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Pablitoxyz Reply

CDC says that 40% of Americans are obese. So it’s obviously a marketing strategy to sell more ‘relatable’ content (EDIT: Yes, I missed the part that this is the UK edition of the magazine but UK isn’t that far off when it comes to the obesity stats. But my point in general was made 😊)

    psionicinversion Reply

    @Judoux not going in years doesnt really mean much. can take a very long time like decades for poor decisions to show up, like when you get older and your youth just cant keep it at bay any more. im sure you are in good health but the way everything is set up, its quite hard to be properly healthy in ways in this day and age. Technically is simple, practically not so simple

    Judoux Reply

    I’m gonna be a silver Fox, baby

    Judoux Reply

    No, I realize I need help because of my obsession. I am genuine about this stuff. I should’ve been born in an era where everyone was slim and educated and good looking. I really hate this age of fat people. It’s truly depressing. Bye, nice chat.

    yasmin Reply

    In the article many women are not obese. The outrage about this article seems fabricated to me by people who only saw one picture

akdreaming Reply

The problem is she is pretty young still. But the longer she is obese…the more stress that will put on her body which will make getting older painful and will be more difficult for her. Yes you can be active and relatively healthy and still be heavy…when your young.

    mtngrace123 Reply

    So what would be the answer? Dieting and forcing weight loss back fires and doesn’t work.

    Chittaprrr 01 Reply

    @mtngrace123 That’s wrong. Commenting this on a man’s video who obviously lost a lot of weight and is keeping it off makes no sense at all. Don’t spew misinformation and discourage people who want to get healthy

    mtngrace123 Reply

    Most likely this person has disordered eating or an binge eating disorder and you have to stop the binges before focusing on wl.

    Just Saying Reply

    @mtngrace123 having a healthy diet( by diet I mean eating and drinking habits) and a mild physical activity will do. By doing that you may not be a size 2 but you definitely won’t go so far on the obesity trip

    Epona Lee Reply

    So true. I had to witness my 75 yo neighbour yesterday walking up 6 steps on the stairs to his apartment(I had to wait because COVID and distance and stuff) and he was breathing so heavily and had to stop in the middle because he couldn’t breathe and his face was full of pain. He is probably about 300 pounds. I feel so sorry for him and his kids and grandchildren too

KittySnicker Reply

Shouting “this is healthy!” And expecting it to be true is like Michael Scott yelling “I declare bankruptcy!”

    Lalith Kumar Reply

    @laura bados true, she could do yoga because its not taxing on the knees. If it were running or skipping ? Who knows? The knee problems will get her when she awkwardly steps on something etc I’ve been there.

    OpqHMg Reply

    Who were the unhealthy examples here in your esteemed opinion?

    Amanda Reply

    This had me rolling 😂😂😂

    Amanda Reply

    @laura bados my mom is in her late 50s with the same problems. Already had her gallbladder removed, basically housebound because she finds most movement painful, sleep problems, depression. She refuses to go to the doctor anymore because she “doesn’t like the negativity about her weight.”

    I’m worried I’ll find her dead one day when I come to give her cat its medication.

    My Sharona Reply

    @Ky but he did shout when he said “I declare bankruptcy” lol

Peryl Cain Reply

Absolutely love that you spell out that you are trying your best to understand the article before you analyze it. It sounds simple, but so many people would rather have a gut reaction to a headline, and make absolutely no effort to actually understand something or someone who might have a differing point of view. Or it might not even be that different, but they don’t care to understand it because it’s much more fun to get all fired up. You take an incredibly balanced intelligent point of view (I know you like to pretend you aren’t as intelligent as you are but you absolutely are extremely thoughtful and nuanced). Good for you.

