BWC Vitamin C With CoQ10 Reviews

BWC Vitamin C With CoQ10 Reviews – Does BWC Vitamin C With CoQ10 Work?

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BWC Vitamin C with CoQ10 Organic Vitality Serum uses active forms of vitamin C and Co Q10 to improve skin circulation, clarity, tone and texture.  With regular use, anti-oxidants vitamins C, E and A combined with green tea and grape seed extracts help neutralize sun and environmental damage to keep skin youthful.  Powerful humectants moisturize skin to smooth and soften.  Vital botanicals and organic, aroma-therapeutic essential oils nurture and condition while rich emollients soothe and protect.

This has a lot going for it in terms of being an antioxidant-rich, water-based repairing serum for all skin types. However their decision to include essential oils for fragrance puts your skin at risk for irritation. Lavender oil, in particular, can cause skin cell death and enhance oxidative damage when skin is exposed to air.

BWC Vitamin C with CoQ10 also contains the preservative methylisothiazolinone, which is contraindicated for use in leave-on products due to its sensitizing potential. So close, but we cannot state strongly enough how non-essential so-called “essential” oils are for your skin. They can be great for your nose and well-being, but you can enjoy their aroma-therapeutic benefits without putting your skin at risk of irritation.

Active forms of vitamin C and CoQ10 combined with green tea extract and anti-oxidant vitamins neutralize sun and environmental damage and promote youthful skin. Nature’s own premium Rosa Rubiginosa and Tamanu repair and promote cellular regeneration while powerful plant humectants replenish vital moisture to smooth and soften your skin. Premium, aroma-therapeutic essential oils tone and balance. Triple-rich plant emollients soothe and protect.

How to use BWC Vitamin C with CoQ10:

Apply drops of serum to a clean face and neck for complete coverage. Gently massage into skin. Use morning and night. It may be used alone or under any BWC moisturizer or make-up.

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