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SassfrasMan Reply

I’ve been wanting to hear about this. Thanks!

Jen Rogers Reply

Omg I’m so excited about thisssss!!!!!

Rielero805 Reply

THE TUNA. Congrats on getting healthy brother. I’m on your journey

ah Reply

OMG!!!!!! so happy for him!!! If he can do it I can do it!!!

Brock Lee Reply


GaryTheBigDeal Reply

You are amazing Ethan! Easily my favourite character on remember the Titans (can relate to him so much) Congrats on your weight loss! thank you obese2beast for the interview. Gonna hit up American glutton podcast 💯🙌🏾

Emmy S Reply

I’ve always freaking LOVED Ethan Suplee and I am so inspired by his journey

ah Reply

I get that dopamine high from eating/binging as well.

    Gaetano Dragonetti Reply


    Nodnarb999 Reply

    I just ate a baconator, I’m high of this hog fat. I’m a monster 😭

    ah Reply

    Nodnarb999 I get high especially off sweets

    ah Reply

    Nodnarb999 chic fila breakfast does that to me

sgp2327 Reply

I was just watching a Boy Meets World marathon and wondering if he had lost the weight. 💜 If Shawn and Cory could see you now!


academyrulz Reply

Hell yeah Ethan! Cyclist here too bro! I have lost an entire person on the bicycle man! I finished out 2019 with 8,005 miles on the bike, and am already 1400 miles into 2020!! Nothing like crushing a 60 or 70 mile ride on a gorgeous sunny afternoon man.. I started riding for weight loss, but have continued just because I love to ride..

    Lambochaser Reply

    What was your starting weight?

    academyrulz Reply

    @Lambochaser starting weight was 310 .. have maintained 175-185 for the last 4 years.. size 52 jeans to 34’s..

    Diana Hernandez Reply

    Got some advice for someone starting out that you can share with us?

    academyrulz Reply

    @Diana Hernandez to start with keep things simple.. I started out with what I called the “no brainer” diet. And that is simply cutting out those things which we KNOW are no good for us.. Junk food in general.. Sodas, Chips,fried foods.. Just that 1 step was a 30 lb weight loss within a couple months for me..

    Diana Hernandez Reply

    @academyrulz i meant the cycling ☺, but this is good too!

Radical Rudiger Reply

When I was in high school, I occasionally did the all black and extreme hair look. One day, these girls behind me in the lunch line were just brazenly talking about me and one of them said, “He reminds me of the guy from Butterfly Effect.” I’ve always been a fan of Ethan Suplee’s work so I didn’t mind and seeing him being famous actually became another way that I coped with being morbidly obese. I realized I could be liked despite being fat and felt a little more comfortable than I should have because I just got fatter.

That went from being liked *despite* being fat to realizing I could be liked *because* I was fat. I turned into the funny fat guy but it was just a show; I’ve always been incredibly insecure about most things about me. That facade pretty much broke down in my late 20s in a whirlwind of depression, binge eating, and alcohol abuse on top of my body breaking down and I had to make a lot of changes. I still have a ways to go but I’ve lost over 100lbs and as I get closer to my ideal weight, I’m trying to figure out who I am. I have no idea and have to actively try to stop being a clown or relying on self-deprecation to get laughs and break tension. It’s scary but worth it.

Thanks for another great video. Can’t wait to check out that podcast.

Perrie Facts Reply

“If you don’t know who Ethan is…”
I know Louie Lastik when I see him.

eon001 Reply

YESSS!!!! I recently binged Ethan’s podcast since I learned about his weight loss.

Fletcher Sykes Reply

Ethan looks like he’s been a beast his entire life. Remember him from his boy meets world days….so happy for him, inspired and impressed.

Savanna Arczynski Reply

I’ve thought this for awhile, but the new hair is really working for you.

EpicHelios Reply

I loved him as Frankie from Boy Meets World. Amazing how much weight he lost. I’m currently 490lbs. trying my hardest not to hit 500. I was in the plans of getting weight loss surgery but I hit a brick wall with that process, so I’m going to give it one more hard go at doing it the long way lol. Started Keto a couple weeks ago, and trying to be more physical even though it’s difficult with my knee and back issues, but I’m hoping to drop under 399 in the next 5 or 6 months. That’s my short term goal.

    blake Reply

    good luck to you, brother. help everything goes well with the weight loss and you’re able to drop a lot more than your current goal. keep us updated if possible.

    josiepieable Reply

    You can do anything you put your mind to! Weight loss surgery is NOT the easy way out if you decide it’s the right option for you. It sucks but it’s doable and worth it!

    Ellenor Malik Reply

    Exercise should not be required to healthily lose weight.

Izzy's health gains journey Reply

I have been OBSESSED with Ethan’s podcast, and to see you two interact is the greatest thing since the Swolevengers united!! CANNOT wait to hear the podcast. Btw, given where you started, sooooo frigging proud of you to be in place in your fitness journey where you can pace yourself while running 10 frigging K! You give me hope that there is life beyond obesity, that fitness can be achieved after weightloss – you both do. Still in the middle of my weightloss, so it means a lot. Thank you so much for everything you share 🤗💓.

Nati At 4:30 Reply

7:36 omg he’s the bully!?

Alex Gray Reply

Ethan would make a great Hellboy. They should make a show with him as Hellboy.

LaMiseria Reply

Omg they both look so amazing! The YT algorithm has screwed w me because this is the first O2B vid in months. Ethan Suplee should be a household name for all millenials and I’m so happy to hear from him and see how great he looks! Just wow 🤩

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