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Expelis reviews – Does Expelis work, where to buy Expelis and what are side effects of Expelis

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Water retention or fluid retention, also known as edema, is the accumulation of fluid in spaces between the cells in the soft tissue of the body. This can occur anywhere in the body but, because of gravity, often appears in the feet, ankles, and legs.Expelis Reviews

Natural diuretics are food, herbs, or minerals that increase urine flow and aid in removing excess fluids from the body, thereby alleviating the swelling or puffiness that accompanies water retention. Some naturalists encourage flushing out the kidneys and bladder as a part of natural healing that is not restricted to the correction of edema.

Several cautionary notes are in order if you are considering the use of natural diuretics. First, water retention or edema can simply accompany normal hormone fluctuations associated with premenstrual syndrome, menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. However, water retention can also signify serious medical issues, such as kidney disease, liver disease, thyroid malfunction, high blood pressure, and congestive heart failure.

Unless normal hormonal fluctuation, or a minor trauma to the body, is the obvious underlying cause of water retention, you should consult a medical professional to determine the cause before you try addressing the symptom on your own using natural diuretics.

Second, using diuretics can drain your body of needed vitamins and minerals, so you may want to consider using supplements as well, particularly potassium. For this reason, you should not use natural diuretics simply as a weight loss aid. In addition, you will regain any weight you lose through using diuretics when you discontinue their use.

Expelis is an all-natural diuretic. Expelis formula is made up of various herbs and other natural ingredients that have demonstrated promise in promoting the expulsion of unwanted bloat and water weight, and this product is therefore advertised as being a great way to lose excess weight.

Both men and women alike should be able to benefit from this all natural product, as it helps to stimulate the kidneys and bladder in order to cause an increased urine output. Women especially may find Expelis to be beneficial in warding off unwanted bloat caused by PMS.



  • Potassium gluconate
  • Magnesium citrate
  • Vitamin B6
  • Taraxacum officinale leaf extract
  • Uva ursi leaf extract
  • Green tea leaf
  • Parsley extract
  • Buchu leaf extract
  • Juniper berry extract
  • Hydrangea root
  • Corn silk
  • Cranberry


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Kandi Plus

Kandi Plus

Expelis Reviews
Expelis Reviews
Expelis Reviews
Expelis Reviews
Expelis Reviews

Expelis Reviews

Expelis Reviews

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