    a Friend or Foe Reply

    It’s like clickbait so they make headlines to get ppl to read it. They have to trick you. And they know itll be controversial

    shupashta Reply

    They want the knee jerk reaction from people, otherwise they wouldn’t put up an obese woman with a statement of health on the cover.
    The real problem is the mixed messages, taking way different stories and spinning them all as if the message is the same.
    What we need is for people to stop contorting the meaning of words, here “healthy”, in order to create a narrative of ideals that is actually devoid of meaning.
    You’re obese, maybe you have a disease that ended up with you piling on the pounds, but that means you’re not in good health. So you’re not healthy, even if it’s not your fault. Maybe your lifestyle is unhealthy and that’s why you’re growing fatter each month. And that’s not healthy.
    There’s a difference between promoting self-love in spite of challenges (for example, a disease that makes you severely overweight or underweight, and thus not healthy) and saying that an unhealthy body can be healthy just because “self-love”. That’s not what “healthy” means.

Andrew Lim Reply

I remember in HS, my girlfriend had a fight with me because when I was sitting on the edge of the pool I had folds instead of the six pack when I was standing. So can totally relate 🤣 I was WTF at the time, but then years later realised no she was just a B*

The people who judge you when your not a 10 are not worth being around.

Now I’m flabbier but happier being a dad than when I was in my 20s trying keep in shape trying to impress. 😀

    Loya Frostwind Reply

    As long as you’re trying, it’s better than not doing anything.

    C J Reply

    She got mad that you had rolls while bent over????? I’ve seen 90 lb victorias secret models that have a “roll” when slouched

    lisa Reply

    Does she… does she understand how skin works???

    yuna48910 Reply

    my hs bf build fences at his dad’s construction business all summer didn’t have one, was fit but just didn’t work those muscle groups, honest if construction workers can’t get it naturally

Mel's Rebellion Reply

For me, my mental health affects my weight loss journey. The less empty I feel in my heart the less I feel myself with food.

    C J Reply

    I feel this. For me its not just “calories in, calories out” but how I am actually feeling physically, mentally, emotionally. You’re not alone in that.

    Alex Green Reply

    I feel mental health is linked to weight loss. I think that’s the reason why I’ve been failing for years

    k1t4r4 Reply

    I was feeling like that too, however when the lift at my place of work broke i had to walk 3floors to my office. I was breathless and panting THAT was my wake up call. I’ve lost 30 kilos slowly and change my eating habits. Now i go for a run 2-4 times a week that has been great during the quarantine lockdown in UK and my anxiety are in control.

Sybil Nix Reply

It’s interesting how simply being critical of extremes (extreme dieting and extreme anti-dieting) can make people assume that you’re a judgmental person (ie: thinking that you’re gonna rant about this specific article).

From what I’ve seen, you just wanna remind people what common sense looks like, not spread hate.

    Sydney Chmielewski Reply

    very well said! couldn’t agree more

    Matt Finds Fitness Reply

    Common sense!!!!

    Monica H Reply

    He is definitely one of the nicest people out there in YouTube land

ErraHaze Reply

Honestly, this was a pretty good article, it’s not just promoting obesity or something. They’re sharing the stories of all body types! An example of good body positivity.

    ReBuilt Girl Reply

    I think the article is promoting overall wellness. Their are eight dimensions of wellness. I lost 100lb a few year ago and people really wanted me to promote it. Due to my health condition I knew that I could gain some if not all of it back. So I never shared the gym videos the trainer tagged me in. I always talked about emotional wellness and encouraged people to drink more water.

Adriana Flowers Reply

Notice how these fat positivity women are always young? There is no older fat positivity woman talking about how good it is to be fat because even if she did that, her health would be very obviously on the decline and therefore, she wouldn’t be able to be like “look at how energetic and full of health I am despite my weight!” These women will not be able to be all about fat positivity and “self love” forever. Everything has consequences, sooner or later.


