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All Things Nella Reply

WoW… Why are people doing this to one another… Why can’t everyone be included

DietDevan Reply

How can you be more inclusive by excluding people?? It’s really good they went to size 7XL so bigger people can have more activewear. However, getting rid of XS, S, & M makes no sense.

    Godless Melanisia Reply

    @Emily Durkee those of us who are body positive and a smaller size, would have purchased from them to support their messaging. Apparently, our money is no good.

    n00dLe Reply

    Welcome to 2020. Up is down and left is right.

    Tova Holmberger Reply

    It feels like there’s also a discouragement towards health goals involved. They might as well be staying “if you lose weight you have to leave”

    Rainbow Andrada Nicoleta Bolfă Reply

    It’s funny ’cause you think that they really care. The majority of USA population is overweight or obese. It’s all about money. Plus as the others said there are a lot of other stores with small sizes.
    It is shitty what they are doing but in the end it gets them more profit so..

    Adrian Ghandtchi Reply

    @Emily Durkee Then they have just become what they hate, being exclusive to a size. Does that mean somebody is screwed if the person who is an extra large loses weight and becomes a medium or even a small?

All Things Nella Reply


    Stephanie Reply

    Nothing wrong with focusing on a certain demographic. The problem is pretending that they’re being inclusive while doing the opposite.

rob morris Reply

You see skinny shamming i see a brand exploiting overweight people by pretending they care all the while charging stupid money for there clothes,

    ray Reply

    yea, plus theres so many activewear companies that specifically pander to smaller people (lulu lemon) its not skinny shaming, its marketing and more ways for them to charge a fortune for activewear, which is already pricey to begin with, so are plus sized clothing. getting rid of smaller sizes and using more fabric for large-7xl is an excuse to charge far more money to vulnerable and desperate consumers.

    Josie Koch Reply


    adrienne Reply

    Yeah, I would not be surprised if the clothes are over priced and plus sized people are stuck buying them because they can’t get their size at the cheaper stores… That could certainly explain why their smaller sizes weren’t selling.

    Amanda Reply

    All while exploiting people in a developing nation for cheap slave labour. Its great all around. 🤦‍♀️

    Stephanie Reply

    @ray But plus size sizes do take more fabric. More fabric = more cost. You can’t expect to get fabric for free

Oranje0428 Reply

Maybe they weren’t selling any volume at the smaller sizes. The market for those sizes is very saturated. If you can target a corner of market then I guess you go all in.

    Paije Peri Reply

    That’s probably the most likely reason.

    Brittany Reply


    Stephanie Reply

    I agree. The problem is they’re pretending to be inclusive. They should just be honest

RachelReduces Reply

Size Medium is still needed. Come on!!!!
I can’t imagine there’s more of a demand for 7XL than Medium. 🤔

    RachelReduces Reply

    @Quetzal [Pronounced ket-zAL] It is pretty bad, but I believe actions like this could set an unfortunate precedence.

    RachelReduces Reply

    @Ninjanova Very True!

    RachelReduces Reply

    @BumbleBree Agreed. They certainly have us talking about them. 🤷‍♀️

    Quetzal [Pronounced ket-zAL] Reply

    @RachelReduces i agree, but also there are plenty of other brands to choose from.

    Classically Averil Reply


Taz Mag Reply

Maybe the smaller sizes don’t sell as well.

    Nesrine Bk Reply

    Yeah but they don’t have to pretend it’s for a greater reason!

JROB447 Reply

I think they did this to be able to produce more material for the larger sizes. Lane Bryant dont make small sizes either

Musikenna Reply

Being a 400 pound “athlete” seems like a great way to break your legs

    Fatima Taboada Reply


    Lauren Wickert Reply

    The epitome of peak performance 😂

    Kaia Davis Reply


    Carol Reply

    some of these models should be promoting bikinis to exercise underwater because there’s no way it’s healthy for someone that big to go jogging

    So Astonished Reply

    Constantly curling food to your mouth might be construed as atheletic.

Margarita P. Reply

But if we are honest: small sizes sportswear market is plenty saturated. If this brand wants to become exclusively plus size – why not?

    Deliciously Odd Reply

    @Kim Chi heroin and meth addictions aren’t solved or treated by being more active, obesity is, this is a ridiculous comparison

    Ada Reply

    @Ange not only getting rid of smaller sizes, but getting rid of healthier sizes 😞 I’m not saying everybody needs to be an XS, but getting rid of medium? what kind of message does that promote?

