Ivanka Trump’s top tips: book offers life hacks at odds with father’s outlook


The first daughters latest publication, Women Who Work, declares it her lifes mission to change societys negative view of the working woman

Ivanka Trumps new book, Women Who Work, was launched on Tuesday, giving a dramatic glimpse into the life of the wealthy woman dubbed the first daughter of the United States.

It quotes liberally from a host of professional life coaches, and includes tips from successful business leaders such as Sheryl Sandberg, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. But it also includes illuminating pieces of advice from Ivanka herself, generated from a paradoxical lifestyle of enormous privilege combined with a grinding work ethic, and an outlook that simultaneously lifts women up while also guilt-tripping them.

Given her role as a real estate executive in the family firm and leader of a fashion brand, Ivankas guide to navigating the workplace may have seemed unremarkable. But in her new embodiment as a White House adviser to her father, the president, her mission set out in the book appears glaringly at odds with the direction of the Trump administration with or without her advice.

Ivanka Trump writes early in the book: Inspiring and empowering women who work at all aspects of their lives has been my mission throughout my entire career. Today I have the opportunity to take that work to new heights and advocate for change on a far greater scale than Id ever imagined.

She declares it her lifes mission to change societys ingrained negativity about the image of the working woman.

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