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Kapboom _ Reply

My Biggest wight lose motivation/tip: have a crush and imagine that she/he is disgusted by your fatness and will never be with you!

    Sarah Burggraf Reply

    Olivia Brown 😘please dont be down on yourself. You’re beautiful

    el sad Reply

    Kapboom _ I know I’m late, but that simple imagination helped me

    Wolf of Odin Reply

    Nah man do it for yourself and find someone that isnt shallow and you’ll be a lot happier.

    NotQndrew Reply

    Kapboom _ oh yeah yeah, am I late?

Make Money With Mike Reply

1) 1:11 – Don’t drink your calories.
2) 2:44 – Stop eating fast food.
3) 4:29 – Losing weight takes time.

    Manny Galindo Reply

    Thank you sir 🙏🏽🙏🏽

    Loo Koo Reply

    Thx dude I have to go back to my assessments

    j L Reply

    Lmfao you are the MVP ..thank you

    Handyman Gold Reply

    Sophia Guevara Sophia Guevara your never going to be a good and accomplished woman if you can’t take any responsibility… you will become a failure because you can’t control yourself.

    Blayze47 Reply

    I actually eat Fast food alot but I don’t eat beef or bread and i have shedding weight

Frank the Tank Reply

I had to stop smoking weed to loose weight. couldnt handle the munchies

    Zoe Dore Reply

    Frank the Tank I feel uuuuu

    Kitana Khan Reply

    I still smoke everyday and work out everyday and have been losing weight. When the munchies hit, I snack on cucumber, water, sometimes fruit. 😁

    not dav Reply

    same problem plus eating when i’m bored plays into it-

    LostInFire Reply

    Medical one usually surpresses my appetite since I often eat from stress but this helps with the stress

    Blayze47 Reply

    @8 1 7 lol you spend your money on weed instead if getting some actual sustenance for yourself XD people crack me up

bita teymouri Reply

I lost 105 pounds too I’m trying to stay 165 now 😆 I was like 270+ ….

    Jenna Lynn Reply

    If you don’t mind me asking, do you have any loose skin? I’m aiming to lose about 100lbs and I’m just wondering how likely it is that I will have the skin issue. I know everyone is different, but just curious 🙂

    idk oof Reply

    awesome job!

    Toni G. Reply

    Wow congrats on your journey. I’m on my journey. I’m down 64 lbs and still going. I am determined 😁

Chevifier Reply

And Dont forget the master tip: when your weight is higher your body burns fat faster (using more calories) when your lighter your body burns less calories meaning longer sessions in the gym or reduce calorie intake. This is what causes a plateau when loosing weight and not adjusting your diet to compensate.

    Chevifier Reply

    New Sub btw 🙂

    Bhobolate Reply

    Chevifier nice info

    Nadia Sharifuddin Reply

    Chevifier thank you!!

David Vonderhaar Reply

I eat out, but not at restaurants. 😉

    lil Hitler Reply

    Fix your game asshat

    LostInFire Reply

    But at least it’s cheaper and mght even make you BURN calories 😉

    frosty friedrich Reply

    i might have laughed at this comment but then i looked at your profile pic😳

    Jade P Reply

    I love your humor😂😂😂

Dianna Kaplan Reply

I NEVER drink my calories, unless it’s alcohol:/

    DCFunBud Reply

    That’s why you might be fat.

    chris ventresca Reply

    @Hope Von Gremp a shot is about 70-90 calories. Adds up

    rocco Reply

    Jamie Arispe beer is way better than hard liquor. hard liquor will tear through you kidneys

    distill Reply

    Alcohol seems to mess up a lot of the bodies processes though. Lol

    x Sav Reply

    Dianna Kaplan i drink unsweetened almond milk 30 kcal

Brian Reply

Lets play the diet game. Eat a carrot every time he says “you know what I mean”.

    Jaymes Martin Reply

    MmmDingleBerries celery would be better since you burn more calories than you’re taking in

    Brian Reply

    Way to overthink a joke

    John Goodwin Reply

    Brian I lost 30 pounds playing your game , thanks bro 😭😂

    Mahdi Elghoul Reply

    I lost over 15 pounds last month. Here’s how I did it:

    long island cereal killer Reply

    it works out to be a bag of carrots

jravage77 Reply

He kind of looks like the new Spider-Man actor.

