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Cantchangemypic Reply

The boy is now a man

    Nicole N Reply

    the voice it’s not there yet , but kinda

    whiteburr Reply

    @Nicole N shots fired

Mary Rose Reply

Last time I was this early body positivity was still for everyone

Queen of Darkness Reply

Bruh John looks so good in pink!

    Melanin in Tech Reply

    Depending on the pink. This pink is very mellow and not too girly so it is suiting

    Sylvia Silas Reply

    I agree 😁

    ObesetoBeast Reply

    I love that THIS is the most liked comment 😂 thank you!

    Anne Tidwell Reply

    He really does!!! 💗

    Ada Reply

    to be fair, he’d look good in a trash bag 😅 ..or out or it 😏

Mauricette Diaz - Nutrition & Body Transformation Reply

I can’t believe this is happening, body positivity is not just about being overweight, it’s about being happy with your body regardless of what it looks like!

    Melanin in Tech Reply

    @Tori’s Stories Not everyone should not be allowed. Missing limbs should be more acceptance and praised than some blubber of fat

    StylishGrey Reply

    @Tori’s Stories Yes, that’s what the fat acceptance movement was originally supposed to be. By ‘hijacked’ it is meant that more extreme views have now become associated with the movement. Many of the influencers and proponents of FA have moved away from the movement being inclusive to believing things such as Purposely losing weight is fat-phobic and that any attempt to control your eating is an eating disorder and comes from a place of self hatred.

    The reterhic of FA today is so far removed from the original intention of the movement. There seems to be no support for people who choose to lose weight, even for health reasons. In fact, there’s a lot of vitriol instead. The point of FA for a lot of people these days seem less like support and moreso to keep people sick.

    Lea Green Reply

    Originally body pos was for war victims, burn victims, people with things they could not change. Then it got hijacked by the FAM and they ruined it.

    marchi fleming Reply

    This always happens with movements…they start with pure intentions but as they grow, more people = more opinions. Stronger, more “passionate” (trying v v hard to word this as diplomatically as possible lol) voices inevitably make their “persepctive” become the popular viewpoint. Whether it’s in line with what the movement originally stood for or not, as time passes it morphs. Look at feminism, far right/left political groups, insert whatever example you’re thinking of here…if you look into almost *any* group’s past, you’ll see this happening. It’s human nature, unfortunately.

    Martina Delvai Reply

    Being body positive should be coming to terms with things that happened to your body / you have been born with, that you can’t change by at the same time taking good care of the one body we have!

Katina Tsarnas Reply

She literally says she wants to get healthy so she can have kids and be able to be the best mom she can be. How anyone can be upset about that is beyond me. I’m glad to see you talk about this topic because I myself have struggled with being body positive and wanting to be healthier. We’ve become so one-sided in the BoPo movement because change is seen as a negative thing. But wanting to be a healthier person can come from a desire to be better, and does not always come from a place of self-hatred.

    Elizabeth Coleman Reply

    Oh cause being fat isn’t unhealthy dontcha know? /s She is offending a group of people who want to pretend to be healthy and fat.

    th1smomentisfate Reply

    Just read up on sonalee rashatwar. She posted about overweight pregnancies and women were posting they doctors considered them a high risk pregnancy and they were so offended. They think because they happened to get lucky to have a healthy child, that it’s perfectly healthy to be obese while pregnant.

    mechantechatonne Reply

    We’re supposed to pretend obesity doesn’t affect fertility or lifespan because you can supposedly be healthy at every size.

    jess d Reply

    They’re probably mad because they’re too fat to actually parent their kids. Can’t even go to the park or even walk through the mall without struggling with them. No kid wants to be around that.

    Ms.Magpie Reply

    It’s because they don’t want acceptance, they want superiority. If someone leaves the group then it proves their way of life is flawed and they can change i they put in the effort.

GaryTheBigDeal Reply

Imagine being apart of a ‘postitive’ community with so much negativity. Just do what’s best for you girl.

