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The Sorest Loser Reply

I totally agree. How can anyone think this is healthy!? Happy New Year’s, from the future, here in Europe, where it’s already 2021 🙂

SW: 307 lbs, CW: 282.6 lbs, GW: 154 lbs

Do or Die Reply

Happy New Year eve to you all. I wish you all the best year ahead.

    Felicity Reply

    Its already 2021 in Europe🤭🤭🤭 but happy new year Eve to you and I hope 2021 is going to be a great year for you and everyone who reads this!

Crissy G Reply

I’m far from overweight, but I used to be overweight. You need something to believe in, even if it’s false or you can’t keep going in life.

    Diana Love Reply

    Yes! I totally agree!

alwaysyouramanda Reply

“Unattainable?” It’s what ever you believe, honeys

    John Kowalsky Reply

    @Diana LoveI agree, but keep in mind that there are many reasons why people become obese in the first place. Dealing with the root problem that caused you to overeat is the difficult part of any weight loss journey.
    Why else would most people gain their weight back and then some..

    Diana Love Reply

    @John Kowalsky Maybe they really didn’t change their habits or there mindset. And rebounded when they “got off the diet”. Idk. That’s just what I believe. If you built a strong foundation for your habits and mindset it wouldn’t slip so easily and be a struggle *everyday* i think that thinking is silly. Things do become habit, and things become easier. Life, I do agree is hard, but weight loss I don’t think always has to be a struggle.

    John Kowalsky Reply

    @Diana Love I like your positive attitude. 👍 It’s all true

    Kimberly Old School Reply

    Fat activist like to throw that word around and cause confusion between body types and body weights. I’m 5’3” or so with short legs and big shoulder and boobs, so yes, a supermodel physique is unattainable for me. Being a healthy weight is not an unattainable goal for me (or for almost anyone), and body positivity for me means being short, busty, and in shape. Fat activists want people to believe that weighing 300 pounds is normal, and it is not.

Kim Chi Reply

People love throwing the word “inclusive” around these days.

Mike Vasquez Reply

If fake body positivity needs to stop, fat activists should be the change they want to see in the world because fat acceptance is about as fake as fake body positivity can get.

Mike Vasquez Reply

New Year’s resolutions aren’t stupid. It is not the resolution’s fault if someone can’t keep it.

    Marilyn Beth Reply

    I think it’s too stress to try to make a change in habit on January 1st. I think one should do it on any day. Not make it a new year’s resolution. I started losing weight in January 2018 because I didn’t like what the scale said. It wasn’t a new year’s resolution.

    Jinx :3 Reply

    Marilyn Beth I think New Years resolutions are just goals. Yes obviously the idea of years and months doesn’t change what happens but it gives a system and a routine for people. If people aren’t happy with something then they can use the New Year to push them selves to change it. My resolution is to lose another 40lbs

jrlandry1410 Reply

I’m about 7 weeks into changing my habits. I had a hard day today, and I ate a little extra. But I did not binge. I did not give up and I will not.

    Natalia A. Reply

    I’ve never been severely overweight but I used to binge a lot. Upping my protein and healthy fat helped me a lot as well as being aware of my feelings and expressing them (which isn’t really my “thing”).

    Virginia George Reply

    Way to go. ❤️

    Anna-Marissa Lanning Reply

    You got this!

    Brooke Reply

    Good work!! Get right back on track the next day, a little extra for 1 day isn’t the end of the world. As long as you get back on the train you’re good! Keep up the good work!!

eon001 Reply

20% is a large number. If 20% of people playing the lottery won a million then that’s pretty good odds.

    Kimberley Hunter Reply

    20% means a one in five chance of winning something or one of the five resolutions are kept.

eon001 Reply

Just found out that one of my child hood hip hop hero’s Dr Dre (not THAT Dr Dre) lost his sight and a leg to type 2 diabetes from being over weight. Body positivity won’t protect you from blindness or losing limbs.

Matthew Peter Murphy Reply

I don’t see anything wrong with taking care of yourself. If that means losing weight, or judging yourself less, or even doing both at the same time 🤘happy new year!

    ef4ef Reply

    Oh that’s so weird, those are both my only two resolutions.

    Matthew Peter Murphy Reply

    @ef4ef hell yeah 😜🥳

Catherine Calhoun Reply

My NY resolutions are goals. This year the goal is to end the year able to do 10 real push ups, run a 5k with no walking and finally give up my soda habit. I want to lose weight for my health but I am not going to focus on that alone.

