5 Healthy Snacks for Netflix and Chill / 5 Recetas Sanas para Relajarse con Netflix

(ACTIVAR SUBTITULOS EN ESPANOL) Here are 5 easy snacks that you, your "boo thang" or Netflix buddy can enjoy while binging on your favorite shows! Recipes –

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jess imcalling Reply

I loved this video! You really showed creativity and made it fun to watch!

Steph and Adam Reply

HA omg Kevin… Netflix and chill is the best!!
MMM those spicy chickpeas though…

    rubadux Reply

    +Chef Stef haha, you like them too! yeah, *Netflix con Chili.* XD

Josh Freerks Reply

Kevin, I hope you find your SpottieOttieDopaliscious gal to share these with!

trini fei Reply

thank you for making me feel very very single 🙁

    lucgh2007 Reply

    +Rebecca Sharpe Well as an engineer I believe everything can be fixed..

    TheTonyaNicole Reply

    No worries my friend you are not alone…the Lord will provide 🙂

    Rebecca Sharpe Reply

    @lucgh2007 hahaha I suppose you would! 

    Zokky Zokky Reply


    TheMasterguardian Reply

    +Zokky Zokky
    im latino
    am used to making large meals for multiple people

    lets just say my meal servings is too much for small families let alone a regular couple unless athletes with some rigorous “physical activity”

    i have a few things in mind for the type of activity can be used XD

NYGiants Champs Reply


    Mr J Reply

    From NY dude?

    NYGiants Champs Reply

    100% nyker

Miss Vee Reply

Lol, only you could help people get laid with celery. Hilarious <3

EricaShant'e Reply

Loved your personality in this video! I’m definitely going to try a few of the snacks

Weekly Dose of Ash Reply

Lmaooo Icant be the only one who is singing Flawless while this video is playing? That beat tho!

Sleep Is Not Necessary Reply

You know, I’m not really that interested in healthy food. I only subscribed because I like this guy’s enthusiasm. He’s a good entertainer.

Makeveli The Don Reply

Hahahha litte bit of marvin gaye, started getting carried away

Nneka Reply

I nearly DIED of laughter when he started munching on that celery! Trust me boo, you don’t need ANY help! lol

    Zokky Zokky Reply

    yep thats what I tought xD

    Dare Jones Reply


    salmanc1 Reply

    hahaha….you are all beautiful !

    Sib E Reply

    Yeah, he’s all set without the celery.

Nath S Reply

I loved the Salmon salad 😍, amazing all👏

icedragon2812 Reply

This dude loves his sea salt. xD

Daé J Reply

Love these recipes and love how open you are!

Curtisa Wilmore Reply

I see you trying to get someone caught up and pregnant

    Emily bonez Reply

    omg right??

Catch Wreck Reply

Bruh you’re gonna make an awesome husband someday

Romario Smith Reply

Dude trying to get me to eat celery lmbo

Jeanette Opal Reply

watching this made me sweat like a sinner in church

Nitesh Pawar Reply

you look like the happiest man on planet in all of your videos. That sure gives a good vibe😇

Mr. President Reply

When he said “women” I thought about gay man on Martin when he told Pam, “Unh Unh now see it aint all about no ladies” and twirled away lmao 😂😂

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