    Haley Reply

    Yes so much negativity and judgement.

    Melanin in Tech Reply

    She didnt realize how toxic it was until she wanted to change. Then she saw how broken and toxic those women arwle.

    They dont want positivity they want people telling them what they want to hear.

    Dave Nagrom Reply


    EXACTLY! This falls under “misery loves company”. These so-called body positive people, are simply people who have so much self-loathing, that they cannot stand to see someone accomplish what they have failed to aspire to.

    They are not body positive at all! They are complacent people who lack the will to better themselves, and would rather the company of like-minded individuals. Diet culture is another term used to deflect from the simple fact that many people fail to adopt a healthy lifestyle, and their bodies exhibit the negative consequences of these decisions.

    Nobody is advocating unhealthy eating habits. Proper nutrition, which emphasizes real food, avoidance of artificial food, and refined sugar, is not a diet, defined as a temporary restrictive eating program. Proper nutrition is a part of a healthy lifestyle which includes exercise, and sufficient rest and recovery.

    These people view weight loss as anathema, because they seek validation for their unhealthy lifestyle. The same people who are bullying her, often bemoan the shame and hate they have received in their lives for being fat. They are giant hypocrites.

    This lady needs to stop looking to these terrible people for support. Stop reading their awful comments. Do not give their words, any power over you.

    Block them. Seek the company and support of reasonable, likeminded individuals, not these miserable malcontents!

JohnNathanShopper Reply

Crash diets from “diet culture” created the fat acceptance extremists by casting health in the most disordered way possible.

    JohnNathanShopper Reply

    Amphibien This exactly. Yesss

    undeadocarinagamer .s Reply

    @Amphibien Also to add a good chunk of the FAM have jealousy in some form to people who are aiming to lose weight. Yup both ends are terrible and extreme, moderation is the aim.

    teef - Reply

    This is so well put

    psionicinversion Reply

    diet culture exists from laziness. they want the fastest results they can without actually putting in any real work over time. they all ask for secrets of weight loss like theres some magic pill. once they realise its just consistency everyday and changing your lifestyle for the better there not interested

    undeadocarinagamer .s Reply

    @psionicinversion Makes sense, fastest Results least effort. I pulled a 8 month Weight loss from 250+ to 190 did very low calories. Bad idea working in a resurant when doing it was even worse. Since 2018 to now, been losing weight In a more healthy way. Which is it takes every day small changes(-7000 calories a week for 2 pounds)

Brie Reply

There’s nothing really “positive” about this movement at all anymore

Clau Panquecito Reply

For me it’s sad the fact that when someone from the “body positive” movement realize that being healthy, or trying to better yourself, is part of loving your body, the rest of the community gets mad and attack and shames them
Also, do they not realize that a diet is everything and anything that you eat??? of course, crash/super restrictive diets are bad…but they have satanize the word diet, without realizing that even their bad eating habits are their diet

    Melanin in Tech Reply

    Because they are triggered
    They were happy with the lie until one of their influencers told the truth

Jeffrey Herre Reply

I joined WW, skeptically but as a last hope, after already losing 50 pounds by going mainly plant-based the prior year and a half, but feeling stuck at my weight. With WW, I started losing weight the first week and continued to lose pounds every week until I lost another 170 pounds. Part of it was a mental/emotional shift based on many factors, but WW saved my life. FOR ME, it was really easy. I never felt deprived. I know others who have had different results or for whom the program doesn’t fit their way of life. I don’t every claim my way is best for others, but losing 220 pounds at the age of 61 has given me a brand new life. I’m healthier by far, happier than I’ve been in decades and I just feel so damn good. Thank you for all you do to provide balance and reality to the world of weight loss.

    SFORLOG47 Reply

    Awesome, I’m a month in and 10 down. Woot!

    wasi sabi Reply

    That’s a great success! Well done!!