I found it interesting that she does think class instructors should focus on performance. I sorta get but at the same time for many many people performance is the motivation. Each class I compete against myself from the last one and I want a coach who is encouraging and pushing me to do better each time.

    Kimberly Old School Reply

    5Ks are awesome goals! Those are always fun races to do – you can push yourself as hard as you want, but the environments are very supportive.

T Luzzz Reply

I like many others have gained weight over quarantine so instead of waiting till New Years to start being healthy and workout out regularly again like I had planned I just started last week randomly on Tuesday. This mindset of just waiting till the new year I think for me was just an excuse to keep being unhealthy so I figured if I’m gonna be serious I need to start now not later. So far already down 3lbs. (Probably just water weight lol)

    Maaret Tapio Reply

    Hey me too! I started around 3,5 weeks ago despite knowing that the holidays are going to make it harder. Though I think that counting calories helped me eat healthy amount of yummy food instead of overconsuming, so that’s good. 3 kg down now, ~15 kg to go.

    Jinx :3 Reply

    Using the new year to push your self to achieve a goal could also be a good thing, as long as people take it seriously

    Nicole Kides Reply

    I did the same thing and started my journey on 12/27/18 and I have been successful in losing 60lbs and keeping it off! Best of luck on your journey!

    Shanekia R Reply

    Same! I randomly started doing 5 pushups a day as a start like 2 weeks ago. I can now get up to 7 before i have to take a break (regular pushups, something that has always been hard cause im not strong in my arms lol). Now i just workout when i want. No pressure. That’s a hell of alot better than laying down all day like I pretty much did in 2020. I stopped doing the nee year’s resolution thing some years ago. Just start. The day doesn’t matter.

    Goldy D Reply

    Recently started a challenge to myself to workout everyday for 30 minutes at least this past Monday. I’m a few pounds overweight according to BMI, and I noticed that I was having trouble breathing while walking to work (I have asthma and it’s cold where I live). Already feeling better! Just trying to change my habits more than anything. We got this! 💪🏿

Diddins Reply

It is nuts to me that people will look at a statistic 80% of new years resolutions arent achieved, or that articles like this push for people to see that and say to themselves, “Yeah, those people didnt have the determination to complete a resolution, so I just wont try.” Like…what??

FirstFallSnow Reply

“Don’t even try, you’ll fail” is such an awful thing to say to someone trying to be healthy.

    XandraHart Reply

    Right? Imagine saying that to a recovering addict or alcoholic? Because sobriety is hard, and a lot of people fail before they finally succeed. The important thing is to never stop trying, learning and growing.

    UniversalDrift Reply

    I wonder if that’s something they would say to someone trying to escape an abusive relationship? “You’re going to fail and end up back with him/her anyway, and when you do, it will be much worse because of the attempt. You should just accept it and be happy about being a living punching bag. You can’t change it, so don’t even try”.

    It’s just pure insanity, and misery loves company.

    Lieke Reply

    This is one of the reasons I stopped trying for years. I started with intermittent fasting 6 weeks ago and learnt that this is what works for me very well and is also maintainable. Lots of people say “I’ve tried everything and nothing works!”. If I would’ve heard: “Try everything until you find what suits you”, I think I would’ve found and tried this sooner. (lost 7.3 kg in about 6 weeks :D)

    CMH Reply

    OMG firstsnowfall! I thought I was the only one with this mindset my motto is…. “trying is for people who need an excuse when they fail” you either do it or you don’t! 😃💪🏽

    ♡ Cameo ♡ Reply

    Or to anyone at all. If you believe you’ll fail, you will. Self-fulfilling prophecy.

Alyssia Taylor Reply

“Ma’am, this area is restricted. Only the royal family can access it.”

“Well, John said I’m a Queen so *move* “

Natalia A. Reply

One simple rule:
Not your body not your business

Dimitra P. Reply

So….. what if I want to pursue ‘thinness’??? What’s so wrong about that? Why is some random writer on Nylon going to judge and moralize my personal goals?

Piper Sisk Reply

The first New Year’s resolution I ever accomplished was to cut out soda pop. I’ve stacked on small positive habits every year since then.

    CMH Reply

    That’s a great idea Piper great job! As long as you’re constantly bettering yourself for yourself that’s all that matters Happy New Year😘

metrini Reply

It absolutely triggers the eff outta me when people say “God made me this way” Im like no darling God didnt make you 400 lbs YOU did that to yourself. And dont put this on God to justify the fact that you dont want to take responsibility of your actions and life

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