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Adam Maddox Reply

Abbey Sharp do do do do do

    J Bailey Reply

    I’m dead.

    Jessie Weahkee Reply


    Rani A Reply

    Omg 💀 💀

    Sonia Ham Reply

    I hate you

    Lyann LovesAdventure Reply

    Has no heart do do do do

DietDevan Reply

As an obese black woman, it’s annoying when people feel like being fat is on the same level of oppression as being black. I can change being fat (which I’m doing) but I can’t change being black.

    Christina Guilfoy Reply

    If I understand correctly, race was brought into the body positive conversation because often black women carry their weight differently than white women do and it was about dismantling western beauty standards of a “good body”. Like when I was growing up the ideal body type was like Paris Hilton which was not only super skinny, but also not very curvy, where a lot of women of color, especially black women tend to have wider hips, larger butts, etc even when they’re thin and couldn’t fit into the silhouette of the “ideal body” but of course it got taken to farther and farther extremes. I think it happened because body positive and poc folks could agree that they didn’t fit the ideals of the time. The problem is that weight can be changed, but race can’t.

    DietDevan Reply

    @Christina Guilfoy I can see how it got introduced. The issue though is that they try to put it on the same level.

    Virginia Medina Reply

    I always thought these were strange things to put on the same level.

    Jaritza D. Reply

    It boils my blood. PoC go through systemic oppression and it’s in every aspect of our lives. Losing weight is really hard, but it isn’t impossible.

Sander Nilsen Reply

Don’t worry, some people are book smart, other people are street smart. Unfortunately for me I am neither, but that’s a whole other thing.

    Linda C Reply

    @Alijah Marion
    Oh, yes, I saw this while the first ad was playing, before I got to her comment. It was rude. Particularly because she doesn’t know he was struggling. You never have the right to say what others are thinking, feeling, etc.
    (I got tired of having to worry about someone else’s comfort level or insecurities in a conversation, and sadly, where I live, it’s meant being alone too long. 😐 It’s part of the reason I divorced/shouldn’t have been married to that guy. You need someone who, rather than take you down a level, tries to take himself up to yours. )

    But yeah, in my field, I think it tends to happen most in the area of cultural studies….every time I hear “representations of…” I can feel it coming on….just come out and say this is your take on it, because you don’t know what the author was thinking. I’ve always felt that in the sciences, you have technical language that you have to use, not because someone intends to obfuscate. But then, I’m not wading through scientific articles.
    In grad school, I took a seminar with the hardest prof, one most were afraid of and avoided. We each had to teach one chapter of this v long book. One of the dept’s two golden boys was in the class, and asked one of those long and (self-)involved questions. No one responded. The prof said, “well, Sr. So and So, no one has answered your question. Perhaps you can answer it.” He said, “I think it’s a question that can’t be answered.” To which she replied, “Then you shouldn’t ask the question”. Savage! 😆

    Jessica Akoury Reply

    @Linda C I love your professor 😂

    Linda C Reply

    @Jessica Akoury
    Ikr!? That was about 30 yrs ago, and she was pushing elderly then (not old, lol, she walked the 2-3 miles to campus every day, and swam/did ballet every morning), so I’m sure she’s passed on now. But that moment showed me that she wouldn’t suffer *any* fools, especially the golden boys. I think of her every time I hear someone at a conference ask a convoluted question when they already know the answer

    Sawyer Reply

    Highly capable people often underestimate themselves. Its one of the things that drives constant improvement. Im sure youre plenty smart 🙂

    Mimi LuvvxXx6 Reply

    Lol same 😂😫

Kya Hauser Reply

The issue with her saying “he was struggling ” is the condescending way she said it 🙂 like if she’d also mentioned that its not common language so alot of people wouldn’t get it, it might have been better. Also I totally feel you. I have adhd and have problems with short term memory and its super frustrating to have people talk about me or to me like im dumb. Also you’re totally spot on about the article. And coopting race with body positivity 🤮 race is not something we can control, weight is

    Caroline Shepperd Reply

    So rude and condescending. I was shocked she said that and watched herself say that and posted it online. Literally so hateful

TinyPandaRed Reply

I haven’t liked her for a while. She has this whole “holier than thou” attitude, and calls some diets disordered eating when they are clearly not. Girl got some unresolved issues.

