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Oklahoma Proud Reply

Does she make points? Yes. But she also goes so far off the rails that all her good points are moot.

    ObesetoBeast Reply

    I agree with you

    Tyler Bruce Reply

    She has other issues and the whole “fat feminist” thing is a mask.

    Sabrina Giacomini Reply

    I have a feeling this is a recurring pattern. Some people in the movement do make fair points which ultimately end up being diluted by more ludicrous claims. Doctors pinning health issues on weight without first investigating is a major problem. That’s not ok. At all. However, throwing that very valid point in the same basket as personal attraction and “having only thin friends” as symptoms of fatphobia makes it lose its impact and it ostracizes people who would otherwise support them. If someone bases their friendships only on how thin the people in their circle are, you honestly shouldn’t want to be friends with them anyway…

    Grey Man Reply

    @Sabrina Giacomini I don’t get the whole friends thing. I don’t choose my friends by weight, it’s perfectly normal to not have any fat friends. I don’t think I have a fat friend, why? Not because I refuse to be friends with fat people, but because people in my university, in my schools, people I’ve met in general, hapened to have average weight (I guess in America this would be a lot less likely, because obesity rate is a lot higher than where I live, but still)

    Andraste Reply

    Oklahoma Proud yes. Unfortunately the things that are really important and need to be addressed (drs not taking health concerns seriously) gets drowned out amongst the nonsense.

Marta O Reply

With the doctor thing, some women feel that doctors don’t take them seriously which is something I’ve experienced. I have a hip problem that needs surgery that I was born with. It’s something that takes a very long time for symptoms to appear. I started having lots of hip pain and decided to get help. My doctor I went to last year told me to lose weight and do physical therapy because my muscles “were weak.” At that time I wrangled farm animals and stacked hay for a living so I was regularly lifting 80-120 pounds repeatedly so I wasn’t physically weak. I lost 50 lbs, and it wasn’t better and the first doctor refused to do more, so I went to a new doctor and got properly diagnosed and I’m going into surgery next week. Weight can absolutely exacerbate problems, but it’s important to find a doctor willing to do the proper diagnostics to make sure there isn’t a deeper problem. It’s also smart on the doctors’ end to do that to make sure someone who is obese is well enough to even *start* losing weight via exercise. I dunno, just my two cents and my experience. 😁

    Simona Škytová Reply

    I hope your surgery goes well and you’ll have a quick and smooth recovery!
    Doctors refusing to investigate when the patient is female actually is a thing :/ Probably the same with patients with obesity. And while it’s true that a lot of health problems can stem from being obese, making it a final verdict without looking into it is just a guess, not a proper diagnosis. Not saying every doctor does this, but the ones that do risk their patients’ health.

macy lauren Reply

As a “fat” person on my own journey- I’ve never expected companies to adjust to me, because I decided to eat myself into an early grave and do nothing about it. I literally have only thin friends(not by choice, just happened) , and a boyfriend who is a literal beanpole. If that makes me fatphobic, then I accept.

    Roxie Hart Reply

    I don’t want to feel comfortable gaining weight. I am okay with where I’m at now and don’t hate myself but I would want to lose weight for health, mobility, and aesthetic reasons too. I don’t blame places for clothes not fitting right cause bigger clothes don’t fit right either.

    Lucy Kassune Reply

    @Roxie Hart you can do it Roxie <3

    I lost 40 pounds and kept it off for over two years, and a couple of my cousins lost around 200 pounds each.

    There are different methods out there, but you can definitely lose the fat gurl ^~^

    Enoch Chaos Reply

    I’m a inbetween size. I’m usually at the top end of standard sizes but too small to fit into plus size. This is no one’s fault but my own and I would never call a company fatphobic for not catering to me in specific. Even tho I didnt know what I was doing I ate myself to this point and I want to change.
    The most uncomfortable thing I see while I’m trying to lose weight is the anti weight loss movement like “instead of how do I lose weight ask yourself why” well why is because I wanna be able to run around care free, eliviate back pain, and yes aesthetics. There is so much fat acceptance online now and it almost scares people in shame people for wanting to persur their health and goals

    Anna A Reply

    @Enoch Chaos funny thing is that when you ask yourself why you want to lose weight it actually strengthens your resolve. For me, health is the main reason. So many heart attacks and coronary bypass surgeries in my family, that I don’t want to take the chance.

