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SoySauceBananna Reply

Yo ob2b. If stairs make you tired I would suggest doing them on days you do your walks. During COVID I found a cal train station parking garage that is essentially empty. I can walk at an incline and do 5 flights of stairs over and over. At first doing 5 flights was hard. Now I can do the 5 flights 7-8 times with walking the garage incline itself between each set. And it’s not hard at all anymore. I’ve added jogging to the steeper inclines now. My goal is to be able to do the circuit 7 times while being able to jog the whole garage between the stair sets.

Ask Ashley Reply

Currently doing it! Feeling great. I’m even able to use the bathroom 2-3x a day instead of ZERROOO (coach greg voice)

    Abduss Sami Reply

    damn coach greg voice in my head

    Zealous Jayhawk Reply


    chase dozier Reply

    Hell yeah get it you cute too

    Ask Ashley Reply

    @Raze energy ahhhh thank you for the correction. It is said like that 😂

    Niro The Troll Reply

    My doctor has the best diet. I had someone tell me there going to eat super clean for a week, and they told me that they would be eating mostly rice. *laughs in smart pop*

Nicole Bertone Reply

Love Coach Greg and his no nonsense way of eating 💜

Olympic-grade lurker Reply

anabolic ice cream and french toast for life!

Jayla Anderson Reply

Greg Doucette’s Anabolic diet has changed my entire mindset on food. I don’t even do the 30 minutes of cardio everyday, and I’m still losing 2 pounds a week. It’s the absolute best!

    Jayla Anderson Reply

    @Hannes Steffenhagen Definitely! Before this school year I was rollerskating 30 minutes minimum about 3-4 times a week. School’s kicking my butt right now (studying 15 credits for my Master’s program, 20 hours a week of my internship, Teaching Assistant for 3 different classes and applying to PhD programs this semester) so once this semester is over I’m going to be out there!

    Gloria Tesla Reply

    @Jayla Anderson A Greg Doucette fan & a rollerskater ! I bet you are amazing <3
    I wish you "bon courage" for your studies...I know you'll study harder than last time 😉

    vawa-ID Reply

    but he says you still need to do cardio for the heart

    Gabe 777 Reply

    Yes! Same here! 2pounds a week…
    That CIRCLE saved me a lot of hassle for sure!

    safenafe Reply

    @Adam Crick whoop great going

John Long-Breininger Reply

Honestly I have been eating how the “doc” prescribes since Mid May I have gone from 236 to 171 and I enjoy my food. I really think if you like a full plate its the best way to not feel restricted.

    Scott McErlean Reply

    The fact that his fanboys refer to him as “Dr” when he doesn’t have a pHD is obsequious to say the least.

    Erick-Emil Szelitzky Reply

    @Scott McErlean or ur just a moron who don’t understand a joke

    Greg Doucette Reply

    @Scott McErlean funny or see the haters.

Ken Carroll Reply

Lmfao. I dont see how his diet doesn’t work? Whoever it doesn’t work for isn’t really trying. I am currently on his diet and at first didnt need to try and lost weight. Mixed with exercising and going to the gym I went from 327 to 198 in 9 months and down to 14% body fat. Greg Doucette’s diet works. I live by it. Hell I owe my life and quality of it to Coach Greg.

    Wow Rood Reply

    @Adam Hull i’m pretty sure the joke went past you as a casual viewer of both obese to beast and greg doucette so i’ll try to be brief: My comment was an inside joke to both their subscribers, and frank tufano is someone greg doucette made a video about

    But if you want an in depth discussion about what “works”, Imo Greg’s “diet” is less of anyone’s worries when it comes to sustainability. All he’s offering is a compilation of lower calorie versions of everyone’s comfort food. He didn’t really invent any form of official diet. Overall the concept of this “diet” is nothing new. It all depends on the person on how to adjust it according to their lifestyle for major adherence.

    30fpsKiks Reply

    @Adam Hull since you clearly didnt watch the whole video, here is an article

    Darnell Reply

    I would argue that a main component of Greg’s “diet” is education. 95% of people fail diets because they don’t know anything about nutrition and don’t make appropriate lifestyle changes. Greg doesn’t push some fad diet, he actually educates people and encourages them to make sustainable changes. I don’t even really get why anyone is calling it a diet. Some MORONS decided that someone telling them to put the fork down was a diet and therefor had to be lies and trickery

    Greg Doucette Reply

    @Wow Rood actually I have “invented” a diet and am in fact currently writing a book on this.