    Just Saying Reply

    @youtube acc but at least you see them, there are plenty of older women in the fitness business, they don’t get as much attention as younger women but they exist, but you can’t say the same things about haes

    A 88 Reply

    To be fair, the readership for Cosmo is 18-34 so they’re gonna cater for their age demographic which is pretty clear from the ages of the women in the article. But then that also begs the question as to why older women aren’t represented more in all media in general

    Tahtahme's Diary Reply

    Thats not totally a fair assessment as it’s young women who started the movement saying they should be allowed to exist without being disrespected and older women are from the generation that just took the shame no matter the time or place that’s why this movement started.

    Moody San Reply

    …um they were all young…There aren’t that many older people in this kind of movement regardless to size, it’s a generation thing so I don’t think you can infer anything from that.

    The vegan pretzel journey Reply

    Don’t agree with you, there is a bigger range of body positive influencers 50+

zEropoint68 Reply

you’re a real good guy, man

    ObesetoBeast Reply

    Thank you!

tyler sweeney Reply

it was really interesting to hear about the woman who became disabled after breaking her spine. i feel like body positivity should be more representative of that; focusing more on people who are disabled and their self love journey.

    C J Reply

    @MJ I believe you. Those are the people I ACTUALLY see underrepresented. And im sure it makes disabled people feel less comfortable working out at the gym etc. The Sofie part of the article was so inspiring 😍😍


    @C J The movement was definitely high jacked. And now it solely focuses on particularly bigger women. The HAES doesn’t even mention men or anyone else.

    C J Reply

    @pRINCESSnARUE thats very true and tbh something I didn’t think of. Men are really really left out and thats not fair. But yeah to me body positivity is normalizing scars, disabilities, birthmarks, stretch marks, I even have a limited range of motion in my left eye that I used to get bullied for and it would have been nice to see women with even something like that on a magazine cover so I literally didn’t think of myself as a “freak” because I am missing an optical nerve

    mtngrace123 Reply

    I am disabled from an eating disorder.

Raquel Sayre Reply

I wish they would say beautiful or normal instead of healthy

    mtngrace123 Reply

    Mental health matters more anyway. When I was trying to keep my weight off i wasn’t mentally healthy.

    Raquel Sayre Reply

    You’re right we have no idea. I’m sure these women didn’t give their medical history to the magazine

    kitty b Reply

    @mtngrace123 you should know then that someone can be temporarily healthy while obese, but at your job you should see the health issues that happen eventually. Mental health is important. But physical health is just as important. Again, you should be aware of what obesity does to the human body.

    mtngrace123 Reply

    Oh yes I know what society says it does to the body. The thing is that most obesity is caused by diet and weight cycling. It’s a viscous cycle. You want to lose a little weight and you go on a diet or lifestyle change. You lose weight but most people go too restrictive whether it’s calorically or mental restriction which is orthorexia like paleo diets etc. You can only do this so long before your brain and body has had enough and you either end up with anorexia or binge eating. This happens to majority of people that start out with a little weight loss goal. Another occasion that is more deadly than actually being obese is when an obese or overweight person goes to the doctor and they blame everything on the weight on the scale. The doctor tells them just lose weight and restrict calories and tells them everything that could possibly go wrong and scares them to death. So the person then begins that anxious restrict binge cycle. It’s the all or nothing. If we could educate doctors to take the approach of healthy behaviors and nothing off limits and nothing so extreme with therapy with a eating disorder trained therapist we wouldn’t have an obesity problem like we do. I know for myself the more i worry or get scared about my weight or health the more i end up binge or overeating because those restrictive thoughts creep in and my body goes Crazy. If I approach it from a perspective of I am going to be ok in my body where I am at but start doing healthier things and what feels right for my body etc. then those binge behaviors start going away. It’s focusing on the weight loss only is so detrimental. People with disordered eating focusing on weight loss at all can totally backfire and even become deadly. Way more deadly than actually being overweight. Weight cycling and all also raises set point weight so someone that has had a history of diets and weight loss and gains can raise the set point weight. So I have to accept I may never get to a weight that I just love without going pretty extreme to get there and that’s not ok for my mental status becuase it could induce an eating disorder. When someone is overweight none of us have any clue of what they are going through and what caused them to become that way. For me it was diets, weight watchers, paleo and exercise addiction. I had to go to treatment for binge eating disorder and my dietitian never ever wants me to measure or count anything ever again. It’s freeing to eat on a schedule and it frees up your mind to other things in life besides weight and looks. My body may never be thin but I can do the things that are healthier. There is more to weight loss than just eating less. There is so much mental and for a lot of people it becomes a disordered relationship with food and body. I am happy these women accept who they are because until we do that we will never change for the better.