TropicalPriest Reply

These are just more deflections, there is a grain of truth in some of her claims, but that’s often true of hyperbole. I think your viewer summed it up best in the chat, “I was an obese black woman, I lost the weight, but I still have to deal with racism.” Lots of things *seem* true without further retrospection, but fail when you apply any critical thought. I think her pie chart mostly falls into that category. For example, I empathize with her cyst being misdiagnosed. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely her weight would impact that, as that happens to many women on a regular basis regardless of size. This very thing happened to my girlfriend who is not overweight, they just minimized the severity of it, which resulted in a surgery. So, being fat is far from the only factor.

    Paris Sinclair Reply

    While I agree her weight was not a factor in her getting the cyst in the first place, it absolutely was a factor in it A) Getting that large, and B) Making it difficult for healthcare providers to see/feel an issue during an exam. 19 cm or 7.5 inch diameter is absolutely ENORMOUS, but because of her size neither her or her doctor knew it was there. I had a 9 cm cyst that had to be surgically removed, but it was much easier to disgnose because I knew to go into the doctor for a raised, hard area of my abdomen to get checked out. There’s no way that cyst would have gotten to 19 cm if she had been anywhere from thin to slightly overweight.

libertines Fink Reply

These HAES people don’t realize being fat isn’t rebellion against anything. You’ve fallen for the trap that eating a lot is great. Most people don’t get fat from fruit and vegetables it’s because they go eat out and are being used by fast food chins

    libertines Fink Reply

    I agree. Sorry if that wasn’t clear. Heck I’ve lost weight eating fast food. I just mean most people that are over weight eat like crap.

    Andrea Munoz Reply

    libertines Fink totally agree. if you look at calories, a side of fries has almost the same amount as a burger. If people ordered two simple hamburgers instead of a Big Mac meal, it would only amount to around 600 calories

    Holly Ann Reply

    This is what I don’t get. They talk about the evil diet industry all the time. Like do they think the fast food and junk food corporations are nonprofit humanitarian organizations or something?

    libertines Fink Reply

    @Holly Ann yes! thank you! The sad thing about the HAES group is theyre doing the work for evil corporations.

    Stephanie Reply

    unknown they never said it was healthy, you’re missing their point.

iViC Mychael Reply

The “small seats” being fatphobic is absolutely ridiculous and I’m currently big/fat 416 pounds. Some stuff in this chart is true but in my opinion a lot of the topics in this chart is a mental perspective. “Before and after pictures”??? Like cmon, not every fat person who sees that feels attacked. I know I see before and after pictures and get extremely motivated because I’m human just like the people in the before and after pictures. It lets me know that I can do it.

    Christina Munro Reply

    I am a “larger than life” lady on a getting healthy journey. I can sit and look at before and after pics all day. They are so encouraging to me. They help me get past times I’m struggling. And doctors do have a tendency to blame all ailments and pain on my weight. My doctors know me by now and they know better. I walked in the first time and said I was having an issue and it might be because of my weight but they better rule out every other thing first. That’s how my PCOS was discovered. We must take control of our health care. Now that I’m losing weight and getting fitter my doctors are my loudest cheering section. Very encouraging. They even ask me questions to pass on to other people struggling. Instead of changing the world to fit unhealthy people we need to get healthier. Every time I wouldn’t fit in a chair or couldn’t ride a ride (and yes I’ve been asked to get off a ride because it would latch) I never once blamed the seat or the ride. My mind can’t comprehend this thinking. No matter how happy you are fat, your life will be so much better if you are healthy! I’m so excited about life but terribly sad I’ve wasted 52 years.

