All in my head? Or, Am I just SAD?

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Gabriel Armsted Reply

Thank you for always being open and finding a solution to the problems you’re experiencing.

C D Reply

Thank u! I’m struggling too!

ymb6987 Reply

I needed this. Thank you Kevin

Deb Reply

Wow! I didn’t realize people could have summer SAD…i definitely struggle with winter and rainy weather..,so this hurricane season is getting to me

    Jacqueline Cotarelo-Echagarrua Reply

    I live in Florida so yes rainy weather makes me sad.

Martijn M Reply

I used to suffer from this as well. Then my doctor tested my vitamin D level. It was too low. I’m on a three month dose ever since, and feel much much better. Vitamin D also seems key to fight off viruses.

    MsBloo Reply

    thank you for sharing. did you go to your primary doctor to get this test done? or specialized doctor?


    You suffered from summer SAD?

    Martijn M Reply

    MsBloo My primary doctor filed a blood test for me, when I asked him about certain tremors after excessive training. It showed muscle weakness, due to a lack of vitamin D. When I had my blood checked again a few months after my first dose, the muscle weakness was entirely gone. Because of this, I read a lot about the importance of vitamin D. Besides proper sleep and vitamin D, eating walnuts, tuna (not canned) and salmon truly benefit out brain.

    L Fields Reply

    Same here… Liver to needs a cleanse.

shawver21 Reply

Thank you for being transparent in your struggles, it will benefit yourself and countless others. Be blessed.

Deonna & Kwame Reply

I appreciate you being so transparent. the steps you added are helpful and I, for 1, will be implementing them in my life ❤️


Thank you Kevin as someone who struggles with depressiona and anxiety. This year 2020 has been overwhelming and testing me. 😭

    Krystle Reply

    Me too.

    John Joshua Reply

    EVOLVE FREELY you are strong & will conquer all things

Kahree Erby Reply

Definitely needed… I go through SAD in the winter months… thank you


This use to be me. I’d tell my friends don’t call me till May. HAHHA.! Hang in there everybody, I love and wish you all infinite Blessing. Kevin you kept me focused during Quarantine. I’m a HIIT workout sister now. XOXOXOX NYC

Rossygrossy Reply

I’ve been experiencing the exact same things. Hang in there and keep taking it one day at a time ❤️

Oscar Diaz Reply

This talk was so needed. Thank you for speaking with us about keeping mindful. Thank you

David Santos Reply

Seasonal Affective Disorder no longer “exists” according to the DSM V

Cortez Miller Reply

Get well Kevin, I did not know that, the changing of season could affect someone’s mental health. You learn something new everyday! Thanks, for your encouraging words.

KillCo Reply

Mental health has been a weight I’ve carried ever since I was a teenager, I’ve only been trying to cope with it better over the past ten years. The horrible thing is that nothing seems to help much, but I wanted to go into 2020 trying to do more with my channel and also find some part time work to help with bills and my debt… needless to say this year had other things in mind. Being kind with myself has never been easy since guilt and doubt are always sitting on my shoulders and keeping me from functioning as best I could. Thank you for reminding me that I cannot do better for others if I cannot simply learn to be kinder to myself first.

adascraps Reply

Never in my life i would have guessed you are depressive sometimes. You look so happy and bubbly. Stay strong. I think you are very kind! You can do this!

Cinna Mon Reply

Omg, I literally just said to my family that ever since it started getting cold and dark earlier. I have been sad and experiencing weird body changes. This happened to me the same time last year. Thanks for discussing this topic!

Hootie Whooo Reply

As someone who struggles with eating to help myself sleep, thank you for bringing it up. I thought it was just me and something I am working with my counselor on addressing.

Liv Nicole Reply

Awwww, I was fine is til he brought that dog out…now im all emotional!! lol! Thank you for being so transparent Kevin. Love this more sappy/serious side of you. Please make some “breadcrumbs” video in the future! 😀

L Fields Reply

Hey buddy your not alone. Love this video. We’re in this together. Logging food is really good. I allow myself 2 hours for the week social media. Binge eating is a problem so i have started intermittent fasting. I’m here for you mu brother💕

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