Cooking with Kev – Teaching a Dad How to Cook Eritrean Chili for his Family

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missdee212 Reply

Lol the Lord is gracious. Yes indeed he is

Billy D Reply

Can you list everything you cook with? Not the food. Cookware

Library Adjacent Reply

I love this lol

Amethyst Jones Reply

Excellent video and recipe! What awesome energy you both share love to see itπŸ’•

Deb's Journey Reply

I feel so smart right now πŸ˜†

Adrian Dangerous Reply

Great video. Can you have Benyam on as a monthly spot? ‘Bring it with Benyam’ and he makes another dish for the family.

Deb's Journey Reply

I’m loving this video thumbs ☝

Jodie Cha Reply

It’s been awhile since you posted!!!! So excited!

linda hatcher Reply

As soon as the spoon dripped over the pot 😩 glad you said something!

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