    mtngrace123 Reply

    Also another thing is good change never came out of fear or anxiety. Take smokers for example. You scare a smoker about their lungs and the risks and it almost never works as well as positive and a gradual approach to it. Stress kills faster than any number on the scale. People still smoke and you never hear anyone shaming a thin smoker on how horrible it is for their body like you do an overweight person.

Julie oz Reply

I’m an oldie who has struggled with being overweight most of my life, yes it suxs being fat, I still try every day to lose weight. I think groups like body positivity came about due to the mean spiritedness of haters. I don’t believe in that movement but understand why it has come about. My best friend is very thin and has struggled with gaining weight and keeping weight on. The difference is she is less healthy than me (I’m obese) What has always done my head in is that people feel sympathy for the thin in society yet I’ve suffered appalling behaviour from people over the years, for instance, trying to lose weight and get exercise but I couldn’t even go for a walk. you get yelled at primarily by young males that you are too fat to be out in public, that you should die. I just hope those young guys don’t ever have a daughter who struggles with her weight

    Alessandra Gabbana Reply

    I hope they do. Maybe then they’ll understand how horrible they made you feel, and for no reason. Don’t lose hope, it’s indeed much harder when you’re older, but never impossible.

Alyssia Taylor Reply

“My loose skin boobies would be slapping me in the face” – Boi, I’m ugly laughing

Emily Durkee Reply

John getting chocked up about Sofie was so heartwarming. We love a good sensitive boi

    b b Reply


    ObsessiveCompulsiveClown Reply

    That really reminded me that disability can happen to anyone

Rad Rose Reply

Random observation: you have a certain boyish charm. Something about the way you present yourself and communicate is very appealing and good-natured. Like an ideal boy scout? I cant imagine anyone who could dislike you or be an anti-fan.

    kiana dryden Reply

    this is weirdly specific but i completely agree?? lmao

    C J Reply

    Yes this!!!! I agree.

    Oni Giri Reply

    @kiana dryden this is so on point you just.. put it into words exactly

Michayla Lawrence Reply

“Who even reads actual magazines anyways”
Waiting rooms: *angry bunny meme*

    Michayla Lawrence Reply

    I wish YouTube would let you upload photos in comments so I can post the meme in full 😔but then I know why they shouldn’t add a photo feature.

Merrily Merrowed Reply

It seems like the “This is healthy” applies to the fact that all of these women are working on their fitness, and that incorporating fitness and mental health into your life in healthy, rather than saying that any one body size is the image of health

    caledonia171 Reply

    Thank you! Those were my thoughts, too. This was also the original HAES mentality – you can work on your health no matter your size. I often think that overweight/obese people who work on their fitness are more effective as role models for other overweight/obese people. I feel that a lot over overweight/obese people feel intimidated by fit and skinny people and see that body image as unachievable,.

    Immersive Sports Science Reply

    I think from the outlook and without reading the articles they are focusing on mental wellbeing. The ‘This is healthy’ in bold writing especially on the overweight women is incredibly misleading as it gives the impression from the outset that being overweight is healthy, which is not, however, this maybe for shock value to sell the magazine.

    Dodo207 Reply

    The article itself is great and has a lot of positive points. But I think they use the cover (which is very misleading and different from the actual content in the article) as a marketing booster.

BLINK Events Reply

I feel like it would’ve been better if they put “this CAN BE healthy”

    kitty b Reply

    That would still be a lie

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