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Angela Anasta Reply

Legit here first so excited to see what John eats. We all love you John keep up the good work

Le_NaG Reply

I appreciate that you’re not showing a “perfect” day of eating where everything is prepped and square, but more of a “actual real life day of eating”. Shows how you can both have a good diet in a sustainable way whilst living a busy lifestyle! I gotta buy salad bags and munch on them at the office too now lmao

    theFitty Reply

    Hey DO YOU watch death note?!

    theFitty Reply

    @Kittra agreed!

    Kittra Reply

    @theFitty Random but yes. I did.

    theFitty Reply

    @Kittra I was asking the original commenter since they had the L logo but hey it’s nice to chat to you too! How did you like the series?

    Kittra Reply

    @theFitty Oh sorry, very much. I didn’t watch anime before that at all. Well except Nana which I loved.

Sharon's minier me Reply

Legit eating the nacho siete and having a coke zero watching this :p

    ObesetoBeast Reply


    Victoria d garcia Reply

    Same ! Try roasting the bread . And a side of pickles !!! Combats the sandwich dry ness ❤️❤️❤️

Uncle Paul Persists Reply

Nothing wrong with Folgers, or Coke Zero. You are a regular guy:)

Laney Turner Reply

I had no idea this was a secret gourmet cooking show. Good job! I like your style.

    ObesetoBeast Reply

    😂😂 very secret

lizziesf87 Reply

I usually eat the same things for each meal, too. Yesterday I bought 3 of those big baby spinach tubs and the cashier asked if I was in charge of salad for a potluck. I’m like first of all, who’s having a pandemic potluck and second of all, this is just for my weekly meals 😂

    TheRnBFan Reply

    FIRST of all! 😂😂 love it

    moni zeal Reply

    Third of all, it’s none of their damn business!

Alex Halstead Reply

Me doing pushups: push *wheeze* push *wheeze*

O2B: *bouncing up and down like a beach ball*

I think you did the max number I can manage in a day in just those 2 seconds of screen time. 😅 Way to go, man!

Paige Reply

If I don’t see stir fry I’m calling the cops because this is not John

    Jasmine Jennings Reply

    I agree

    theFitty Reply

    LOL youre a longtime follower!

    theFitty Reply

    @Jasmine Jennings xD

Morgan Hampton Reply

The absolute JOY in your voice when you pulled out the blueberries and announced that they were on sale was so pure.

    Becca Reisinger Reply

    I loved the fact that he said two dollars and I said that’s more expensive than when I buy blueberries 😂😂 those California prices always shock me (I live in Texas)

    Derek McAdams Reply

    @Becca Reisinger Me too. Im also from Texas.

    kittieconvoy Reply

    @Becca Reisinger in the UK a box that size would be at least double the cost (probably £6-£8)

    wittylittlepieceof Reply

    that and the little stir fry twirl just fucking sent me. so adorable 😂😂😂

    Kittra Reply

    I miss having good blueberries,my grandmother had blueberry bushes and it was a bonding thing to go and pick them together. She made awesome blueberry muffins.

Life With Clari Reply

Love how you keep it real! But defff showing us you gotta have a be just a little prepared aka the bag of salad 🤣👏🏽🤷🏽‍♀️

    ObesetoBeast Reply


Rani A Reply

We could never be disappointed with realness

Jenny Salazar Reply

You are a balanced eater and I appreciate that. I feel inspired by you, not judged. And that’s important.

Elena Cargill Reply

Haha yes the Coke Zero! I know it’s terrible for me, but it saves my life when I’m craving something sweet or salty but don’t want the calories. And no one can convince me it doesn’t taste as good as the real thing

    Ropsana Khanom Reply

    Elena Cargill I’m like that! Coke/Pepsi zero is usually what I use to avoid over eating if I’m not satisfied that day but I do try to limit it to like 2 cans a week since it’s bad for your teeth

    Here Be Subtitles. Reply

    What’s the difference between coke zero and diet coke? I always assumed they were the same thing! 😮

    J.D Reply

    Here Be Subtitles. I want to say it the artificial sweetener in them. I will say from what I can remember Coke Zero was always the better tasting one.

    Elena Cargill Reply

    Here Be Subtitles. Diet Coke has that kind of watered down soda taste, Coke Zero is much closer to real coke. They definitely use different artificial sweeteners, but it’s hard to explain the difference. Both are less sweet than regular coke, though.

Kean Performance Reply

Nice to see a real day of eating.I think it is important to show a real world type of eating that is not staged and fake.Awesome video John, keep up the good work!

Samantha Morrison Reply

I really didn’t think he was eating that poorly omg I’m screwed if that is a terrible diet.

    Samantha Morrison Reply

    Michelle Unal subscribed!

Dr. Lily Anne Ali Reply

Careful that Abby Sharp reviews this day of eating and finds fault with it

However I do love this REAL life video .

    Ang y Reply

    Nobody cares what she think. She just says what the fat acceptance want to hear not instead of giving real advice. She is a scam.

    snickerwizard Reply

    She should stop putting her anorexic past into her judgement

    R. Marsh Reply

    SMH Abby and her air quotes.

    Дмитрий Reply

    @snickerwizard Orthorexic.

bash Reply

Its been 10 days on my new journey!! I’ve lost around 9lbs and all I’m doing is tracking protein (250g per day) and eating around 2600 calories. Its an 800 calorie deficit but the protein keeps me full! I’m happy with my progress and my goal now is to get to 299 on the scale. As of now I’m 325. Its crazy how motivated I feel!

K B Reply

You look like a mix josh hartnett and Orlando bloom. Noice!

teresa maria Reply

Vegan youghurt in america is runny?? Here where I live they are really really thick, like too thick

    J.D Reply

    Yes unfortunately. I miss alpro it was so nice and thick.😩

    Yo García Reply

    Right, I thought the same

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