Chicken Avocado Pasta Recipe for Fat Loss & Hardgainer / Pasta de Aguacate con Pollo

(traduccion abajo) Here is 1 recipe that can serve 2 purposes – fat loss or gaining weight – just by swapping the ingredients. Remember to customize for YOU.

Ingredients for avocado sauce for 2 – 6 servings: 2 large avocados, 1/2 cup greek yogurt, 1 tbsp minced garlic, 1/2 cup fresh basil, 1 lemon, Seasonings for chicken
BULKING: 3-4oz of wheat or quinoa pasta; LEAN PASTA: 2 zucchinis, 1 carrot

Approx macros for HARDGAINERS with 7oz chicken & 4oz pasta: 863 calories, 57g protein, 107g carbs, 26g fat

Approx macros for SHREDDING with 5oz chicken & 1 zucchini, 1 carrot: 318 calories, 37g protein, 21g carbs, 9g fat

Aquí es 1 receta que se puede servir 2 propósitos – la pérdida de grasa o aumentar de peso – sólo cambie uno de los ingredientes. Recuerda que debes personalizar TODAS recetas para ti.

Ingredientes para la salsa de aguacate para 2 – 6 porcions: 2 aguacates grandes, 1/2 taza de yogur griego, 1 cucharada de ajo picado, 1/2 taza de albahaca fresca, 1 limón, condimentos para el pollo

Aumento de peso: 3-4 oz de pasta de trigo o pasta de quinua; Perdida de grasa: 2 calabacines, 1 zanahoria

Macros aprox para "Hardgainers" con 7oz de pollo y 4oz de pasta: 863 calorías, 57g de proteínas, 107g de carbohidratos, 26g de grasas

Macros aprox para "perdida de grasa" con 5 oz de pollo y 1 calabacín, 1 zanahoria: 318 calorías, 37g de proteínas, 21g de carbohidratos, 9g de grasas

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Thank you all for your continued support of my videos! It has been an incredible ride so far and I am anxious about the road ahead since there’s a LOT more in store to come.  Just “greasing the motor” so we can kick this engine into FULL gear. Feel free to share and hit me up on Instagram, Facebook and here with any questions! Boom.  

    erica ruiz Reply

    Ay ya yay aguacates mmmm

Lilox Reply

Love the gainers vs. shredding options! Perfect for those who love the recipes but don’t know how to adjust the portions for their macros. Thank you!

    Fit Men Cook Reply

    thank you! really hope you enjoy it!

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Damn Kevin awesome recipe and great advice as well!

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    thank you, bro! means a lot coming from you.

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Love the video filmed well short and sweet simple directions. That spiralizer looks fun to use 🙂

Brown Vegan Reply

Hey Kevin! Thanks for another awesome video (music included lol). I’m making this next week (using vegan chicken) and I know my family will love it. Keep up the awesome work!

    Fit Men Cook Reply

    i like the music too! lol thank you for supporting and such a nice comment. lemme know how the vegan version turns out!

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Yeah!!! I’m bout to make that. I know I can fit this in my plan! lol… I see all that power food stuff in the back, let me get some! 😂😭

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You’re amazing dude! Thanks for the recipes!

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wuuuaaaauuu amazing I love your recipes never stop up the information that really help us much love you’re a genius of healthy cusine greetings from mexico😘

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just made this – came out absolutely great. Used extra lime so I could keep the avocado overnight in a tupperware without it browning and turning gross (oxidizing). will absolutely make again. Thanks!!!!

Danielle Chandler Reply

ohh wow great recipe ! great to see a guy who can cook… and cook healthy body nurishing foods well. move to australia and marry me 🙂 lol

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    *starts learning how to cook healthy*

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bro, youre recipes are incredible, keep em coming man. Thanks a ton

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I’m so gonna add this meal to my diet since I’m cutting right now. Keep up the good work.

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This is sooo good! Thank you again for the recipe!

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I love your recipes!

Kisses from Ecuador 😉

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do you know I love you? this was awesome so inspiring and you make it look so easy! I praise God for your talent…I am so inspired!

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My girlfriend and I absolutely can’t get enough of this recipe man.

Really appreciate what you’re doing here Kevin, the content is awesome and the quality of videos are amazing. Are you a trained chef? 

Stella Vargas Reply

3 things I love about this:
1. the recipe itself. 
2. The fact that you gives two options
3. That you use both English and Spanish.
And I will give you extra points for presentation and for being such a charismatic guy =p Excellent!

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Wow, awesome idea! I’ll definitively try this out

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I’m so glad my friend shared your Instagram page with me. My intake is so challenging knowing what is better for myself with this youtube channel is helpful.

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I made this yesterday it was sooooo good. Love this channel, have changed my lifestyle and been eating clean….your recipes has made the change so easy

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