432Hz Sleep Music 💚 Comfortable Insomnia Treatment Music, Delta Sleep-inducing Music (Alone)

Hi. I went to the convenience store on a rainy night.
On the way back, I looked at the bench at the bus station and found raindrops on it.
I looked around and there was no one around and I could hear the sound of rain quietly…
I was sitting on a bench and smelling the cool breeze, and I had a lot of thoughts.
I wanted to capture these scenes and moments, so I took pictures and took pictures.

I thought it'd go well with the soft piano sound.
I made it into 432Hz healing frequency sleep music.
I also inserted a Binaural Beat 1Hz delta wave that induces a very deep sleep in the music.
I hope it will be a sleep-inducing music that helps with insomnia.
Have a good night's sleep.~
Thank you for listening.♥

● Audio Information
– Music Title : Alone
– Composer: Motifree
– Solfeggio Frequency Tuning : 432Hz
– Binaural Beat : Delta Wave

● Video Information
– Music video : I filmed and edited this video myself.
– Filming Equipment : Canon G7X Mark 2

● Inquiries on the use of music sources
– Healing/Sleep/Meditation/Spa/Yoga/Study Music, Nature Sounds, Healing Frequencies, Binaural Beats etc.

● Solfeggio Healing Frequencies
– 432Hz : Deep rest, Healing, Positive Energy, Comfort, Stability
– 396Hz : Purification of mind, Overcoming Fear, Healing of Negative Emotions
– 417Hz : Unconscious Purification, Negative Energy Relief, Trauma Recovery
– 528Hz : Positive energy, God's frequency, Strengthen Immunity
– 639Hz : Attract Love, Strengthen Relationships, Improve Communication and Understanding
– 741Hz : Fatigue Recovery, Toxin Purification, Rremoval of Negative Energy
– 852Hz : Internal Reinforcement, Intuition Awakening, Increased Energy Vibration
– 963Hz : Spiritual Recovery, Crown Chakra, Wish Fulfillment

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