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carlos caro Reply

Wow incredible he looks 10 years younger

Mike Herrera Reply

Doesn’t even look like the same person!

    Italo Okokie Reply

    cos he is not!

DOB Reply

The before photos don’t even look like the same person. This guy is 34 and his before pics look like someone who is nearly 50.. Crazy.

    Jasmine Fat 2 Slim Reply


Nodnarb999 Reply

He was in his 20’s and early 30’s in those pics. Christ. Big up to him for making that switch. I’ve gained the weight back so many times I feel like I’m going crazy.


    I understand. I’ve fought it my whole life. Keep on fighting 💪

    Cameron Carter Reply

    I did this too. It’s a cycle that you can’t shame yourself for. You can break it and keep it off for good.

    V D.O. Reply

    It feels demoralizing to keep going up and down but its worse to only see it go up and up and up and up.

    Keep fighting!

    N/ A Reply

    Losing the weight for a second or third time is very hard to deal with. 🙁 Gotta keep fighting!!

paperandblackroses Reply

He looks so much younger now!! Fantastic success story.

RayDaKing37 Reply

He looks like adam22 a bit

InformalGreeting Reply

My heaviest weight is the amount he has lost. I’m down 47 pounds and thought I was accomplishing something. This is amazing.

    Captain Marvelous Reply

    You have accomplished something great. Keep going

    District 2 Podcast Reply

    InformalGreeting good job! Your 47 pounds lost is my actual goal so definitely don’t think it isn’t anything!!!

    Marco Cuenca Reply

    47 lbs is a lot of fucking weight. Be proud and keep it up!

    Maieen Reply

    Don’t undervalue your achievements; losing 47 pounds is not easy to do. Keep it up!

    Kayleigh Hayden Reply

    You’re definitely accomplishing something!great work keep it up!

rainingtrees Reply

34:25 I relate to this SO MUCH as a hoarder!! Sometimes i tend to beat myself up because I’m not fully over my hoarding, but I’m almost there and I’ve come so far!!!

NaqimProductions Reply

He’s soo positive and inspiring. His hard work finally paid off and I’m proud that he’s healthy now. Well done indeed!

supbrotv Reply

He went from being Paul Blart Mall Copt to Slim Shady.

    Get Pretty With Puff Reply

    supbrotv right 😂

Brandon S Reply

Wow. I’m currently trying to lose 160 lbs. myself so this just inspires me even more to reach my goals. You guys are awesome!

    The Truth Reply

    Brandon S you an do it bro I was 538 and now I’m 498 in 5 weeks !!

    Brandon S Reply

    @The Truth That’s awesome, keep it up! Its definitely easier when people in the same situation support one another.👍💪

nathaniel watson Reply

This was beautiful. Made me sit and reflec on my weight loss journey. 110 pounds down so far

    TheQueen284 Reply

    nathaniel watson – congratulations

    Therron Rux Reply

    Nice 👍🏽

    The Truth Reply

    How long?

Soggy Wombat Reply

3 years ago I weighed 330lbs at 5′ 11″. I now weigh 198lbs. If your friend is smoking or an alcoholic no one has a problem telling them that it’s bad for them and they should quit. But barely anyone tells fat people maybe they don’t need to eat a whole pizza. Admittedly your weight is no one elses responsibility. But there’s a culture around being nice to fat people and not hurting their feelings. I was killing myself by over eating and not exercising and no one said a thing.

    TripJay21 Reply

    its funny you should say that because a big part of society (no pun intended) is pushing the idea of “fat shaning”…. they say that people are being very mean to people who are overweight… but i get what youre saying….there was this girl in my school who we all always had that high pitched “nice” voice when speaking to her.


    But if anyone calls us out we get angry and upset…..

    Rowan Braddock Reply

    SHUGAH CAINE have you tried getting an alcoholic or a smoker to quit? It’s a whole “mind your own business” culture

    Rowan Braddock Reply

    SHUGAH CAINE sorry for the mistag

Sweet pea 3 Reply

wow he even looks 20 years younger

Kerri Moffatt Reply

a friend of mine used to watch the biggest loser and is very obese , until recently he decided not to bother losing weight because he thought this was what it took to lose weight. I pointed him in your direction and every damn day fitness a little while ago and his outlook on weight loss completely changed. He’s eating better and going to the gym and is making sure he doesnt hurt himself. He has a long way to go but so far he’s lost 7 lbs in 2 weeks. He wanted me to thank you for saving his life.


Love the words he spoke at the end, actually got a tear to my eye. He’s right though, you can do it. -80lbs now since oct 19 and 200 ish to go for me, I will do it! 🙂

    The Truth Reply

    Good job!! I have lost 40 pounds in 5 weeks is that good or slow I also started at 538 thoe 🙁


    @The Truth Thats really good! I started at 512 and I am down to 435 now. Keep it up! 😀

    The Truth Reply

    ENGLISHBACON thank you!! Dang your doing great!! How much did you lose the first month? And also what type of gym workouts are you doing?


    @The Truth roughly 20 lbs in my first month. Workouts have been super simple for me, I dont mix it up much tbh, I do eliptical for carbio and then shoulder press, chest press and weighted row machine. I sometimes add in free weights too, im not that adventurous honestly but I do enjoy it and I go three times a week

    The Truth Reply

    ENGLISHBACON thanks so much for the reply I’m the same at the gym I don’t do much free weights until I learn more..Keep up the good work I hope you can keep updates on here

eefan Reply

I absolutely love how this guy said he lost a bit of weight. Turns out he lost nearly 400 pounds. Absolute legend.

FibroFightingBarbie Reply

God I’m so happy you asked him to do this interview! Carlos is such an inspirational person and he always downplays his amazing accomplishments. I’ve never met someone more dedicated and driven. He is amazing! I’m so glad other people are seeing it, it’s going to help so many people. So proud of you Carlos! ❤

Bruna Andrade Reply

Heey, I’m a CBT therapist! I’m sooo happy to hear the word “therapy”, it’s so important…

PearSquared Reply

When he said “I’ve been heavy my entire life, why is this just happening now?” at 12:00, that really struck me. It shows that having serious weight problems is really a ticking bomb, that your body can hold on for a while, but it’s going to start giving up. It sounds like it happened for him the same time it happened for me – around 30 years old. I started having weight-related problems, and I was only 60 pounds overweight (at 5’1”, it’s a decent chunk of weight), but I had been 60 pounds overweight my entire adult life without problems…until I did start having problems.

I have to keep reminding myself that the ease I have right now with moving would not continue that way if I kept the weight on. I used to be fine, but around when I turned 30, I’d wake up in the morning feeling like a grandmother because my left hip and knee ached from old injuries, and all I did the day before was go for a twenty minute walk. Now, I can walk for hours without feeling any pain the next day, at 32.

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