    Adam Mets Reply

    @Kim Chi Food is legal (although some of it shouldn’t be if you look at the ingredients).

    teef - Reply

    @迟涵怡 I should look into it bc I am desperate at this point at 5’0 lol

    迟涵怡 Reply

    @teef – I’m 5’2″ so I feel you😅

Jayce Thompson Reply

“Obviously not lightly because you got rid of the smallest sizes”
I lost it

Lilly Says Reply

Makes this any sense business wise cause a size M is probably the most sold size or am I wrong? Just sell every size if you upscale the business get more storage room or calculate what sizes are orderd the most and have to be stocked up the most

Personne Ici Reply

As someone who wears a small or extra small in most brands: this doesn’t make me feel bad at all. I have so many options. It really does not impact my life whatsoever. I’ve never heard of this brand, even. If I liked the brand then I might the disappointed but I’d like to think that would easily be offset by being happy for the bigger people who now have new options.
Edit: to all the people offended by this: companies and factories don’t have unlimited capacity. They may not be able to keep all existing sizes when introducing new ones.

    Ada Reply

    @Ange exactly. they’re not saying “hey guys, unfortunately we can’t afford to cater to everyone, so we decided to drop smaller sizes in order to focus on expanding our plus size range”. that would have been perfectly fine. but instead they’re turning it into a sort of campaign for “body positivity” because they know it will get people talking and some plus size influencers might recommend them specifically because they dropped smaller sizes. normalise bigger bodies and all that bullshit.

    S W Reply

    They did say it was a difficult decision to cut smaller sizes but they recognize that demographic has more options. I wear a medium and it is extremely easy for me to find active wear that fits vs those I know who wear an XXL+

    Nathan Partin Reply

    If you have to have a 7x you might as well get a tarp and cut holes in it and sew it together

    abby Reply

    omg THANK you i don’t understand the problem

    Ada Reply

    @abby then you conveniently skipped over the multiple comments of people explaining the problem

Madisen Froneberger Reply

Honestly, I think this “phase” is going to slowly turn its back on them! Sure, they would exclusively be activewear for plus sized individuals! Which is great – considering the market is over saturated already for “straight” sizes. HOWEVER – I think the plus sized community would then start to complain, because they don’t WANT to shop at exclusively plus sized stores. They want to be able to shop in stores such as target, forever21, and H&M. They want anything and everyone to cater to them – which just isn’t possible! Plus sized people ALWAYS complain about getting whole stores to themselves (like torrid for example) because the clothes aren’t as “cute” as clothes at forever21 or H&M. I would consider that a TORRID PROBLEM and go to them with ideas for cuter clothing. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Marlie Greeff Reply

I think, the real problem here is, is them using the word “inclusive” and being hypothetical. It’s okay to cater for only one group of people. It makes sense business wise.

Mel Salvi Reply

It is clearly all about marketing. They are getting all this attention because they removed the smaller sizes, not because they included one or two larger sizes.

In six months they will go public and announce the return of all sizes claiming to be at the request of customers and make a new #bodypositive campaign. Even because the smaller sizes give more profit.

Personally, I would not buy anything from that brand. Their speech is against what I believe to be #bodypositive.

Simply Ika Reply

This is driven by profit, PERIOD. They’ve identified a gap in the market and are going for it.

    Pink Paws Reply

    I agree. I think like this just like stores that only stock “plus size” clothing. They’re not excluding just catering to a specific demographic.

    sunshine and lollipops Reply

    That is true, some companies I uses to use stop making sx so I can’t wear their clothes anymore. I wasn’t hurt by it because at the end of the day it isn’t about the people but the profit.

    Pink Paws Reply

    @sunshine and lollipops exactly!!!
    It’s the same as many companies only going to a Large. It’s not to exclude people in larger bodies it’s just that those sites don’t sell and end up piling up. Its just profit.

Tamina Maria Reply

When I, a size 6 woman, go to a plus size store, I don’t expect finding anything that fits me, and that’s okay. But don’t brand yourself as inclusive and for everyone when you’re really just an exclusively plus size brand

    Julia Mary Reply

    Exactly! If this company wants to morph into a plus-size activewear brand, cool! But don’t call yourself size-inclusive

The love Below Reply

They should have just said the truth “We got rid of Extra small, small and medium sizes so we could balance the material cost of producing 7XL jeans and still make a huge profit. Oh yeah and inclusivity. “

Lisa Jackson Reply

I’m underwhelmed. This was totally a bu$iness decision. They weren’t selling enough of the smaller sizes so they nixed them.

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