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bbmangaming Reply

Looking forward to this.


I saw someone post a before and after pic and people were FURIOUS that they didn’t post a trigger warning

AshleyFrancesca Reply

If you get blocked and use another account to talk to someone, that’s harassment.

minnie babi Reply

I like and don’t like before and afters, the reason I like them is that people get to show how they’ve decided to better themselves but at the same time a lot of people can’t help how they naturally look. The average person has sum chub chub which is completely okay and seeing before and after pics can make them feel bad.

Sorry if this makes no sense

Sandi Morris Reply

Ha ha ha but if they move on we would have no trolls to either laugh at or get upset at.
Social media can be a rabbit hole.
Thanks for the video. It was interesting.
Divisiveness is on all sides

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