7 Easy Vegan Recipes for My Vegan Challenge / 7 Recetas Veganas

(ACTIVAR SUBTITULOS EN ESPAÑOL) I recently issued a 5-day (or 3-day) #vegan challenge to my followers! Here are SOME recipe ideas that I'll be incorporating during my challenge. Recipe links below!

Portobello & Sweet Potato Pot roast –
Sesame butternut squash & green bean stir-fry –
Soyrizo stuffed bell peppers –
Curry roasted cauliflower with pistachios –
Tempeh power bowl –
Blueberry & walnut muffins –
Pea Guacamole

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Ivana Alicea Reply

My fav thing about your channel: the variety! I’m not vegan but these look good so def trying some! 🙂

    Michelle Diane Reply


Owen Agnew Reply

Great to see you’re taking part in the vegan challenge!

Healthy Recipe Channel Reply

Those Soyrizo Stuffed Peppers where my favorite for sure. They looked amazing.

zsofi Reply

thank you for the vegan recipes and promoting less animal products! 🙂 they all look very yummi

Meshellibel Reply

These recipes look great! I will definitely be adding them to the menu, Thank you for sharing 🙂

Danielle Fisher Reply

I’ve made the stuffed peppers but instead of soy I used lentils and it was amazing. You can blend up some cashews for a sour cream sauce instead of vegan cheeses which lets be frank taste funny.

    732713 Reply

    I hate vegan cheese. I just do with out. There are many good vegan substitutes for other animal products, but I have not had a vegan cheese that I enjoy eating.

    Kisha Monique Reply

    Sam Sounds Good!

    Kisha Monique Reply

    sounds great!

    Michelle Diane Reply


    SunRae* ** Reply

    Thanks Danielle, I do not eat soy. It’s hard trying to avoid it.

Mira Reply

I have been so waiting for that SO long!
Thank you so much <3
I hope that you will stay with vegan recipes, too - or exclude some more animal products in the future 🙂

Eric Brown Reply

hey Kevin – the recipes and content was great but something seemed “off” about this video visually. it seemed like the camera wasn’t focusing well, and even in 1080p the image was kind of soft. not trying to be negative – I’ll continue to enjoy your videos!

ilovetacos1130 Reply

aayyyeee lol anyone recognize the riddim that is in the background music? lol Ready for the roadddd

Alina N Reply

wow, what a wonderful recepies you found !thank you for them and spreading the vegan message, you are awesome !!!

AsToldByAllie Reply

i wish more people did videos like this, LOVED IT!

    Michelle Diane Reply


Rach Kate Reply

Very level-headed intro and info.
Appreciate you not doing a vid to make vegans look like nutters which a lot of people out there try to show.
There’s a lot of foods and recipes out there that go beyond eating a carrot for dinner or an apple for breakfast.👍

banana co Reply

Omg you are so attractive and sweet, I just wanna squeeze you like a teddy bear! Also, this was an amazing videos and I can’t wait to incorporate these amazing recipes to vegan meals.

shira T Reply

thanks for promoting such a healthy beautiful message! these recipes look amazing

Davin Cheyenne Reply

I absolutely loved these meal ideas, you just saved me the hassel trying to figure out dinners for the week 🙂

Happy Cashew TV Reply

Yay thank you so much for this! These look amazing! Need to try the stuffed bell peppers for sure!

Karina Nal Reply

Thank you for encouraging people to convert to veganism, and to cook at home. You’re helping the animals, the planet, and people.

    Whatever- RIP RICH Reply

    He’s not helping anyone. He consumes meat everyday.

    S M Reply

    this coming from an armenian

    that one dumplin Reply

    FuckAllReligions at least not in those 3days

    8schopra Reply

    Karina Nalbandyan @ He cooks all sorts of meat darling ….he isn’t helping anyhow

    Aqoweq rehwerherh Reply

    Not vegan here but looking to reduce my meat consumption and get more veggies into my diet, loved these recipes.

    Made the protein guacamole and the pot roast, both were great

Iry Wallenholm Reply

Such a cool video! 🙂 Keep up the good work 😉 Hugs and positive vibes

greenday1347 Reply

Need more high protein vegan recipes!

Odisho O Reply

@3:10 cook for 45 hours? Ain’t nobody got time for that bruh lol

    Kevin Swarts Reply

    Odi O 😂

    Mi Reply

    4 to 5 hours

    ashley j Reply


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