Bodybuilding Meal Prep Stuffed Sweet Potatoes / Batatas Rellenas con Verduras

(traduccion abajo) Here's a quick, easy way to freshen your weekly meal prep if you're tired of the same. These southwest stuffed sweet potatoes are loaded with complex carbohydrates and savory flavors to satisfy your hunger. And it's family friendly so it is something you can make in bulk for the entire family.

Approx macros per serving – 405 calories, 48g protein, 50g carbs, 2g fat

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Aquí está una manera rápida y fácil de mejorar tu preparación de la comida semanal si te cansas de la misma. Estas batatas rellenas – en estilo suroeste – están cargadas con carbos complejos y ricos sabores para satisfacer el hambre. Y es ideal para familias, así que es algo que se puede preparar en grandes cantidades para toda la familia.

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Alan C. Reply

Great recipe, I appreciate that you always include directions in español, thank you! 

Quest Nutrition Reply

Kevin! Absolute pleasure meeting you and filming with you at Quest HQ! Until next time! BOOM! 😉

    Fit Men Cook Reply

    HUGE pleasure working with y’all! Most def until next time – certified #BOOM!

The Vegetarian Baker Reply

YAY. A vegan meal plan 😀

blaquechylde Reply

I like how you came up with a dessert plan for the leftover filling because I would have just mixed it into veggies ….. and make a big mess with too much leftover filling like always.

    Fit Men Cook Reply

    oh no doubt! we dont waste food!

Rzaa19 Reply

Thanks again Kevin! Keep them cominggg, BOOMMMM!

    Fit Men Cook Reply

    thank you, bro! will def keep up the momentum.

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You’re without a doubt that dude!!! Love the remix points to this video…genius as usual

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    man u already know how much i appreciate everything you do! let’s keep it going #TeamFMC!

skinparis_hk Reply

I just love ur channel ! Ur super energetic and nice and ur recipes are amazing. Most importantly u did show is how to deal with the left over sweet potatos! U totally deserve all the likes and subscription !

KF Reply

So awesome!! I love your videos–you make me feel like I’m a professional in the kitchen. Good, easy, fun n tasty meals. keep them comin’!!!

Puppylion715 Reply

THIS LOOKS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I cannot wait to try this recipe!! Oh, I tried your portobello mushroom burger (I modified it some due to what I had on hand) and it was absolutely incredible!! I paired that with my baked sweet potato fries for my post workout meal and I was in heaven! Thank you so much!!

    Fit Men Cook Reply

    that sounds like an amazing meal! thank you for letting me know you tried it and enjoyed the recipe.

Shahriar Sabri Reply

the zuchini got me going, i love adding that to all my dishes when i can!

MissBlaize Reply

Love anything sweet potato! Thanks can’t wait to try this! Kudos on your Quest collabo!

Jordan Gibson Reply

Ah man! I was totally thinking “I really hope he didn’t just toss those leftover sweet potatoes!” Now I don’t know what looks better, the stuffed potato skins or the mashed potatoes! 

    Fit Men Cook Reply

    haha! i try not to waste food – trust me, youll def love the mashed sweet potatoes. really delicious!

Lawrence Ward Reply

This is going to save me alot of time. Can’t Waite to try this and thanks for the recipe.

Agatha Middleton Reply

That was awesome, can we say following, I am running behind you!!! Love your idea’s and the meal prep is awesome!! Got me trying new things for sure!! Thanks!

Young Kt Reply

Love these vids g keep em coming

Prash33n Reply

Really digging this meal !!
especially the fact that I could make it vegetarian!

J3ssiGurl Reply

Great recipe! Going to have to try this one! I’m also curious as to where you got your containers from?!?! They look like the perfect size for meal prep!

Aida Roman Reply

Hi, I love your recipes there delicious. I was just wondering if it’s ok to use canned corn, and beans?

Garrett Washington Reply

Awesome post, just saw this recipe in Train magazine! Where did you get those containers ?

McNeely757 Reply

New subscriber here. I love this channel already. Everything looks so great

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