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Coffee galore here. Struggles real.

Weightbegone couple Reply

Weigh in was yesterday for jow down 94 lbs..wife down 52 lbs since October 2019..big help from this guy and a few more👊🏾

Amelia Ray Reply

Please continue to make content! I’m in California too and though necessary, this is very challenging. We really need motivation and encouragement right now! Thanks 😊

Erin Patricia Reply

So jealous of anyone in warmer climates 🙁 it’s 30 degrees here.

    Ellenor Malik Reply

    Get with the times, that’s -1

Herbivore Challenge Reply

Congrats on your partnership with BPN

alca pone Reply

You’re such a mellow guy, I like how positive you are during this time. I’m in New York by the way, same order here

maailieca Reply

Quarantine workouts? I’m so struggling to workout from home. Stay safe and distant!

    Ian Krohn Reply

    Something I am encouraging with everyone is to take this as a opportunity to focus on Yoga or your Cardio

    Thomas Jervis Reply

    Follow him on Instagram! He has been posting some really awesome workouts!

Ash TheRebel Reply

I’m in Illinois. We are on lockdown (shelter-in-place) so i needs some entertainment

Debilinside Reply

Like the attitude, but seeing you using a metal spatula in a non stick really hurts 😀 Please dont do that. On one hand you will ruin the pan, but also damaged teflon is really not good for you. Get a silicon/plastic spatula or use wooden spoons.

    Cerulean Skigh Reply

    Yes, or a non-stick pan that’s not Teflon!

Winter Allen Reply

Congrats on your partnership! I’m so excited. I have been loving the workout clips you have been posting on Instagram! I think as you said in this video staying on schedule can be key! Excellent video ❤

Fred Weis Reply

You need larger sunglasses when you jog. Smh

Lita P Reply

This will truly be something to look back on. You’re always so optimistic and never let conditions stop your health and fitness! Way to go! Thank you for sharing!!

Slim Shady Reply

Pray for me because I work at a Krogers and I’m basically risking my health for everybody. Stay home unless needed

    Cheddar323 Reply


    Saffron Audrey Reply


    Natalia A. Reply

    Will do (I’m working at a hospital – I can relate)

    katjack1 Reply

    I’m a FedEx driver I know how you feel. Stay healthy stay safe.

Lisa Reply

I rarely comment, but I have to tell you that you seem like such a genuinly nice and pleasant person to be around, and I really enjoy watching your videos 🙂

TheTripstraps Reply

i think people can use
this situation to kinda go back to the simple life:). i mean like he shows, can do training at home. no need to pay for gym and gasoline and less co2 in the air. even better would be if the workout would be constructive, the sence that its used for creating something. this time out can be good for us. slow down and think about things. maybe rethink priorities etc do we need to buy so much stuff? travel so much etc:)? people are regaining their common sence. dont avoid them, wave to them, smile wink:). its not weard!

Lihp E Reply

Yessssss I was secretly hoping for this!!! I love your vlogs👍😁

theFitty Reply

*I usually like approaching people on my walks/jogs too! This is strange xD* Do you always walk for 2 hours daily, or was it just this day?

Its always Tegan Reply

Thank you for the sweet optimism (: stay safe John & everyone!

Marthe Viktoria Holm Reply

Whoa. I usually work out 6 days a week (it’s addictive for sure), but these last few days have been kinda lacking. I don’t have anything other than a yoga mat, but I’m trying to make the best of it. I’ve been kinda sick for a while too so that hasn’t helped, but seeing videos like this makes me really motivated to get back at it as soon as I’m back to feeling good again. If anyone has some recommendations for hardcore workout videos on youtube or anywhere else online, I’ll gladly look into them. Sitting at home all day sucks :/

Alberto Rodriguez Reply

Wow you’ve done sold out to the supplement companies huh I’ve watched several of your videos were you just sit there and complain about whey protein powders and how they mess with your stomach, I guess it’s time to make money

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