    Just Saying Reply

    @Adam Hull 95% of people gain the weights back because they choose short term diets that they abandon after they reach their weight goal, that’s why restrictive diets aren’t advised so people who want to loose weight, because most likely you’ll abandon them and gain the weigh back. choose a diet that you’ll have no problem following for the rest of your life. Also diet by definition is our eating and drinking habits nothing more nothing less

Isabel Abreu Reply

It works. Plain and simple
Im able to eat and feel satisfied and if I want some “junk” I make it fit my calories and move on with my day. I train hard and stay on a deficit. First time in my life were I dont feel like im on diet and with no desire to binge.

Zenavesta Reply

Let hope we can get Coach Greg to react to this too. That would be awesome

Jamie Gaff13 Reply

I’m so lucky to have found Greg right when I started dieting, he’s a godsend

    Cow Chop Reply

    He yells at us but we learn

Kasheena Williams Reply

One more reason for me to now buy Coach Greg’s cookbook. I love Greg.

RIchard Baez Reply

Dr. Greg legit changed the game. He inspired guys like Remington and iron musket. Also grateful for Will tennyson too. Glad that there are finally people who like food and don’t want to suffer in order to be lean.

    vawa-ID Reply

    I can’t watch remington with an empty stomach,

    Dare Ostag Reply

    Yep.. Greg has really achieved somrthing nobody else has…

Felicity x Reply

I can relate so much to this story I had the same habits for several years and piled on the weight and at my highest I was 260 lbs. I am now almost 100lbs down . He’s done amazing and fitness “influencers” like him and yourself inspire us all

sal10851 Reply

I’ve been following his diet for about 2 months. I started at 247 down to 223. It’s so easy and simple to follow that it’s hard not to lose weight on it. Best part is that I don’t feel like I’m dieting since I rarely get hungry and I’ve learned to deal with junk food cravings with healthier options. He is truly a great example of how to lose weight safely in a healthy way.

#1man1year150 Reply

Greg has saved literally massive amounts of lives with his diet. I wish I would have found him sooner in my journey but I found him at the end and use some methods as a vegan to sustain and gain muscle now

    FryingPan Reply

    everyone finds him at the end, even if he is the first to be found. because after him you don’t need anyone else.
    unless you get sick of the voice. 😉

    #1man1year150 Reply

    @FryingPan his knowledge easily makes me forgot the voice is even a thing. He is legend

    Thomáz Sátiro Reply

    How do u adapted his diet for a vegan diet?

Colin Chalmers Reply

I was 300 lbs 13 months ago. I am now down to 217 and still losing. This is all because of Coach Greg’s recipe book.

Olympic-grade lurker Reply

“does it work?”
I dunno, is water wet?

Olympic-grade lurker Reply

Greg’s videos have helped accept that I’m better off with a healthy, realistic body fat percentage rather than continue to struggle and go crazy trying to get to an athleticly lean instagram physique.
“Imagine your perfect body and go halfway there!”

Emily Baker Reply

This guy has a nice smile, and he should be smiling congrats on the weight loss to him. 🙂

Greg Doucette Reply

I actually watch this video and did a response to it a few days ago it’s not quite ready but very soon will be ready to be posted. Incredible story literally gave me goosebumps watching it. So happy to be a part of his success.

    Caka Art Reply

    i love your freanch toast but i eat it as a snack instead of breakfast. it’s a little too sweet for me in the morning.

    Samantha Martin Reply

    Why do you think overweight women are obese? Is it different in Canada?

    Channel of Eden Reply

    Coach Greg you should be so proud of yourself

    Gabriella Gulyás Reply

    can’t wait to see it Coach!!💚you’re the best and thank you for all your amazing content !!!!💚 you literally changed my life!!

    Spokavelli Amadeus Reply

    @Caka Art use less stevia. Or find a another low sugar syrup. I like no sugar added raspberry syrup.

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