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Jaime Reynolds Reply

Shouldn’t there be something called alcholicphobic or druggiephobic? Or is being obese the only unhealthy lifestyle people have to be okay with? lol

    Evelyn Joy Reply

    Good point!

    Olympic-grade lurker Reply

    I’m stupidphobic

    ʟɪᴢᴢʏ ッ Reply

    @Olympic-grade lurker same and ignorantphobic

    Maenad Reply

    Being “alcoholicphobic” or “druggiephobic” would mean that you harbor hatred towards people just because they have substance use disorder and/or you feel that all people with addictions are to be feared.
    So that would pretty terrible imo. But that’s not even hypothetical since those are pretty common view points.

    If you want to make a point about unhealthy lifestyle then “alcoholism-phobic” & “drug abuse-phobic” would be better phrases to use in your joke/comment

    ʟɪᴢᴢʏ ッ Reply

    @Maenad being somethingphobic doesnt mean u automatically hate it, it just means that u have something against it (kinda). and in the alcoholism and drug abuse “phobia” what we have against it it’s not towards the person itself but the addiction. just like in “fatphobia” people usually don’t HATE someone for being fat, rather they are not supportive of that person being fat, cuz that’s unhealthy, just like the alcohol and drug issue. maybe im just repeating what u said, but just thought i’d add this out idk

Evelyn Joy Reply

“Me watching ninja warrior” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    DietDevan Reply

    I was thinking that too 😂😂😂

Gwendolyn Rightsell Reply

“I love puppies dude.” You’re so wholesome 😀

DietDevan Reply

The Photoshop Courses meme should be the Ad for the IG fitness industry 😂😂

Kyra Evans Reply

The anime one is so true the only reason I got motivated to get into shape is because I want to look like korra from legend of korra😃💀

    lil' ghost rat Reply

    Oh god I got here bc I wanted to get jacked like Mirko from bnha, shameful

    Aku Jo Reply

    Trueee, Korra had the best arms.

    N. Reply

    I wanted to look like akame

BionAvastar3000 Reply

Yup, I always weigh myself nude haha

    AltFreak25 Reply

    Birthday suit weigh in.

pokeballcat4000 Reply

alternate title: Obesetobeast is aging himself by laughing at original format dog memes
also, great vid, love your stuff, super motivationg

Ali Sha Reply

Mt sweatpants weigh about 3 lbs lol so I take them off and try again

    AltFreak25 Reply

    I feel you there.

Laura Leighty Reply

I usually weigh myself wearing shorts because that’s what I usually sleep in, but the other day I was wearing sweat pants. I weighed myself, saw the weight, took them off, then weighed myself again. It was literally like a pound and a half of difference lol

    Linda C Reply

    Been there….

    AltFreak25 Reply

    I was always told first thing in the morning, after going to the bathroom without my pajamas on. If you menstruate, do not weigh yourself during that time and wait until your cycle has finished because it causes bloating and water weight giving you the wrong weight.

    Lauren Hodges Reply

    I weigh myself butt naked and after going to the bathroom, tbh.

    TheOutsider Jess Reply

    @AltFreak25 i have experienced that before

    Ella Biddy Reply

    Lmao one time I freaked out cause I weighed myself in a sweatshirt and sweatpants and I was like 5lbs heavier than usual

NewNails WhoThis Reply

I bought like $1000 worth of Lululemon outfits this month because I wanna look cute when I workout lol 😂 so I agree with look good feel good 😌

    AltFreak25 Reply

    It is a great motivating tool. The best part is when you have to donate it because it means that you’re starting to attain your goals.

    Anna-sor Scene rock Reply

    Got a pair of ALO pants for 10€ yesterday it hit the spot for both my love for bargains and gym clothes !!

    AltFreak25 Reply

    @Anna-sor Scene rock I love bargain shopping and if it comes to workout clothes, I’m right there with you!!! 10 euro is a fantastic price too!!

    NewNails WhoThis Reply

    @AltFreak25 😂😂 ohhhh girl imma cheappp bish. It is all worth $1000 maybe even more but I went To poshmark and Mercari. People literally sell never used things with tags it’s crazy. I bought 3 pairs of brand new lulus leggings for under $75. Bought at least 11 Lulu materials brand new under $300. Hooray for being cheap!

Katharine Yuan Reply

I still think Napolean Dynamite is funny, probably because I’m from Utah.

    Claire P Reply

    It really captures Utah and Idaho,. doesn’t it 😀😀

Kristian Hellwege Reply

Sean Bean character memes never die.
The characters on the other hand…

Wesley Reply

That bicep vein thing is so true. That’s still one of the big milestones I remember during my fitness journey

Leah W Reply

The month-old vegetables meme caught me off guard with how funny it was, that picture was so perfect

Chrissie P Reply

That boob further out than stomach thing was a goal for me, but as I lost my stomach, my breasts shrunk too. I now sport an a cup and a stomach that is A LOT flatter than before but still usually sticks out further than my breasts 💀

Kayla Yontef Reply

Jon with the controversial opinion: “I don’t care what anyone says, I love puppies.”

    Maenad Reply


WhoisClarence Reply

I just realized now that I fold my arms all the time now because I don’t get to rest my arms on my tummy anymore XD

Amanda M. Reply

100% if you feel cute in the gym you’ll want to stay longer and work harder

jahsin Reply

Don’t come for my boy krillin. He definitely a goat.

Adore You Reply

My main purpose for losing weight was to get smaller boobs, I used to bind them with bandages (extremely dangerous don’t do it). 30kg later and I went from a D to C/B cup. I’m so much happier now.

    You can't leave this empty Reply

    I was born without boobs (like a man), have always felt like a flat chested weirdo. Wish you could work hard at exercise to make the fat cells grow. Not chest muscle before anyone jumps in but real fat. Id have surgery by now if breast implant illness hadn’t been so widely reported

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