    Yuki Sakamoto Reply

    I’m so happy for you!Congratulations 🙂

    Kacey Marioghae Reply

    I’ve lost almost 20 lbs, nice job!

cougar fryer Reply

I was one of those people who was like, oh “my cholesterol is good, my blood pressure is fine” a few years down the line, I now have fatty liver disease, dont let medical results stop you from trying to lose weight!

    Semi Reply

    I feel you! Nearly went down that rabbit hole! Started seriously loosing weight when my doc diagnosed a fatty liver. I was 22.

    Jeri Blank Reply

    Please do! I did not take my fatty liver serious and it almost killed me. Now I’m a person who barely ever drank in her life dealing with cirrhosis.

Rosa Summers Reply

I have followed you and her for a while now. Her for body positivity, beauty, etc… and you for fitness! I’ve been fat my whole life, and being “plus-size” and loving fitness apparently isn’t allowed. I just never understood the mindset. I’ve lost 50lbs, and haters can screw off!

Be The Change You Want Reply

god forbid wanting to be healthy, especially people dying from covid because they are obese. times need to change. period. i love being off social medias like instagram. comparing yourself to people you’ve never met.

Sara Miller Reply

“Diet Culture” & “Body Positive Movement” have both become extremes of what their labels imply to a fault. Both promote unhealthy habits.

Indigo Dandelion Reply

How can she be shamed for losing weight when by her own admission she’s gained 75lbs and hasn’t lost weight in years?

    Indigo Dandelion Reply

    peachyk3en no she lost that from her panniculectomy late last year

    Tree Fiddy Reply

    @Indigo Dandelion Has this been stated in a video?

    Shenelle Brown Reply

    My point

    hey_you Reply

    @Indigo Dandelion stop spreading rumours without having any proof, she never said she got a procedure

    dboogs6184 Reply

    hey_you not spreading rumors. It’s true. Look at her old pictures with her old belly button and her new one on Instagram where she’s coming out of her pool. She got bottom belly surgery. There is a video by who is she 2. She shows pictures.

Ella Mills Reply

I LOVE WW. It’s truly changed my mindset with food. They do emphasize that zero point foods do still count, they just aren’t typically as easy to binge on. So if a bag of chips would be 7 points, twenty carrots would be zero. But the thought behind it is that you can’t really eat as many carrots as you can bags of chips… if that’s makes sense, haha. It’s a learning curve! But i truly love it

Ally Elkhart Reply

As someone who struggles with anorexia, the body positive community insisting that every diet is an eating disorder is honestly insulting. Wanting to loose weight for your health, and eating disorders are completely different. While restrictive eating disorders can evolve out of dieting, they are usually rooted in much deeper issues. Loosing weight on a balanced diet is nothing like the destructive nature of anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders.

    LilMissTravelPants Reply

    My thoughts are with you on your mental health. To be honest anyone trying to make you feel like you’re fatphobic for suffering from a very serious, very dangerous disorder are garbage and I hope that you receive nothing but love and support on your journey.

    Jamie Jarrard Reply

    YESSSS. I struggle with anorexia as well, and what you said was spot on.

    Paytonpedia Reply

    I agree as someone who’s also in recovery. I’m 10 years strong and now a mama: you can do it❤️

Michelle Van sickle Reply

Body Positive should be about positive changes. Over the last 18 months I lost 100 pounds.I still have 50 pounds to go. But at least I regained my health! I had stared both diabetes and fatty liver disease in the face. I feel that I am body positive because I had reversed these diseases and got my health back.

    Yuki Sakamoto Reply


Earthling Lucy Reply

Honestly the people shaming her should be ashamed of themselves.

    Jamie Kelly Reply

    They are, that’s why they’re doing it. Bullies are bullies to make themselves feel better by brining someone else down.

Leah Garnes Reply

Honestly, at this point, I think many of the bopo people who go after those who want to lose weight and get healthy are just upset and jealous at the fact that they don’t have the willpower or motivation to get healthy too. So they take that frustration and put it on other people like Alexandria.

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