    Kristian Hellwege Reply

    @Heather Doyle
    You want another bit of pathetic? The DSM does not recognize orthorexia. Her favorite eating disorder isn’t recognized by doctoring bodies because it’s definition and diagnostic criteria are too vague. It’s mostly a buzz term for fake experts attached to the HAES anti-diet movement.

    Sawyer Reply

    @Losing It with Shannon My whole issue is that i have awful self control with food. I NEED rules and to eat properly because clearly my own natural internal rules don’t work well enough.

    xtinkerbellax3 Reply

    Oh she projects her own issues with food hardcore.

    Caroline Shepperd Reply

    I can’t stand her. She literally just says every person has an eating disorder

    rosedaline valetine Reply

    @Losing It with Shannon that’s not her fault, lol. Let’s not blame people for why we’re fat.

Arwen Reply

I couldn’t even listen to her argument after that nasty comment… She doesn’t have to belittle someone to make an actual good argument. She’s just cussing you out for literally no reason. Lmao.

    Cameron Villasenor Reply

    FR. There was absolutely no reason to even mention John, seeing as nothing else about him really even came up. It was almost like she just said it to say that she was smarter than him.

    loreenasings Reply

    Maybe I’m in the wrong but I think she was trying to seem like she related to his ‘struggle’ in understanding the intensity of the article. I agree it missed the mark but I don’t think it was intentionally belittling

    F. Kyler Reply

    @Cameron Villasenor that’s exactly why she mentioned him. I was waiting for her to say more about John’s “struggling” and explain why she thinks that but no she literally made that little dig and moved swiftly on.

Ash Toten Reply

She tries so hard not to trigger people by not talking numbers and all that, but omg did she ever trigger my ED many times by the way she will pick apart literally EVERYTHING – like there’s a difference between someone eating nothing but fruit, or eating nothing but meat, or drinking 5 cups of coffee a day as meal replacements and ending the day with a 1,000 calorie meal… but like, it’ll just be an average breakfast of oatmeal or something “okay, this is mostly okay… bUT! They could of maybe added some hemp hearts, or nut butter, or a protein powder, or like 1 less berry for some reason for BALANCE!” … damn, can I just enjoy my oatmeal without micromanging literally every meal please?

    ForgedFaerie Reply

    its becasue she is in denial about her not being orthorexic anymore. she is STILL orthorexic and instead of dealing with her own issues, she keeps projecting them on other people.

    Ash Toten Reply

    @ForgedFaerie i feel that too, she should really take a step back; professionally and emotionally to figure out what her actual feelings are about haes, IE, healthy lifestyles, etc. Right now its like watching a puppy trying to please everyone and peeing themselves in the process.

    Alex Byron Reply

    Ok, but she’s a dietitian, what do you expect her to say? 🤷 Of course she’s gonna suggest the best combinations and ways to put together a balanced bowl of oatmeal, that doesn’t mean you’re not free of making it the way you want

    xtinkerbellax3 Reply

    She’s so contradictory, picks apart someone’s diet but promotes intuitive eating? I see girls saying they were going to eat oatmeal for breakfast but remembered her words and just had to add hemp hearts or nut butter. Not every meal needs to be perfectly balanced.

    rosedaline valetine Reply

    Imagine watching someone doing WHAT her whole channel is modeled around and feeling attacked and triggered. Watch it and move on, or, if it triggers you, DON’T WATCH IT and protect your sanity and mental health.

Elizabeth Coleman Reply

The mild condescension and the content curated for people with eating disorders on the undereating side of the spectrum, I unsubscribed a bit ago. This video doesn’t make me feel negatively toward her. Just meh. As though the unsubscribe was perfectly acceptable.

    cdb48340 Reply

    I agree. I unsubscribed about a year ago. I enjoy many of her videos. Ahe is just too negative and rigid for me. She is not over her eating disorder

Zelda Is Royals Reply

I find it funny that she says she doesn’t see a problem with people counting calories however in a lot of her videos reviewing diets she criticizes them when they count calories or weigh their food. I get the impression from her diet review videos she does see calorie counting as disordered eating. Oh but then again I didn’t go to college so maybe I’m too stupid to understand her.

