Aquaban reviews


Aquaban reviews – How long does it take for Aquaban to work and what are Aquaban side effects?

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Water retention causes swellings in any part of the body. The excess water leaks out of your tiniest blood vessels and gathers in the spaces between these and the cells which make up the tissues of your body (muscle, brain, skin tissue and so on). These spaces can store excess water, and as they do so, they expand, which causes the swelling.Aquaban Reviews

Some of the causes of water retention are quite simple, such as eating too much salty food or not drinking enough water. Salt contains chemical called sodium, which slows down your excretion of water. Not drinking enough water makes you dehydrated, which teaches your body to hold on to water. Drinking too much tea, coffee and alcohol dehydrates you too, by speeding up your excretion of water.

If your water retention is more severe, and is making your feet, legs or ankles very swollen, you should consult a doctor to check that your heart and kidneys are OK. Another cause of severe fluid retention–in this case in the tummy–is alcoholism. Liver damage caused by alcohol abuse can cause so much fluid to collect in your tummy that you can actually feel it swishing around.

Aquaban is a licensed medicine. It comes in tablet form and is clinically proven to control pre-menstrual water retention. If you are suffering from water retention at other times you should consider using Aquaban Herbal. Aquaban contains diuretics; these encourage the body to remove excess water that it stores in the cells all around the body which may cause you to feel bloated or swollen.

Aquaban is specifically for relieving water retention associated with PMS and is used in the days leading up to your period. Neither Aquaban nor Aquaban Herbal should be taken if you are pregnant or breast feeding. If you are suffering with water retention at these times visit your GP for advice.


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Aquaban Reviews
Aquaban Reviews
Aquaban Reviews
Aquaban Reviews
Aquaban Reviews

Aquaban Reviews

Aquaban Reviews

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