    Anon Rando Reply

    @Scott McErlean Perhaps look more into how triggers work outside of internet slang usage. Yes avoiding content that could cause them would help. However, the internet can be beneficial to people who have issues like that as well. No one is seriously taking the time out of their day to “patrol the internet demanding people bow to their sensitivities” either. Don’t assume if you don’t know.

    Dave Nagrom Reply

    iViC Mychael,

    That is because you are a self-aware, responsible person, who realizes that perspective matters.

    Sean Frank Reply

    I really like seeing before and after photos. People trying to get healthy and succeeding is quite inspirational.

    kazzuo The Great Reply

    @iViC Mychael agree. Im doing a squat challenge and I took pictures because I want to know the progress is not about others my pics are about me.

AngelSamBooks Reply

I feel like whilst fat phobia exists, a lot of people use it as an excuse to not have to try to be healthier and to condemn people who do try to lose weight or get fit. There’s nothing wrong with loving yourself whatever your body looks like – it’s great! – but it’s not a positive movement if you’re tearing other people down for their achievements. There’s right and wrong ways to be healthy, but I feel like this post comes from a jaded, negative place.
I’ve struggled with weight and body issues my whole life and I struggle to get healthy but I recognise that both loving myself and attaining a healthy weight/lifestyle are equally important. I could just not worry about it and get diabetes and cut my life span in half in the name of accepting myself as I am today but I don’t want to.

    Barnacles Reply


    Anna A Reply

    Yeah, I feel like there were couple of real points in the graph, but most of them were just not true, or fatphopic. As an obese person I cannot expect the environment to change to accommodate all my “needs” (the seating for example) and expect those accommodations to be free just because I myself am in this situation that I can correct with time.

    Ashlee Star Reply

    Well said. Absolutely

Amanda Marissa Paris Reply

someone should learn how to make a proper diagram.

    Ice Cell Reply

    Yeah. First thing that came to me was that was a horrible pie chart.

Shan Kristofferson Reply

They make bigger airline seats. First class. My dad was 400+ lbs and traveled nonstop for work and generally would pay to upgrade himself to first class to get a more comfortable seat. Airlines are not going to sell bigger seats for same price. Hell im thin and barely fit into airline seats – they want to squeeze as many bodies into planes as possible


I paid top dollar for NFL tickets last season could not fit in my seat. I was 550 pounds at the time. I blame myself…I did something about it by starting my weight-loss Journey. I’ve lost 60 pounds so far.


    @Barbi Kayler New England

    Joël Meivogel Reply

    Respect man! Hope you get to your goal!


    @Joël Meivogel thank you

    Paris Sinclair Reply

    Well done!! 👏🏻👏🏻 The first part is the hardest and it’s behind you now, keep it up!! 😊

    gentlegiant6585 Reply


Adrian Ghandtchi Reply

This sounds like a very miserable woman. Oy.

Allison Terrey Reply

I can see how someone can feel like their health issues aren’t being taken seriously by their doctor if they’re overweight.. but honestly that’s something that happens no matter what your weight is. I’m 22 and very slim, and I have chronic health issues, and I’ve been fighting for months to get doctors to take me seriously. When it comes to health you have to be your own advocate, doctors aren’t going to hold your hand and walk you through it.

    Enoch Chaos Reply

    It is true that a lot of doctors dont look past weight and they should. They should try to help the problem now instead of only prescribing weight loss which takes a long time.
    I understand however the situation there. A fat woman comes to see a doctor complaining about back pain. At her weight it is almost definately caused by weight so you prescribe weight loss and continue doing it until she listens and starts. Once she begins being active again her back will hurt more because it’s being put through work outs. I dont think the doctor in this case is fully to blame but they also couldve handled it better

    Karla Contreras Reply

    @Enoch Chaos I completely respect your point of view, but I kindly disagree. Most often than not, a lot of the health problems a morbidly obese person has are associated with weight. A doctor can help you through your medical issues if you’re willing to listen, because doctor-patient are a team, but you *need* to be willing to listen and change. If you only want medication, then you don’t want a doctor, you want a drug store.

