Terraria 1.2 is EZ – Ep. 28 – “Reishi the Mushroom NPC”


Terraria 1.2 Is EZ - Ep. 28 - "Reishi The Mushroom NPC"

Terraria 1.2 Is EZ - Ep. 28 - "Reishi The Mushroom NPC"

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Terraria 1.2 Is EZ - Ep. 28 - "Reishi The Mushroom NPC"


Terraria 1.2 Is EZ - Ep. 28 - "Reishi The Mushroom NPC"

Terraria 1.2 Is EZ - Ep. 28 - "Reishi The Mushroom NPC"

Terraria 1.2 Is EZ - Ep. 28 - "Reishi The Mushroom NPC"

Terraria 1.2 is EZ - Ep. 28 - "Reishi the Mushroom NPC"

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Terraria 1.2 Is EZ - Ep. 28 - "Reishi The Mushroom NPC"
Terraria 1.2 Is EZ - Ep. 28 - "Reishi The Mushroom NPC"

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50 Comments on "Terraria 1.2 is EZ – Ep. 28 – “Reishi the Mushroom NPC”"

  1. Hello hardmode! *Monster Cards Galore!

  2. Chlorophite is the best ore in the game

    1. no its not its just the ore from the jungle

    2. +domy0403
      it IS the best ore , but it’s not the highest tier of gear, that’s
      Turtle/Shroomite/Spectral. you need Chlorophyte for them all, too. I
      THINK Spectral requires Chlorophyte like the other two. you cannot mine an
      ore for Turtle/Shroomite/Spectral though.

    3. true,it is the best ORE but not the best material for stuff its just used
      for much much better materials from which you make good stuff

    4. +domy0403
      I know, I said that :p I was just joking with you, since you said it
      wasn’t the best ore 🙂

  3. You guys are smart to have farmed the Wall of Flesh before you fought your
    first hardmode boss. The hardmode enemies start appearing in the underworld
    after you kill your first hardmode boss. And trust me, once you see some of
    the hardmode enemies, you’ll know that the mushroom spear isn’t unbalanced.
    And cholorophyte is from the underground jungle, it grows like, say,
    corruption, but only to about 15-30 block veins. You need a Drax or higher
    to mine it, and it’s a good idea to use the Autohammer to turn it into
    shroomite using 1 cholorophyte bar and 15 glowing mushrooms.

    Yep, hardmode is overwhelming.

    And also, Skeletron isn’t summoned by killing the Clothier. All you’ll get
    is his red hat. Skeletron is summoned with the Clothier voodoo doll.

    1. They’re lucky, I had to fight 10 wraiths everyday!

    2. +btRaddex True. It took me a long time to make and use a chlorophyte farm
      and make everything I could with chlorophyte, including the Hoverboard (18
      shroomite, 20 souls of flight). It just comes down to what you prefer to
      use. I like Turtle and Shroomite w/mask

    3. you equip the clothier vodoo doll as an accesory to kill the clothier and
      when you do skeletron is summoned.

    4. +OnClicked
      Yeah, I didn’t know you could farm it until just the last time I played, I
      was taking a spelunker potion and going through the jungle. But anyway, I
      haven’t made everything with it, I do have all 3 armor sets and alternate
      between them: SPectral for the Dungeon, Shroomite for general use, and
      Turtle when I need a bit more defense (like the Pumpkin moon.)

    5. Hardmode isn’t overwhelming… It’s beautiful

  4. Zisteau, you can fill the mineshaft in the spider den with more rope or
    torches, which means you can fall though them, but cobwebs will not spawn
    in the mineshaft.

  5. Z!!! Save an accessorie spot by combining your balloon and horseshoe, it’s
    annoying me so much xD

  6. there was no monster card for the hardmode bat D:

    1. There will be one. In the original series he did not always put one up the
      first time something was seen if it did not appear on the screen long
      enough to get a good image of it.

    2. +Dragon4sale or if he didn’t kill it that time

  7. +Zisteau the mushroom spear isn’t realy unbalanced concidering you need to
    create your own overground mushroom biome for it, you guys were lucky that
    the little farm you had was concidere big enough.
    Besides that you can stop cobwebs from spawning in your hellivator by
    breaking the red spider cave background

    1. nee? overgroun? you ha? conciere?

    2. The d key on my keyboard only very rarely works. Btw i answer on my phone
      now so you won’t see that problem in this comment

    3. You can edit the comment and fix the spelling mistakes to make it easier to

    4. I guess you’re right its one of the few things i don’t hate about g+

  8. Zisteau, why do you call it OwnHammer, it’s PwnHammer haha

    1. you Pwn them and then own them

  9. I believe the Shroomite Armor (made with Shroomite bars) is one of the best
    in the game, but don’t quote me on that.

    1. Lol, I did say don’t quote me xD

    2. +Zairian Since I don’t see my thank you in the comments, here it is again.
      Thanks fror the info =D

    3. +Zairian great to know! I haven’t played terraria for 6 months so i found
      your information surprisingly useful. Thanks!

    4. +Zairian great to know! I haven’t played terraria for 6 months so i found
      your information surprisingly useful. Thanks!

  10. 19:15 Sethbling has joined the game

  11. If you kill the clothier you can get his hat, so it’s actually pretty

  12. That card spinning effect gives me a headache, im trying to read it-.-

    1. then wait till it stops?? -.-

    2. Well, then ive got about 1 second to read it. Annoying really.

    3. +Tripl3ig4ming
      press the spacebar, it works.

    4. Still annoying, was just saying

  13. You have to surround the corruption with hallow npcs won’t live near the

    1. Yea they will

  14. O-o YOU CAN CONVERT CHLOROPHYTE FOR FREE? I never got the truffle for some
    reason xD I guess it only saves you mushrooms… but still. OH, and once
    you guys get chloroyphyte (you find it) you can actually farm it, it
    ‘grows’ if you place it in mud, anywhere underground, so you can make
    effective farms for it 😀

  15. Zisteau, you can get rid of the spider nest background by blowing it up
    with bombs! Once the background is gone, then the cobwebs won’t spawn in.

  16. you can break the spider biome walls and the cobwebs will stop growing

  17. Underworld hard mode bosses wont spawn til you fight some hardmode boss
    cant remember which one, maybe Plantera

  18. Ice hockey reference,replace the spear with a stick

  19. A shame they did this LP before hardmode was remotely balanced… having
    one of the best spears in the game three minutes into hardmode, seems legit

    1. 😀

    2. Well the rest of the 17 million people who played terraria before the
      balance did the same thing.

    3. Yeah, but it’s only unbalanced because the spear can be brought at any time
      if you have an overground mushroom biome, they cheesed it by having a
      mushroom farm, I think now they fixed it by making it only be purchase able
      by beating a boss or something, anyway, after beating some mechanical
      bosses and Plantera, then you’ll see, IT IS NOT OVERPOWERED…

  20. I’m so sad I can’t get the mushroom spear yet! I’m jelly. It would make
    these bosses so much easier.

    1. You need to kill one mech boss now to get it

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