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I Am Maxwell Reply


I Am Maxwell Reply

Keep up the good work

g Reply

here so early, finally 🖤🥺

Jock Reply

So is this channel about hating on fat people now?

    K-P Reply

    You watched the whole video and got that perception?

    Lamz Fil Reply

    It’s actually about hating overweight women. It’s literally all he talks about.

    AdamarisCraftsss Reply

    If you use common sense, it has nothing to do with hating anyone.

    Alhan A Reply

    Is calling them out considered hate ?

    tappiechan Reply

    Where’s the hate tho?

Alex Arkadios Reply

Live and let live.

63Screaming POTATOES Reply

Hi 👋

g Reply

Only 1 in 1,000 women develop a blood clot while on birth control. It can be increased by other factors such as obesity, smoking, & age.

Jenn Righter Reply

Health at every size? Yes, it’s about fat people, but apply that to someone who’s under weight significantly? Being extremely under or over weight is not healthy.

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