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Rachel Stanley Reply

I thought I was early for a stream. 😂

RachelReduces Reply

My Discord Squad is #GOALS Y’all are such Inspirations, Motivators and Determined Beasts! Love this Series so much! Congratulations to all those taking your Mental and Physical Health seriously. 💞

Beni K Reply

I’ve never been this early

Kristin M. Reply

The Rec center by my house showed me my picture on their profile of me and I was probably 17-18, I was like holyyy who is that hahaha, I’ve lost about 100 lb.

    silvacious Reply

    This reminds me- I should do a side by side of my drivers license photo. Lol

    Kristin M. Reply

    silvacious me too 😂

Lose Weight Sara Reply

This feels a little like my Instagram feed. 😂 Remember wherever you are on your journey, don’t feel like you have to compare yourself to anyone else, your journey is your own. 😊 Bravo on all the transformations!

Star P Reply

So awesome 🥺 I was about 250 in July and I’m now down to 228!! So happy with where I am and where I’m going!! Thank you for your videos

Cassidy Perkins Reply

I’m voteknope2020 and I still can’t believe I missed this stream 😭 this was so cool! Lol also John you’ve gotta watch Parks and Recreation it’s such a good show and then you’d also get my username reference 🤣

Ko in Wonderland Reply

I love transformation stories and pictures. It’s such a rewarding process and you feel so accomplished. I think anyone who has gone through it appreciates other people’s stories. 💕

Cristina Beltran Reply

This is really great motivation! I cannot wait to have these kind of results! So far 16.6 pounds down. Been at a Plato the past almost 3 weeks, even with HIIT training 5 days a week 😭, but lots of non scale victories keep me going!!

brittany miller Reply

Loved this video I remember when I first started watching you look at your blowing up now. Wish I could send my pictures I’ve lost -65 lbs

silvacious Reply

Thanks for sharing our transformations! It’s a great reminder that we are not alone in our journeys—no matter what stage we are in.

Mariliz Claudio Reply

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Love all my OTB family on Discord 😁

Tan Nguyen Reply

This should be a weekly thing.

Sawk On Reply

The fact the face gains make them look like a completely different person pushes me so much for my weight loss. I had a set back but I’m trying to recover from it

Jamie Kelly Reply

“Why is everyone so much taller than me” SAME, DUDE

mbd Reply

Vicky justiz does something similar on her channel! Its such a great way to show you care about your subscribers💞

Lydia Bauer Reply


10529Erin Reply

Love before and afters!! I honestly dont see my 50 lb weightloss but when I see others who have lost similar amounts, I know it must be there.

Georgie S Reply

10:36 it looks like the mother on the left and daughter on the right.

Alejandra Madrigal Reply

You are so right. I get confused when the “before” photo is in the right xD

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