    ElementalStar Reply

    This! I’ve tried watching her a few times but I never subscribed and just quit viewing her videos because something about them just rubbed me the wrong way, but I think this is it.

    Heather Doyle Reply

    Ugh, I hate the college=smart mindset that she is just dripping with. I’m as smart after a degree as I was before a degree. I was just given additional information during my academic career….and that should be the goal with everybody – degree or not. This information should be accessible. It should be available to read and it should be understandable be people without a major background in it.

    Lena Reply

    Being told that checking the calories of what I eat to see if it matches my personal needs is some sort of issue annoys me to no end. It’s like telling people checking how much gas they pump in their cars is bad, just wing it! No? Your body has a caloric need, if you’re continuously either under or over eating then it’s a fantastic idea to keep a close eye on those counts.

    myneoangel Reply

    I feel like abbey has been pretty clear on counting calories. If it works for you, you should do it. It becomes an issue when it becomes obsessive or all consuming. I think she points it out often, because she is a firm believer of intuitive eating which does not promote calorie counting. She also seems to cater towards those with prior eating disorders, so she’s often commenting on these behaviors even when they aren’t an issue just to bring awareness that they can be disordered coupled with an unhealthy mindset.

Cesaro Beach Ball Reply

Yikes at the “struggling” comment >:(. I totally heard Abbey’s comment as “the articles went right over your head.” I have a PhD in the social sciences and I have read my share of academic articles, and I’m offended on your behalf. I’m sure you know this, but I assure you there isn’t anything you don’t understand from the articles – you simply disagree with them, and that’s fine. I wish she engaged more with your actual thoughts rather than dismissing them.

IMO there is a meaningful, substantive discussion to be had regarding the relationship between anti-fat/diet culture and race. But this isn’t it. The problem is, the “bopo” advocates hide behind academic jargon to lash out at other people. And that does everyone a disservice, including the people they claim to advocate for.

    mj zyn Reply

    Being in science i feel like I see this a lot, weird superiority and feeling above people who don’t have degrees.

    Heather Doyle Reply

    @mj zyn Exactly. I feel like it’s so engrained in the culture that they actively use jargon specifically to alienate people without the background to understand it. Then we sit around and ask ourselves why so many average people just flat out ignore the science on vaccines or the efficacy of masks. I’m not saying that the elitism made every single anti-science person but I don’t think it will bridge the gap while the elitism is there.

    Anna Smovzhenko Reply

    Exactly. I have a degree in history and speak three languages fluently. I hated that article. No fancy jargon can hide lack of meaning.

    mj zyn Reply

    @Heather Doyle I totally agree with you and it’s so stupid for anyone to make an article purposefully confusing when we are forced to learn how to explain our projects in simple terms to be able to communicate with the people who are most affected by our work…

    xtinkerbellax3 Reply

    Yea this is one of my biggest pet peeves, when people right off a difference of opinion as the person not “getting it”. They understand, they just DISAGREE, big difference. It’s very arrogant and implies that the person is right and you couldn’t possibly just see things differently.

Elise Nieuwe Reply

Oh god, that article is ridiculous.
Since when is a person talking about them self automatically an attack on someone else? Don’t they see how stupid that is?!

THAT is the problem on social media nowadays. If A has an opinion, B feels personally attacked. Is A posts a picture of them self, B feels attacked. Person A stating their business/ doing their thing is NOT an attack on B if they believe or do something else! You can be different people without hating each other.

    Eszter Simon Reply

    Yes, it just shows how people who take that things personally are very insecure themselves.

    Vikram Joshi Reply

    If A shows a cartoon just to teach certain point in a classroom, person B beheads person A. It’s way beyond social media nowadays.

