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Ibrahim IAlisawi Reply

Wow, I’m actually first. Hello if you see this always fun to watch your videos

    Echo Forms Art Reply

    Ibrahim IAlisawi you are indeed the firstest of the first. Heres your medal:🥇

Felicity Reply

From stream to video😂

    Felicity Reply

    People who were in the stream knows😅

Jamie Maxcold Reply


Devynn M Reply

I’m actually really pumped for this one!!!

kimmyG - Finance & Lifestyle Reply

Watched her review yesterday and already knew it’d gain some attention from the entire community!

Ryan Howard Reply

Come on who doesn’t like Coach Greg 🤣

DaxIsAName Reply

FYI Abbey announced that she privated the video and plans to repost it with more disclaimers.

Alex 3203 Reply

Greg does not track macros lol

    Gustavo Costa Reply

    But he tracks calories right?

    Alex 3203 Reply

    @Gustavo Costa yes, he’s said before he’s not worried about macros and he has a point. calories is more important than specifically counting out macros

    Zeroed in with Zeke Reply

    Gustavo Costa only when he’s on a competition prep. He says eat healthy and low calorie foods and you will loose weight. His main point is calories in=calories out for weight loss.

Felicity Reply

Hi john , I don’t see the link?

Benjamin Koerper Reply

More fitness drama… 🥱

Ms. Kendrick Reply

Hey! 😊👋🏾

Alex 3203 Reply

If you watch Greg’s videos even he himself has said his number one goal is to educate and call out the bs in the industry. he’s made it clear his number one goal is to educate

Aleasia Burton Reply

The dr. Is super entertaining for sure but he dumbs science down for all us morons 🤷‍♀️

helloqable Reply

Abbey Sharp is so condescending, hate instagram dieticians. Intuitive eating doesn’t work for most people. Especially not people who tend to overeat. As someone who’s losing weight (66.5lbs down, 8.5 to go) I need to track to ensure I’m in a caloric deficit.

    Alex 3203 Reply

    right lol

    Felicity Reply

    I agree with you and congratulations👏🏽 , you go girl/guy, you got those last 8,5 pounds

Courtney Reply

She called him an orthorexic… she needs to be rightfully roasted. 🤦

Katherine Reply

Omg I didn’t take you for a person to watch Coach Greg since you are always so calm 😁 This just made me so happy for some reason, Greg is full of knowledge and really one of a few people I take my fitness advice from! And so entertaining of course!

DaxIsAName Reply

This video GENUINELY was a good common ground viewpoint. It’s good to bridge the gap between these two GENUINELY different people.

R. Marsh Reply

She love those quotation marks.

    Stephanie D Reply

    I agree too

Stephanie Contreras Reply

His reaction and that of many of his fans was pretty extreme. I watch all three of you and agree different things for different people.

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