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Sarah Parkhouse Reply

woah im so early! love the honesty in this

Becca S Reply

I legitimately like Abbey a lot. I don’t always agree with her, but I like her.

    taylorrspeaking Reply

    Same. I think she’s a genuinely nice person

    Grace Perryman Reply

    what happened? What did she say?

Grace D. Reply

Love civil conversations like this 💜 It’s okay to have different views and opinions as long as you’re kind!

Michelle Villate Reply

I don’t agree with some of the stuff she says, but she’s not a bad person. Glad to see y’all just talk it out :]

나비 Reply

I side eyed but …I appreciate her for doing this convo.

    Grace Perryman Reply

    what happened? What did she say?

RachelReduces Reply

The Conversation was Needed. Great to see a really insightful interaction between John and Abbey. 🙌

Rennzith Reply

I dunno. There is something very disingenuous about her, and I feel she purposely misleads her audience about other creators’ diets in order to have content to critique.

    Lemur Reply

    Do you have any example? I’m just curious I watch her videos but not always the videos of creators she covers.

Mimi Urbanski Reply

So happy to see this! You both are great, thank you for helping to push critical thinking

Stella Song Reply

I found out about Abbey Sharp from Greg Doucette’s videos, lol. She actually means well though, and you can tell she genuinely cares.
TBH I also stopped subscribing to Greg Doucette after a series of nonsense videos where him, then his girlfriend unnecessarily criticized and bullied the heck out of Stephanie Buttermore. It was super not cool, lost a lot of respect for him.

    Kevin Hedman Reply

    You did not understand or watch all of the video. That was not the message.

    cboyett Reply

    @Kevin Hedman literally.

    Niro The Troll Reply

    Even if that wasn’t the message of the video, it was obnoxious and the intent of the clickbait titles. I considered unsubbing him.

Iva Čukić Reply

Loving this!

Jaybee Antiga Reply

All feelings are valid John you are right just because you are this and that does not mean you don’t feel the struggle

Daniel H Reply

Abbey Shark dududududu

AdroBestia Reply

i miss the morning oats 🙁

Eva Reply

I’ll admit, my view of Abbey was that she is someone who likes to twist people’s words and control the narrative. I’m surprised that she agreed to have a live conversation with John, even though she knows he’s critical of her views. This was nice.

Niro The Troll Reply

I can’t think of a better duo than O2B and Abbey.

pobg Reply

Searching for coach Greg in the comments 🤓🤓🤓

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