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Berry Happy Vegans Reply

As an Irishman I have to say I fully support this potato worshipping.

    Vanny Merios Reply

    As a random potato lover, I agree as well!

    Blueberrymint Reply

    As a belgian I fully support the fries 😉

    木下ゆうかワールド祈念館 Reply


    Marc nello Reply

    Just curious why white potatoes instead of sweet potatoes. I’m honestly trying to learn which is healthier for weight loss so im asking thanks 🙂

    Sandra Wallace Reply

    Totally agree! Half Irish!

Sina Allen Reply

I actually like the burned ones 😂

    Selina Reply

    me too! i love them, they are so crunchy and good!

chubby_pandas9 Reply

Talk about different tv shows u watch, or something unrelated to veganism. Or maybe just random stories about your childhoods, or weird experiences you’ve had??

Pretty Dead Reply

Lets make vegan mukbangs a thing.

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    +• kal • RIGHT!?

MommyTang Reply

For real..??? Ahhh..!!! My first shoutout on YouTube..!!! Man .. I’m moving up in life..!!!! I’m ganna do a response video…!! #givemehuggirl~~~

    Hiding in my room Reply

    I’m part of the tang-gang <3

    Keshia Angely Reply

    +Asian Vegan MommyTang love you mommy Tang!!! <3

    Ms Cabrera Reply

    Show this to your husband Mommy Tang! lol

    AsToldByAllie Reply

    i love your videos so much!

    Sava Reply

    +Asian Vegan MommyTang Oh My goodness Mommy Tang, I LURVE your videos with your little angels!!! You are amazing!!!

VegasVegan702 Reply

“Lose 5 subscribers per burp” lol

Jordan Dash Reply

The lip smacking was killing me, i couldn’t watch after you guys started eating.
The fries look good though.

Jordan M Reply

Red lentil chili for next time!

    Lynn Douglass Reply


Miriam Cantú Reply

lol you guys dip so gently im like a tbls of ketchup per fry

    YourFavoriteTwinzz Reply

    Same here lol

    Be Kind Reply

    Per bite yo, per bite

    Michaella Asare Reply

    Same 😂😂😂

    mts2457 Reply

    but they made it spicy

    Jana Marie Miralles Reply

    Miriam Cantú same lol

Sara B Reply

You guys should do q&a’s with this mukbangs

MommyTang Reply

When you come to ny… Lmk girl.. I live about 1.5 hour away…!! We will do mukbang together…. Hehe

    High Carb Hannah Reply

    +Asian Vegan MommyTang OMG im coming May 1-7 LETS DO IT! Can we make a video together?????

    花木Joyce Reply

    Hey didn’t expect you here. Kids are doing well?

    OniSahar Reply

    +Asian Vegan MommyTang Hi MommyTang!! #Tanggang

    May Reply

    this will be life

pcys black hoodie Reply

the sound of the crunchy fries is so satisfying :’D

tiredapplestar Reply

So addicted to Mommy Tang! Tang Gang!

drsnowmon Reply

I gotta try this
Haven’t eaten fries in almost 3 to 4 years

siobhan Reply

Sounds weird but I prefer when my potato fries are slightly burnt

    BaronAce Reply

    +siobhan right? lol his look amazing to me. that crisp 😍

    Michaella Asare Reply


nevershoutkarla Reply

Hanna soak potatoes in water for about 30 mins to an hour before you bake them! Makes them crispier

    Sarahveli Reply

    Do you put them in whole or after you cut them up?

    nevershoutkarla Reply

    +Foreign Savage after you cut them!

    nevershoutkarla Reply

    +Foreign Savage after you soak them drain water and pay them dry then bake

    Sarahveli Reply

    Thank you! I never thought about soaking them first. I’m about to try it this way haha.

    Tanaya T Reply

    +Foreign Savage How’d the fries go? 🙂

Ambuhh Reply

They put barley any sauce on the fries while I’m here with my fries putting a whole bottle of ketchup on mine😂😂🙄

    Breann Ward Reply

    I’m the same way😂 ketchup for lifeeee

    Fatema Javeed Reply

    JustCallMeAmber 😛 mayochup for life

    KhaoticKlitoris Reply

    Ketchup and sriracha is life. I can go through a whole bottle of ketchup in like 3 days lol I’m trying to cut down and chill out

    Pearl Bubbles Reply

    My brother smothers everything with ketchup before tasting the food!

    David Naylor Reply

    Watch out, you’re probably eating a bunch of sugar in those sauces

Mach1Alex Reply

I eat that much fries? Not really a challenge

Millie a.k.a Millz R. Reply

I wash my potatoes first before cook them.

High Carb Hannah Reply

Check out my best selling WEIGHT LOSS guide & Recipe books

    Gina G Reply

    High Carb Hannah more Mukbangs!

    Gina G Reply

    Talk about relationships

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