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colleen_mae Reply

Yes yes yes. Perfect timing. Thank you girl. I had a rockstar week of starch solution and then I ruined it all and now I’m in this awkward limbo. Looking for what to do now, and here you are 😊 Lisle is so great. Love this chill chat format!!! 💜

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    nah you didnt ruin it all, its ok 🙂 dont beat yourself up girl you got this!

lynn bradley Reply

morning Hannah, thank you for this, i was on the holistic holiday at sea a few years ago, we didnt get to meet, but we crossed paths once, thank you for your videos, I have lost 100 lbs it took 2 years, 6 years ago been struglings the last year gained 15 back I have to get back on track

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    Oh wow! Thats amazing babe, 15lbs is nothing, you got this!

Kirsty Leanne Reply

I’ve just started my health gain journey, I’m on day 4 now and I’m really enjoying it. However, I’m starting to obsess over calories 😩 like I just ate your lentil salad and I choose to have avocado with it over rice because even though they were similar calorie amounts I thought the avocado was better for healthy fats rather carbs which might get turned into fat. I don’t want to sabotage myself. Pleas help me 😔

    Mama Poppins Reply

    🙋Trust that you can do this. No matter what….. just keep at it. It is possible and you can do it. Nothing is too big a task if it is done 1 step at a time. You’re amazing You’re enough and You’re worth it!!! God bless you👍☺

Edible-ASMR Reply

Watching FOK right now!!!! I need the 🔥 lit under my but. Starting starch solution tomorrow and am so excited 😆

Lonnie Love Reply

Really appreciate this. I am 💯 the fridge looker and never feel full.

Justine Reply

I have to say Hannah, you made me feel better. I love volume, and people sometimes look at me funny at the work cafeteria when I always have a full bowl of salad and vegan lasagna on top, or something, while they eat a small piece of salmon and two potatoes.

jenny lawn Reply

On point as ever, loved to hear your fun side coming through too. #Blessings

Crystal Barnett Reply

This… Right here is a beautiful way to stand on the platform that you have been given. You show us great things to eat. We appreciate that, however REAL TALK.. is needed! thanks for building us up! You’re a beautiful soul!

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    I appreciate that

Saisha Z. - Faith and Life Reply

The kitty in the basket 🥰

Mama Poppins Reply

🙋 Hey Girl,
I’m not even all the way through the video yet and I’m like “We could so be friends” lol. Supportive girlfriends help so much. I have watched your videos for a long time and I have enjoyed these last ones so much. I’m eating 1/2 my plate in veggies just like you suggested in a few videos past. ☺
I am on a similar journey of loving my body after 2 decades of ups and downs. Some health, some emotional, and others due to the choices I have made based on the information I had at that time ect.
Thank you so much for letting us come along with you and giving us support and encouragement along the way😊.

Lisa Wood Reply

Pretty wise on many levels. More than the weight loss, I struggle with the balance of friendship. Wanting to be supportive, but also positive. Sometimes I’ll ask “what was the best part of your day”, but often doesn’t go over well. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and lovely spirit.

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    Thanks for sharing!!

    B P Reply

    That’s a great question to ask friends! I usually ask “what did you do today?” But I like your version better, especially right now when most of us aren’t doing much of anything that is exciting or fun. 💓

Sarah C Reply

I’m working on getting through a “mess up” or even a planned unhealthy meal and then not letting my brain go into “well now you need to restrict and exercise a bunch to make up for that”. I’m trying to just return to starch solution meals and keep going like nothing happened. It’s hard to retrain the brain!

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    itll happen 🙂 Its like deprogramming, just force yourself to do the right thing and dont feel guilty about it. You do not need to restrict or anything like that and i think that even just leads to another cycle of “messing up”

    Nan Gee Reply

    All I have to do is get on the scale and I’m deprogrammed.

Maritza Rivera Reply

Hey beautiful. I’m excited to hear what you have to say.

Infinite Love & Gratitude Reply

Dr. McDougall has very generously made his online Starch Solution Course FREE right now due to the pandemic. Great Resource for everyone! 🌱💪🌎

Lace Covered Skies Reply

THANK YOU. You get it! I figured out weight loss in college and did it successfully eating unhealthy food. I’ve since become healthy but I find it so hard to connect with most people in my life because they don’t understand health. I feel very alone in the way I think about health. This video makes me feel UNDERSTOOD. 🤍💚💛

Amber Nickerson Reply

Yes! Love your message! Loving yourself is the key. Might sound corny but it’s so true. I’m 45 and it’s a journey. As soon as you realize it’s a journey, you won’t think of it as screwing up, just the normal ups and downs of life. Take note of internal messaging and the things we say to ourselves. Be kind to yourself! Love and hugs all the way from Ottawa ON 🇨🇦! 🌱

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    yes totally great perspective, thanks for sharing 🙂

Thoughtful Pro Reply

Where do you stand on coffee and alcohol? 🦋

    pink hope Reply

    She has Sometimes a glas of wine. Coffee i dont know i think she drinks it but not daily

    Kylie Kay Reply

    I believe she drinks coffee once in a while. She has drank coffee in videos before. She drinks alcohol like once or twice a year

Gloria Maldonado Reply

I needed this today!!! Been on dr. Mcdougall’s way of eating for a week and instead of losing I gained a pound. Going to keep moving forward but I’m too hard on myself.

Aileen Grist Reply

I’ve also found that if I don’t enjoy the food, it doesn’t fill me (I’m 65 & obese – but working at it)

JustKhristene Reply

You’re so right tho, every time people go out there’s always something to complain about. Whether it’s their job, bfs, school, etc.

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