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Dumpster Jedi Reply

First view???

phil27hardie Reply


    Dumpster Jedi Reply

    Nah hahaha

Russell Syx Reply

Have a good day everyone

Dumpster Jedi Reply

I was actually first!!! Big props man, you helped me get from 415 to currently 260, much love!

    Michael Pinkrah Reply

    What did you eat daily? Struggling right now and around your starting weight

    Michael Pinkrah Reply

    Congrats man!

Jared Holzer Reply

I love your stuff man. You ARE making a difference!#MuchLove

shadow1910 Reply

Dry fast for loose skin

R. Marsh Reply

Thanks so much for sharing my pyramid!

    DasDan Plays Reply

    Hi, are you planning on updating this or releasing this for people to view?

    R. Marsh Reply

    @DasDan Plays I think it’s always going to be a work in progress, but not yet. Actually, soon after this segment, John actually pulled me onto the stream to talk about the pyramid in more detail, so I was able to clarify on some of the points he made, and we ended up agreeing on a lot. It’s posted on my IG @marshall_health_performance. It’s also on the the O2B Discord, so be sure to join!

RachelReduces Reply

These are realistic Principles, especially ‘ Explore Alternate Activities to Destress (or Celebrate) other than Food ‘.
This was something I needed to prioritize when beginning my Weightloss Journey. I was a Caterer and felt like I was “celebrating” something each day.
I wish I had it explained so simply and clearly as this Pyramid does. Thank you Marshall_Health_Performance.

some rando Reply

Ooh, a pyramid based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs! So this is R. Marsh’s Hierarchy of Health and Fitness Needs, I suppose… and it is actually, only semi-intentionally, the exact sequence I’m currently doing. I did some “autopsies” on why my previous attempts to lose weight failed (or just didn’t stick), and concluded that I tried to change too much at once, so I focused on small changes at first to my habits. Basically whenever I had a choice, I tried to pick the healthier one, and became more and more conscious of it as time went on.

Then I wound up identifying a trigger food, cutting it out of my life, and determining that I probably didn’t need to completely cut out anything else, but that I would need to consider situations that led me to mindlessly eat, and try to change them (or change my attitude about those situations).

Yesterday, I tracked my calories. Rather than tracking every day, I’m gonna track one or two days a week, then three or four, then five or six. I tried tracking seven days a week, and it was so annoying and soul-sucking, but I did it anyway. That was one of the things I considered back in Step One—I need to make gradual change, and that will probably be what gets things to stick. Haven’t made it to the Macros phase yet, but we gonna get there 😊

Maryoom Reply

Yaaaas man forgivness part is so true I have tried it like the next day after I ( binged eating ) I simply say to myself “SO WHAT?” and that is why I get motivated for the next week instead of giving up and throwing the towel.

Carly Strang Reply

Timing should be more important, but not connected to protein for exercise. There is a tonne of scientific evidence that for people with any kind of ED, eating 3 meals at the same time every day helps aid recovery. So actually eating at same time daily can stop you binging, lowering your overall calories, and helping you lose weight.

Jasmine Duzong Reply

oh no, I already started 😫

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