    Mark Blakeley Reply

    jravage77 Tom Holland

    Chloe Carr Reply

    He is


Wetem Up Prodigy Reply

eating is probably the hardest thing not the actual workouts

    『ღ Mαrγαm καsiα ღ 』 Reply


    REEPLAYS Reply


    Blayze47 Reply

    I actually eat mcdonalds often but I don’t eat beef so I usually just get a fillet fish and a small fry or a salad nothing else and I already drink about a gallon of water a day on top of walking for 3 miles a day…honestly if you keep track of your calories and don’t over eat you can eat what you want( disclamer! do not eat 1700 calories of ice cream that is not recommended ) eat a variety of things that add up and keep you full. I have lost 6 Ibs since the begining of december and im still losing..make it simple, pay attention to what goes in your mouth, drink lots of water and at least go for a walk or something and your fucking golden…do that for the rest of your life XD

Stumpy Reply

I’m 230 and I’m trying to get to 150 but idk what to do

    catas world Reply

    Stumpy TNB I want to lose 20 lbs

    CPxx 9 Reply

    You can do it bro i made it from 245 to 165

    Henry Austin Reply

    Eat healthier and work out hard bro.

    Michael Hultman Reply

    Water fast

    Prashanna Limbu Reply

    Fearmynippls kol damn how?

Kieran Fitzgerald Reply

One of the things that pisses my of about drinks is the serving sizes. If the suggested serving size for a coke is 250ml then put it in a 250ml can and not a 330ml one. Do they think people are going to come back later for the final 80 when its flat and warm?

    Ilana Adbia Reply

    Kieran Fitzgerald right 😂😂😂

    Allison Bower Reply

    Kieran Fitzgerald prreeeaachhhh

    anwar aa Reply


    Tiffany Loney Reply

    That pisses me off with everything. Like two servings in a can? Great what am I supposed to do with the other half a can? Or like half a banana. Wtf are you supposed to do with the other half?

    twin cherry Reply

    You’re a genius


I have the same ”You know what i mean” problem as you ,You know what i mean? 😀

    Jessica Ortega Reply

    PRINCE DARK what being fat?

    Oswald The blue Reply

    Haha same here

    sandbercat Reply

    I say it all the time too.

monica solis Reply

I was 185 now I’m 145, my goal is still 135 or 125,

    Ery Cruz Reply


    Jello Reply

    monica solis whatever you weigh you look cute

    Shon9tilR Reply

    You must be short. I’m 5’8 180, trying to get down to 135. Any smaller than that I wont look right.

hector lopez Reply

i luv soda its like liquid crack

    Jen Zerbi Reply

    hector lopez sad truth. I just drank a soda while watching this but I add it to my calorie count for the day

    DuckPin2011 Reply


Jason Morusty Reply

400lb I started Jan 1st as of the 17th 378

    Devon B Reply

    giovanni marciano Drink bleach and die. BYE

    Devon B Reply

    giovanni marciano True

    Devon B Reply

    giovanni marciano He does im glad you agree he rearranges my guts

    Devon B Reply

    giovanni marciano like your dad

    Sarah Burggraf Reply

    Jason Morusty 😘

Trekkie BBS Reply

I did what he was pretty much saying and lost over 150 pounds over the course of a little over a year. I’m literally half the man I used to be and love it. I agree liquid calories have their place but for someone trying to lose weight, they are bad. Watching calories in everything you eat especially condiments is essential if you plan to calorie count like I did. I had no choice but to eat out with my hectic work schedule so I pre-planned what I could eat from every different fast food place I liked and made a plan on what I would get if I had to go there. God Bless this young man for sharing his story in such awesome detail. Very inspirational even for me someone who has lost the weight and still maintaining it.

Carl A. M. Reply

Condensed version:

1) Don’t drink calories (2:43).
2) Don’t eat out, but if you must, make smart choices (2:51).
3) Read labels (3:58)
4) Be patient with your weight loss (4:36).

Jill Reply

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