$75 Whole Foods Challenge Meal Plan

(ACTIVAR SUBTITULOS EN ESPAÑOL) Here's what I came up with by spending $75 at Whole Foods for the full week! Recipes and instructions here –

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Fit Men Cook Reply

It took some adjusting, but here’s what I was able to come up with using the $75! Your comments on the last video were VERY helpful. Next time I’m gonna stick to meals with few ingredients. Now, tell me how you would make this prep even better!

    Renee Flores Reply

    Just want to thank you; everytime I feel so done with my meals or my fitness journey I just watch your videos and they’re so inspiring and energetic you’re doing a great job!

    Doomtrigger Reply

    how is whole foods expensive i spent $100 and it lasted me about 3 weeks

    Kimberly Rivera Reply

    +Warren Rule 😭😭😭 he never answers about that..

    Kimberly Rivera Reply

    it is tasty trust me!! 🙂

    Adam Colley Reply

    Is that really enough for a whole week. Can’t knock the recepies they look tasty but I think I would have to double the portions

Fit Men Cook Reply

Bum! Solo quise saludar a mis seguidores que hablan español! Por favor, recuerden activar los subtítulos en el video para que puedas obtener la mayoría del contenido y las recetas. Un gran abrazo por todo el cariño y apoyo. Avísame en los comentarios qué tú harías para mejorar este plan!

    AreliMeMotiva Reply

    muchas grasias 👍👍👍👍

    Carolina Marin Reply

    Muchísimas gracias!!! Me gusta mucho que te tomes el tiempo para poner los subtítulos en español 🙂

    Fidel Castro Reply


    Sonia Carretero Sauceda Reply

    Comí se activan los subtítulos en español por favor?!!😁

Denise Guerrero Reply

Everything looks delicious!! I’ve been waiting for this video!!..where do you get your containers from?

Stephen Reply

Good job as always brotha. your really tempting me to get the app

    Fit Men Cook Reply

    +FOEeverBravo do it bruh! get to cheffin it up and making stuff your own!

trini fei Reply

i have so many of these things because i shop monthly for the most part but omg yasssss the cheffin’ is bout to go down!!
and i would’ve never thought to add tuna to the avocado

    Fit Men Cook Reply

    +Afeisha Harewood. (Journey2Better) oh yeah! ditch the mayo, get that avocado in your life. lol

    trini fei Reply

    ohh i usually make my own mayo but this is simpler LOL

    Will McCoy Reply

    +Afeisha Harewood. (Journey2Better) I do a similar snack. Except I use my leftover white rice, with the avocado and tuna. I’ll try adding the mustard too.

ceejae_r Reply

Hell yea bro, you’re the man! Perfect kind of video I needed for some new meal prepping ideas. Keep em coming

radiogeek89 Reply

The curry and meatballs looks so freaking good!!!! Great job man I will deff give this a try!!!

    Vicky Mercado Reply

    +radiogeek89 They are amazing! I just made them today, and let me just say, I was heaven! And it was so filling as well!

Shems Mehdi Reply

One thing I don’t understand, why don’t people just go to their local market. It’s cheaper, sustain the community and you can get way more for your money than an actual chain. But the recipe you made look sooooo good and easy to make. Defo trying them out!

    Zoogstin Reply

    +shems mehdi He does go to local markets. But the whole point of the challenge to was for him to shop at Whole Food because if he could prove that you could meal prep for under $75 there then you could do it at just about any other grocery outlet.

Malena Dunn Reply

I wish I could just look at food ingredients and be able to come up with a meal like you do. Thanks for the great videos and tips

Pro Home Cooks Reply

this is great! I did a $21 a week challenge a few weeks back so it’s cool to see this variation on it, you made some glorious food!

    Lawless Gaming Reply

    $21 sounds better

    Zae Jackson Reply

    +princessshanna right haha… $75 a week for just one person, sheesh 😕

Carolina Nava Reply

can we have a trader joes meal plan?

Carla Ballard Reply

You’ve really outdone yourself with this one. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Paris Winston Reply

I just found your channel and have been loving it!

Ferran Méndez Reply

As spanish being my native language i appreciate the work you put on it, really helps with some ingredients names greetings from barcelona 🙂

Nnn nnope Reply

omg you did such a great job, everything looks amazing =)

Nneka Reply

This man is a genius

Meghan S Reply

I love these videos because even as a vegan, I still get a lot of good ideas from your recipes that just involve a little bit of veganizing.

Vivian Lake Reply

I love the t-shirt you’re wearing in this video, where did you get it? Love your videos, btw!

Lakendra Landon Reply

I’m sitting here all mad because mayo makes my stomach hurt and I don’t have any Greek yogurt… and this GENIUS… THIS FREAKN GENIUS makes avocado tuna!!!! 😁😘 I’ve been wanting tuna for the longest and now i can have some. thank you so much.

Kristin Reply

I wish this was $75 for the whole month. That’s what I get for food money

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