A Potato Salad for Brunch, NOT a Black Cookout

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CSI Reply

You can’t bring that to no BBQ but I bet it tastes good 😂🤣😂🤣. I would love it if you didn’t smash the potatoes…

dooby boody Reply

LMAOOO, “What is that oatmeal?” Damn

    big patmo Reply


Lovely Denise Reply

🥰 I love ur parents

KC Lorenz Reply

I’ll take this over the original minus the bacon

Kristina Palis Agoncillo Reply

I’m digging the Joke of the day. HAHAHAHAHAH

Raque’s Rising Reply

I love your videos! I’m always trying to recreate

Briahana Rogers Reply

LMAO THE TITLE! Because I was thinking “why is he making tater salad?” 🤣

    SAS 1 Reply


SAS 1 Reply

I’m the same way. Potato salad makes me want to vomit because of the mayonnaise.

Luis Pisquiy Reply

Awesome! Just will switch the pickles! But definitely would try it

Tonya Marie Reply

Funny video. I need that smoker. The tato salad looks good…I use Follow Your Heart vegenaise 😋 as a sub for mayo.

Alicia Victorious Reply

haha… “don’t do mine that way!”, yeahhh not at the cookout. haha that’s a brunch one.

missdee212 Reply

🤣🤣😂 your dad’s reaction. Mom was adamant you don’t do hers that way.

Robin Singleterry Reply

Hahah your parents reactions are priceless🤣 I love it! I definitely would try it!

Judith Loue Reply

I don’t like mayo-based potato salad, either. I’ve started using a lemon juice/olive oil/garlic vinaigrette, with tons of fresh herbs (or whatever I have on hand). Light(er), refreshing and full of flava…with no gummy after taste.

Terrell McCoy, Jr. Reply


Terri Ballard Reply

Happy Birthday Jesse

Andrea Dunton Reply

That looks amazing! I want a bite!! I really gotta get an air fryer now! What brand of air fryer do you have? If you want to try another amazing potato salad, try making it the traditional way only pour just enough Good Seasons Zesty Italian Dressing (I use the kind in the package that you have to make) to coat the potatoes while they are still warm, then add red onion or Walla Walla Sweet Onion, fresh cucumber, dill, celery, eggs, and toss with low fat sour cream and cut it with a little milk or dill pickle juice to thin it out (since you don’t like mayo, and to be honest I really don’t care for it either. Makes me nauseated just thinking about it), pepper and Himilayan Pink Salt to taste. You might like German Potato Salad also. It calls for vinegar and dijon mustard instead of mayo …….and yes bacon!

bob lobster Reply

Duck bacon? wtf

BBHair1 Reply

Any black business hauls or black business inspired vlogs???

1stLaDee2002 Reply

Not at our family reunion. Probably good though I’ll try any other time than cookouts.

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