Extreme Weight Loss Motivation (360 to 180 Pounds)

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In this video I hope to motivate and inspire you with my 180 pound weight loss transformation! from 360 pounds to 180 Pounds!

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Guisella Vanessa aguinaga Reply

You have no idea how much you are helping me ❤️ still a long way to go but 30 lbs down as of now, thank you

    Najam Waqar Reply

    And then, уоu саn kееp thе weight уou dеesire forеver – guаranteееd rеsult. Uncсcoоvеr more hеre: https://twitter.com/ab71886b8ce57cc8a/status/788632172043366400 Eххxtrеmе Wеight Lоss Motivаtiоn 360 tо 180 Pounds

    Alexmarr7224 Reply

    Guisella Vanessa aguinaga keep going, I am half-way, if my sorry self can YOU definitely can… Do it, don’t tell me what you can’t, beat me to the finish line.

    Vabis Reply

    Did you reach your goal?

L Reply

u did a complete 180 😏

    Banana Child Reply


    Lucy ramirom write Reply

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    Abbie Thomas Reply

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    incognito Reply

    Nice dude!

NavaTheBeast Reply

Damn John. Mad props to you bro.

    The new ending Reply

    Nice to see positivity with my favorite youtubers keep up the Great work Nava and you too Jhon 🔥

    Uriah Snyder Reply

    Yooooo nava!!!!!!!

    eren moodley Reply

    What u trying to say dis guys way is not real god I wish I cud cum in ur mouth n nose n ears perhaps my cum will go to ur brain n provide u with some vitamins

    Kenzoo .# Reply

    Haatz gionule

TomatoHeadGaming ­ Reply

Hey OTB, thanks for all the inspiration, I’ve gone from 295 to 230 as of today!

    Rebecca write Reply

    I lost 20 pounds rapidly and lost many inches on the waist. This diet I’m following is quite effective and works perfectly. To make sure in this site here *TOP2DIET . COM* Extreme Weiiight Loooss Motivation (360 to 180 Pounds)

    Polaq Reply

    Nice! How much did you lose until now?

    TylerSoExclusive Reply

    TomatoHeadGaming ­ how much have you lost today?

    Andy Boyd Reply


    Serayu Reply


Latoya Stewart Reply

So proud of u

    Angel Mareco Reply

    Naruto Uzumaki I’m telling Hinata lol

FireTruckLips Reply

Even though I’ve seen this footage before, this vid gets me. Great voice over and keep being buff! <3 from SC. Thanks for everything you do to help.

Brian Turner Reply

That throwback to the stairmaster just COVERED in sweat hahah brings back memories XD

ObeseUndone Reply

One Day at a time John, You got me started on my Journey, Thank you, this is some amazing motivation, I know I put in all of the work but you were a huge motivator, for me losting the 203 lbs I have lost in just 12 months YOUR A BOSS, Keep motivating..

TheLoneGamer Reply

you are great inspiration. you had made me want to change my life around. thank you

    Nguyễn Thị Thúy Diễm Reply

    Му dаughtеr аnd I aаааrе lоsing wе sо fаr hаvе lоst 10 роunds bеtwеееn bоth оf us… Hаvе а lоооооk thеrе https://twitter.com/692e39fffe2a3db05/status/788632172043366400 Ехtrеme Wеight Lоss Моtivаtiоn 360 tоо 180 Роunds

    Evelyn Reply

    here’s a few ideas for fat loss naturally
    Make sure you consume enough water – I recommend eight cups daily.
    Set a max amount of chips Sweets sugary drinks you have daily.
    Cut down snacks or have fruit or vegatables.
    Keep a record what you eat and refer back to it to see how you can cut down.
    (I learned these and the reasons they work on Alinn diet plan site )

    Xiomara Sandoval Reply

Earlpearl Edmonds Reply

I use to be 316lbs and now I’m 177lbs

    I Say No Reply

    I was 195…now 145

    Ahmet Tas Reply

    well done brother (im writing from turkey)

    Fahm Kech Reply

    Wow just continue don’t stop you are really super brave man and I know that you can do it. 👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Gelxin Reply

    @Max416188 Actually we don’t have to eat less. We need to eat right and properly.

    El Bernie Sanders Reply

    Gelxin if you want to lose weight you literally have to eat less


Thank you I needed this in my life again. My journey has been crazy I’ve taken about a months time of not going but I will start again

Hilda Graham Reply

I lost over 5 pounds in less than 1 week with this great weight loss method here: HootFat. com

Ashley Beadle Reply

It’s crazy dude you look like 2 entirely different people.

    Sanctum Sanctorum Reply

    Ashley Beadle it’s because it is!
    He has tattoos on both arms BEFORE but only on one AFTER!
    Sorry you’ve been duped!
    Not the same guy

    helios 78 Reply

    Wanna Bet? 1:39 It’s still 2 tatoo Broo…
    Same people…

    Sanctum Sanctorum Reply

    :44 is the time you need to see he has two tattoos and then the guy at the end has only one tattoo wtf?
    The time you show me he has ONE

    SAE-Yeon새연 Reply

    Sanctum Sanctorum you know people can choose to get Tatoos at different times

    That IS him and it is very clear u don’t follow his channel to know it is

Shania Soon Reply

Them arms tho

vro Reply

i went from 285 to 240 i still have a long way to go but im on my way to being comfortable in my own skin

    Iron Man Reply

    omgthatsocool How much you weigh now.


    Iron Man 300 now

Jonathan T Reply

I’m not extremely over weight, but I still like to see these inspiring vidoes to give me confidence in myself to achieve any goal that comes to mind


Such inspiration💕my hubby and I are on our own journey&are continuing to push forward each day,thanks for the inspiration👊

Hamdi Oumellal Reply

Good work Champion
You’re an inspiration !!!

“Who wants something works for it
Who doesn’t will make excuses”

Champion you wanted it
You did it

Carly Kleve Reply

“I felt trapped in an obese version of the real me”. I have never felt something on such a spiritual level before

Ric D. Reply


OMG, are you still in a band, still drumming? Drumming HAS TO be so much easier for you now.

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