GQ, he’s the “Citizen of the Year.”

      Kaepernick and GQ want to “reclaim the narrative of his protest”

    Passion for fashion
    The clothes that Walmart sells are about to get a serious upgrade, now that Lord & Taylor is setting up shop on Walmart.com.

      Retailers get ready for festive shoppers

    Our ‘Shero’
    Barbie will rock a hijab for the first time as part of Mattel’s “Shero” doll line. It’s based on prominent, diverse women, like Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad.

      First Barbie with hijab modeled after Olympian

    Amazon Age
    Amazon’s taking us back to Middle Earth with a new “Lord of the Rings” TV series, so get ready for more hobbits, elves and dwarves.


    “She was the best audience. She was the one I was always trying to make laugh.”
    Jimmy Fallon, paying tribute on “The Tonight Show” to his mother, who died last week

      Fallon’s emotional return to ‘The Tonight Show’


    That’s how many touchdowns a Minnesota high school team scored — in the final minute — for an epic comeback win.


    All fall down
    Somebody named the “Domino King” used 148,777 dominoes and two months of their life to make a tribute to a Super Mario game. The least we can do is watch ’em fall. (Click to view.)

    Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2017/11/14/us/five-things-november-14-trnd/index.html

    Super Mario Odyssey (IN 148,777 DOMINOES!)

    After 2 months of continuous work here it is, Super Mario Odyssey In Dominoes!

    Overall this video consisted of 148,777 dominoes! This is easily one of my personal favorite videos that I’ve done. I originally planned on uploading this video back when the game was released 2 weeks ago but ultimately decided to put more work into it.

    For those that don’t know this is a screen link, which means that each clip is created on it’s own, then edited together to make it look like one long setup.

    As always I hope you enjoyed the video and if you did please like, comment, and share this video anyway that you can, I greatly appreciate it.

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