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Zeroed in with Zeke Reply

For everyone who reads this, may you become shredded and have a great day!

    Adenilson Souza Reply

    Oh yeah you too my friend.

    ElCatrinMuerto Reply

    Like a block of cheese. 😂
    Seriously though I’m trying.

    authorleboyd Reply

    Thank you! I’m working on it as hard as I can.

    Trejo's World Reply

    Thanks brother

    Capt'n Howdy Reply

    May you be blessed at the church of iron. 🏋️‍♂️

Jojo Gives Reply

Just started watching. I’m in shock. I can’t believe people think this is ok??

Sorta Healthy Reply

Obviously, she’s just sorry because of the backlash that she’s getting. Hopefully shes ready for a drop in sales!

Pico Reply

The fact that she didn’t know it was a horrible thing to say (not just negative conotations), means that sort of language is used in her every day banter.
She was so comfortable, that felt it okay to post it on her public social media.
Bruh. I can’t help but laugh .
I’m not even offended at this point.
She’s just a pinche pendeja guey XD LMFAO

    Dylan Arthur Reply

    Bro she knew damn well how horrible the word was, she just doesn’t care.

    Idaly Aleman Reply

    @Tito Tim Travels you’re right, I was in the Navy 2 years ago and alot of my coworkers used that word like of it was something normal. I was like whatever because they would joke around but they never called me a wetback only among them. Doesn’t make it okay to say via live on social media!

    Pico Reply

    Tito Tim Travels I work in the south Texas construction industry. And I’ve heard Latinos call native Mexicans “mojos” or “moohow” (forgive my spelling. I’m not sure the correct spelling of those words), which is derogatory in the same manner as wet back correct? Crazy how it’s thrown around , but I think as time has gone on , it’s become a lot less. At least from what I’ve noticed around me.

    earth star Reply

    @Tito Tim Travels in common use by gid awful trash people. Don’t associate with racists! Also, what a horrible way to treat people you need to work to keep your business going.

    Makedah's crafts Reply

    lmao XD yeah it’s really sad.

christine rodriguez Reply

I cannot stomach racists. That’s exactly what she is.

    Cynical Texas Dad Reply

    Yeah mmkay 🙄

JohnnySmalls Reply

The only thing she’s sorry for is getting caught. Disgusting.

    Sputterbugz Reply

    @Parm Boi getting called out for it

    savannah Leigh Reply


    W Camden Reply

    Getting caught? Lol tf

    TheMightyOdin Reply

    JohnnySmalls You can’t get caught if you’re declaring something in a public space. You’re just outing yourself at that point.

    Makedah's crafts Reply

    Yeah. She basically said, “oops, I didn’t know my followers would care that I used hurtful racist comments that I knew dang well were racist”.

Michelle Saavedra Reply

BS. She knew enough to know it was offensive. Hope her business tanks. How ugly. And then teaching her kids racism too probably.

    Sputterbugz Reply

    yeah she said she knew it was derogatory but not that it was offensive? she cant even keep her story straight

    StopSnooping Reply

    No one should wish that on anyone. It’s not good what she said but doesnt mean her livelihood should be destroyed

myflabulesslife Reply

She’s only sorry because she was called out.

dee b Reply

How do you say “I said a derogatory term” and “I didn’t think it would be offensive” in the same sentence. 🤦🏾‍♀️ make it make sense.

    How’s my Living Reply

    How does people that stupid got money? How do you have enough sense to make money, but not enough sense to know a statement like that would ruin you?

    Jordan Price Reply

    Look at rap music they use the “N” word knowing its derogatory. But to their target audience it’s not offensive. The woman made a bad joke it happens.

    Melika B Reply

    Jordan Price dude. No. Black rappers say the N-word because they’re the only ones that have the right to use it. Using a term that is meant to put you down is empowering, what this woman did was ignorant and racist

    Makedah's crafts Reply

    LMAO, I was gonna say the same thing. Idiocy at it’s finest.

    Angerpanda Reply

    tbf i’ve never even heard of the word so it could be possible she didn’t know. I’m not American though.

Robert Gonzalez Reply

Yikes… Yeah, if she’s saying things like this so openly/freely on her Instagram, there’s really no excuse for it.
She knows what she’s doing. But I agree–instead of these witch hunts, people should send the ultimate message
and just cut their financial support for her, altogether. She was clearly only apologetic once the reality of what the
financial ramifications from this could be. If you have bigoted thoughts/feelings.. That’s fine.. It’s a free country.
But to bring your *children* in on it just shows a severe lack of self-awareness. They’re the real victims in this whole thing.

Vintage Camera Girl Reply

She didn’t realise how offensive it might be to use a slur that’s used against a racial group?


Jennifer x9000 Reply

She gave me “don’t attack my business “ act. She doesn’t care she just know her business is going to go down hill

    EvolvedPants Reply

    100%. She thought she could get away with a racial slur because she was a big business owner and viewed the people she was attacking as just THAT far beneath her. She thought she was important enough to be immune, and only attempted to rectify it at all when she saw it hurting her business.

eon001 Reply

There’s a different between cancel culture and “crime and punishment”. If there are no repercussions from bad behavior then the perpetrators never learn.

meltray92 Reply

Her apology is as bad as the apologies from makeup artists on YouTube.

Kaile Marie Reply

“I wrote it down cause I didn’t know what to say” looks at paper, oh ya “I’m sorry” She couldn’t have been anymore insincere than that right there.

    Cynical Texas Dad Reply

    So this comment just proves it. 🤦‍♂️

    Snarkulous Reply

    I’m dying at this comment

Idaly Aleman Reply

As a Mexican American thankyou for talking about this and saying is not ok!

    quotejoss Reply

    The word wetback used in new zealand looong before it was used in usa, so Mexicans are appropriating that word. Mexicans like you need to ask before you use a.word.thats not yours (see how that bullshit feels?)

    A R Reply

    @quotejoss Mexicans don’t use it, it’s used to be derogatory towards them

    The Machine Reply

    I would greatly appreciate if you can explain how terrible this word make you feel and why. Personally, I think it makes more sense that this word would make you proud considering it is testament of the resilience of many Mexican Americans to find a better life.

    david galindo Reply

    quotejoss omg. You really are that stupid!! We don’t USE THE WORD rather it’s used on us as a DEROGATORY TERM. please think before you open that hole in the middle of your face!!!

    Lesslyy Reply

    quotejoss we. Don’t. Use. It. It’s. Used. On. Us. Think before you speak 😘

SimplyShevy Reply

Oh please she looks like she’s in her late 30s and she didn’t know how horrible that word means?
Hard to freaking believe

Danielle Reply

So she knew that it had “negative connotation” but “didn’t realize it was that offensive”? Sorry, hun. Better luck next time.

Dylan Arthur Reply

“I knew the word was negative but I didn’t know it was offensive”


“I got caught being rascist so I’mma try to downplay it and act dumb”

    Ber Nie Reply

    “I knew the word was negative but I didn’t know it was offensive”


    “I just stated my opinion, didn’t consider it would kill my business, so please – like – not?”

    Sam Howl Reply

    “caught”? She posted it on her own account. She wasn’t “caught”

    Linda M Reply

    Sam Howl “caught” as in reported and publicly bashed. She shared it on her page clearly thinking that it was a safe space and no one would come for her

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