Danielle Thompson Reply

Also have a learning disability. Yep hearing the word “struggle”. 🙄 shut up I’m going at my own speed stay in your lane. We all get where we’re going

Ciara Lewis Reply

” you’re not fat or black enough.”🤔 I’m fat and black but still probably wouldn’t be part of it because I’m a “small fat” lol😅😉 You’re not a racist John. I hate when people throw in race too. I did not gain Black over the years, I gained weight. There is a difference on what I can change.❤
Also body positivity is basically confidence. You can’t dictate how someone feels about their body just because you see them as more fortunate for having a smaller body than you. I feel like that is self sabotaging your self worth and also bullying others. The hypocrisy.

    Harpy Eagle Reply

    @Ciara Lewis You are doing amazing! Actually it was the lockdown that made me go to my highest weight ever (282), but fortunately I am on track and I hope I weigh 182 lbs in the next year

    Ciara Lewis Reply

    @Harpy Eagle ohh damn you 2020!! lol but lockdown had made me look at food differently, so been working on that. Also, thank you😊

    Madison S Reply

    @Harpy Eagle you can do it!!! I believe in you I was 237 at my heaviest and now I’m 188 i started in January my goal is 165 i have faith in both of you and myself to reach ours goals!!!

    gato_comunista Reply

    @Madison S @ciara lewis @harpy eagle (I have no idea if I can tag you properly lol) Your kind comments towards each other made me smile. Keep the good work and spreading positive things onto the world (and the internet).

Marie Reply

You may have struggled with learning disabilities, but you have the ability to think critically. You have the ability to reason. That is way more valuable than the ability to pronounce big words.

jelly beans Reply

As someone who has always had a large vocabulary (word smart?), you weren’t struggling with understanding the concepts at all. You still figured out the meaning without knowing the exact terminology. That’s not struggling, that’s deduction.

ProfessorChani Reply

I am a biology professor, and I think you are totally smart. Nobody can understand the jargon of every discipline, and sure some people aren’t as academic as others, but you are an excellent speaker and you always use logical arguments so I don’t know why Abby was being so harsh.

    Miriam K. Reply

    Yep. I’m a biologist too. This is 100% accurate!

    MewChuKing Reply

    Used to think abbey sharp had content with substance but time and time again she proves herself an idiot. Obesetobeast and coach Greg 4 life lol

    Xmv 1 Reply

    She needs to pander to the obese to keep her like ratio positive

    S C Reply

    @Hannah Kuracina 100%

    Kate S Reply

    I am a biologist too and a junior researcher, but I also struggle with some terminology, which is not in my immediate field of study. Everyone struggles. No person can remember and know everything, it is just an endless journey of learning. And that is what matters

fruitshakebanaane Reply

I was honestly so annoyed about the fact that she deleted the video again. HAES and body positivity are pretty much the only two topics that I disagree on with her.
Btw could you check out “” on Instagram? I recently stumbled upon her page. She’s an Intuitive Eating Coach and posts pretty problematic things imo.
She’s also restricting the comments on her feed if they don’t align with her agenda which makes it difficult to (respectfully) call her out on some of her content.

Raaid Cotman-El Reply

her using struggle is very condescending. it says a lot about her.

Adrian G. Reply

Speaking as someone in academics. I find Abbey to be incredibly elitist and rude in her opening statement. If you want people to actually listen to you then words like “struggle” in that context are a big no. People instantly do not want to agree with her because she put herself in a position of superiority. It makes her points from then on seem weaker when you receive her message in that tone.

    onceuponanexploration Reply

    She removed this video, I think it’s because who she consulted in a way proves some elements of the article because she consulted ONE other nutritionist and who was also a white female. Normally, I wouldn’t care about that but to only consult one person, who is also a nutritionist etc. proves that some people are invisible. If she had at least consulted a greater variety of people and if she didn’t address people with that I know best mentality. Her Obesetobeast is uneducated jab is also elitist.

    rosedaline valetine Reply

    Rude is a soft word. It was more mean, insulting and a shade. I think she really dislikes him, lol. That was clear.

Kailei Paige Reply

So she was upset that thin white women were being accused of gate keeping a community and taking it over with their privilege and elitism then in the next breath basically calls you stupid for not being able to “understand academic language” OH THE IRONY LADY.

    Erin Brookes Reply

    Exactly this.

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