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I’m trying to lose 300 pounds. I’ve lost 60 so far while on my journey. Thanks for the wise words and encouragement.


    @MichelleAntonia thank you so much i could use all the help i can get.

    OiOBlinkingOwl Reply

    Congrats! That’s fantastic. Keep going. That’s a huge accomplishment.


    @OiOBlinkingOwl I will. 😃

    Not Kodi Reply

    60 pounds is already such an accomplishment! great job! you got this 🙂

    Ernesto Chaparro Reply

    I’m trying to lose 80 my brother . You are not alone . A hug from Puerto Rico . Keep going champion

Helga Shortman Reply

That facial hair is everything!

Christopher Cordasco Reply

Dang man your look changes over the years but it always works for you.

    ObesetoBeast Reply

    I just get bored lol

toasterboi69 Reply

Im 13 and 221 lb and currently trying to lose weight

    Tay Reply

    You got this 🤩

    Shelby Correia Reply

    I believe in you buddy!

    MCR_Tactics Reply

    I am 23 almost 300 pounds when I was in high school I was around 250. Don’t give up work hard but not to the point that is going to discourage you, I wish I had taken it more seriously when I was younger and I have started losing weight I am now 285 pounds. Remember no matter if it takes you 1 or even 3 years or longer it will all be worth it in the end the day I remember if I had started 4 years ago and it took me that long I’d be at my goal now. Just keep up the hard work.

    Josh Plays Games ! Reply

    You got it bro!

    Jeffrey Valcin Reply

    Get outside and grind.

Saryna St Martin Reply

Thanks for making a video from the livestream! It’s hard to find time to sift out the important info that helps us sometimes!
Thank you! 🙏🏻

    Saryna St Martin Reply

    Also how do I join the discord? :/

Adamimmune Reply

I’ve lost 150lbs but struggling to lose the last few..thanks for this video!

    Kwarkool Reply

    Now just focus on body composition.

Mike Vasquez Reply

I have found it helps to meet the calory deficit required and then fill up the rest of the way on dark leafy greens and other roughage.

Ask Dr. Swole Reply

Having an understanding of your maintenance calories is crucial – it’s the first step I recommend to people who want to lose weight. Great video 👌🏼

Stefanie Roy Reply

I’ve lost 30 lbs and I’m almost halfway to my goal. CICO has been vital to me!

Liana Zaboura Reply

Thanks John and I’m loving the facial hair too lol

    ObesetoBeast Reply

    Thank you!

    ObesetoBeast Reply

    Thank you!

Solitary Gem Reply

I wish TDEE was more widely known. Only learned about it 6+ months into my weight loss journey after going on r/loseit. As a 5ft woman, it really shows me how little wiggle room I have LOL.

    Bella Wolff Reply

    @Lena exactly. I’m 5 feet tall, about 102 to 105. And I’m in my 40s. Burn about 1600 to 2000 calories on an average day, with what I consider moderate exercise- about 20k steps, an hour or so of lifting. I’m mid teens to high teens body fat, year round.

    Jace Johnson Reply

    The correct term is BMR, not TBEE. Basal Metabolic Rate.

    Shermaine Leong Reply

    Exactly! Same here… i’m 4ft 9 and sometimes I really find it difficult to eat under 500 cal for the amount of calories my body burn (1791 if im sedentary) for weight loss per day. Exercise becomes the only way I can do that if I want to have something indulgent. Lost 22lbs, 45lbs more to go.

    Aparna Reply

    So true! I’m around 5’5″ but I still don’t have a lot of room, but I’ve worked out how to eat and exercise healthily within that range!

    Derek Cunningham Reply

    It’s shameful that it’s never mentioned in our mass media. I watched countless episodes of biggest loser over the years and I remember the only thing being mentioned is don’t eat over 8g of sugar and no enriched flour lol. It angers me that I too learned it so late in my life. It have saved me years of hassle.

Doreen : Lybrand Reply

I like your facial hair!!! I’ll try this out. I hope to lose 50lbs by the new year! Stay safe.

Fire Fux Reply

John lookin like orlando bloom.

    AnalogX64 Reply

    They’re taking the Hobbits to Isengard 😉

Alicia Reply

Something that’s been really helpful for me as well with TDEE is to put myself into the calculator as sedentary, then individually account for my exercise calories each day. Been able to maintain +/- 1 lb this way really well – I’d definitely recommend if you’re not sure how to classify yourself in terms of exercise intensity and don’t mind a little extra tracking every day.

    R. Marsh Reply

    This is a great approach.

Eros k Reply

Coma calories. I like that one. As an instructor of pathology should of used that definition. 😄

Ezri Noe Reply

Wow thank you for this! I’ve been really struggling to lose weight even with exercise and healthy eating. I can’t wait to try this out!

KamoGaming Reply

An important consideration you should have about the activity level field (the one on that website) is that it should be the combined activity from your daily job and working out. If say you’re a construction worker and don’t go gym, picking sedentary is not logical. If you start working out 1-2 times a week while still working that same job, again it’s not logical to select light exercise.

I’ve used that website before, since it’s near the top when you google tdee calculator, and I feel like they should change the field names, like going from “Sedentary (office job and no working out)” to “Heavy activity (physical job plus daily exercise, OR exercise 2x a day)”, do that is a little easier to pin point where you are.

    R. Marsh Reply

    Spot on. Essentially, activity level does not just mean exercise.

Watch Jenny Shrink Reply

I’ve lost 79lbs so far and you’re one of my biggest inspirations, you and Jordan shrinks really kicked off my weight loss journey

sam Reply

Love seeing this in my feed. It’s exactly what I need right now. I was on track and losing weight but then the pandemic hit and I got completely out of whack for months. Just started trying to get back on the wagon the past week and it’s definitely rough having to teach myself to do it all over again.

    R. Marsh Reply

    I hope you do well!

xkriiistenx Reply

I’ve herd you talk about this before and I always thought calorie counting would be so hard but I got my fitness pal and it helped soo much ! Down 60lbs !

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