    For example, the case you were describing about backpain, if the person is morbidly obese, then the weight is the cause. A doctor can prescribe analgesics and let her go. That person will continue to gain weight, and then her back will hurt even more and then she would require even more analgesics, or, the doctor can tell them the truth: the backpain is caused by her weight, she can control it, she can get better, the only thing she needs to do is change.

    When I was overweight I had horrible knee and back pains, and I was not even in my middle 20s. I ignored doctors, nutriotionists, pneumologists because they told the same every time: if I wanted to get those issues in control, I needed to change my lifestyle. I wasn’t ready, so I ignored them until I found out that I couldn’t walk 10 minutes without knee pain. So I changed, and it was hard and it took me a lot, but it’s possible and achiveable.

    Tyler Bruce Reply

    @Enoch Chaos problem is there are a lot of co morbidities attached to being overweight.

    Now should doctors look past it, maybe. But health is also a process of elimination.

    Blood pressure is a perfect example. People can have naturally high blod pressure. But if they are a smoker and obese (both associated with it) then the doctor is rightly going to say “stop smoking lose weight”. Otherwise the doctor will not be able to know its naturally high.

    Caitlin Reply

    I learned from someone if you’re doctor isn’t taking you seriously when you request something be done (like getting an Rx, blood work or scans) is ask them to record on your medical record that they denied that treatment. Having a paper trail can be beneficial.

    Anna A Reply

    @Karla Contreras while what you say is true, if the back pain for example is as severe as the lady in the video described, the cause of it should be examined. Just because obesity might have attributed to her shattered disc, she still had a shattered disc that needed attention. And it might be that her gym routine made the problem worse.

QuartzTech Reply

She be like: I’m not fat, you’re all too skinny.

Happy Light123 Reply

Sounds like someone is trying to blame everyone but herself for her health.

    Shawn Shelnutt Reply

    You said it much better and shorter than I. Yes. 💯

    Charlene Reply

    This sounds harsh, but people like that are just pathetic if you think about it. I honestly said out loud, go cry in a corner, because it’s just so pathetic to me. I mean get up, do something, start small (yes,It is not easy) or don’t but do not blame everyone else. And I felt bad for her, honestly, when I found out she’s only 20. That really shocked me, I thought she’s 30.

Sadie Woodley Reply

“I don’t understand why you would put yourself in that situation.” Man, this is their whole constant-victim mentality, it’s how they are. They don’t believe it’s their responsibility to take charge of their situation, they just sit in it and complaint and blame everyone else

caspian Reply

Am i the only one who found it weird she censored the word “obesity” like it’s a slur and not a medical term?

Edited: Typos

Shellman Reply

“It’s not my fault, it’s everyone else’s fault!”

I’m tall as f*ck (6″8) and I feel quite left out in many situations. Car dealerships, clothing stores, shoe stores, airline seats, beds, chairs, doorways… But I’ve never considered society tall-phobic or discriminatory against tall people.

Not everyone is created equal, and there’s pros and cons to everyone’s situation.

I can’t help but think that this externalization of the issue to “everyone except me” is nothing but an expression of a guilty conscience.

    Barbi Kayler Reply

    My ex is 6’6….you forgot ceiling fans, doorways, beds etc….lol ❤

Joshbono74 Reply

Small seats aren’t “fat-phobic”, they’re actually made for small people. My mom’s 5’2 and she can’t fit on seats that I fit on and I’m 6’4. But, I don’t get mad because I know that seat is there so she can comfortably sit.

pastel mich Reply

The “being scared of weight gain” is what really takes it for me. As someone who has been suffering with an eating disorder I, of course, have a fear of gaining weight because of my diagnosed anorexia. I am never thinking, “I don’t want to look like fat people ew gross.” It’s completely all mental. Even the normal day to day healthy person has every right to not want to gain the weight back. This woman makes me feel so sad for her

NervousKraken Reply

So many of these aren’t even fatphobic. Not fitting into a chair? That’s fat-consequence.

    Tom E Reply

    Not wanting to date fat people is just an innate feature

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