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tsubomi Reply

I just want to hug Bubba!

Chane Stanford Reply

Yes yes more videos like this ❤️

Mimi the Hippie Reply

You are SO pretty without makeup! 😍
And thank you for this.

Trudi Bellia Reply

Yes please Hannah, I would love you too make more videos for maximum weight loss. 🤗

    Madison Denise Reply

    me too

    Abbi 894 Reply

    me to please

    Mxlly X Reply

    yes please hannah

    Kim Komando Reply

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Laila Madina Reply

wow everything looked so delicious yet it’s so simple to make! :O ❤

Aleen R Reply

I prefer your not so perfect days of eating.. maybe you could switch it up and do both!

    oak&ocean Reply

    She said in the beginning it was for all those people who kept asking what to eat for the most weightloss 🙂

Team Broccoli Reply

This is very helpful. Yes please make more like this. 😄👍🏻

E. D. Reply

gurl u inspired me so much that i lost about 22 lbs and I couldnt be happier thank you! x

    Wahid Shaikh Reply

    plz tell me wat did u do to loose weight??

    Kendra Reply

    congrats girl that is awesome!!!

chubby_pandas9 Reply

man i need a trader joe’s in my area!!!

    Selena Marie Reply

    Me too!!

    Stephanie Berrios Reply

    Me three

    The Vegan Alien Reply

    chubby_pandas9 me four

    Breakfast at Tiffany's Reply

    Bring it to Australia xx


veggies for the win 🙂

    TANNYRAW Reply

    GREENS 🙂

    flappykabby Reply

    +TANNYRAW Yeees! 😄💗

Cheeky Saver Reply

You look like you have lost more weight Hannah. 🙂

Jasmine Pierre Reply

That quote at the end got me. Love it

Elle Reply

I love a leafy salad with warm rice. One of my fave meals 🙂

Abby Clark Reply

if you boil your potatoes for 4 mins before baking them they taste SO GOOD! they come out crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and it’s a great alternative to using oil. I eat them almost everyday that way

    celest s Reply

    and they bake faster 🙂

    Reese B Reply

    Thank you for the cooking tips.

    G N Reply

    Abby Clark are those Normal potatoes or sweet potatoes

    Christina Root Reply

    Great tip!!

Elizabeth Ann's Healthy Living Reply

Would love more videos like this!💗 Thank you for sharing your not-perfect eating day the other day, and then this one with that quote at the end. It was JuST what I needed today😘

Jennifer Hernandez Reply

love these new videos your doing gives me ideas.

PlantbasedAthlete Reply

I approve this message;)

cookie Reply

Thanks for this I needed some inspiration after a not so good second week of eating

MissChiff Reply

These are all my favourite meals combined into one day! 😍💞

High Carb Hannah Reply

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