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BlankSpace Reply

At least this one’s honest. But it’s sad because this is just a really long way of committing self deletion.

    Bianca Lauren Reply

    I came here to say this. At least they aren’t spreading harmful messaging that you can be both obese and healthy. They’re sadly hurting themselves but at least are t role models

Katina Tsarnas Reply

I remember reading her post at the time she made it and my first thought was “I wonder what obesetobeast would think of this” 😂

So that’s that Reply

I think this is the true message of Health at Any Size and honestly thank you so much for having these discussions and getting people to see that challenging this view is not one big fat joke, people aren’t doing it to denigrate the overweight or obese, it’s quite simply that this isn’t a healthy message to promote. If it were on the other extreme and anorexia was being glorified we would all be shouting the same.

mariahhope016 Reply

Why would you consciously decide to not be healthy. Doesn’t mean you have to be at the extreme end like body builders or professional athletes… but not striving for moderate health???

    MeerTV Reply

    @JGCorrado They’re literally not unless you’re allergic or you overdo it. Meat and dairy in their pure forms never hurt anyone (who wasn’t allergic). That’s like saying because some people have IBS or crohn’s, veggies are SO bad for you. They aren’t. OBVIOUSLY.

    Miriam Havard Reply

    MeerTV thank you!!!

    Amphibious 17 Reply

    @MeerTV I agree with you. Although, you can have certain vegetables with IBS and Crohn’s (my sister has IBS and I have some family members who have Crohn’s, they can have certain vegetables, they just can’t have vegetables that are too fibrous).

    JGCorrado Reply

    MeerTV that’s like saying cigarettes are not bad if you only smoke one, meat and dairy are undoubtedly bad for you, you don’t have to watch the video just click the research links in the description

    Dispectfullynn Reply

    JGCorrado Meat and dairy is what allowed humans to adapt to extreme climates all over the globe, survive harsh winters and long periods without being able to grow food, and has been the backbone of the formation of civilisation and industrialisation. Meat and dairy being definitively bad for us is new age bs.

Kem1996 Reply

I feel like the main issue with the word “health”, is that people can’t find a happy balance. It’s almost as if she said “I can’t be slim, so I must give up and become overweight”… so she has rejected the idea of health. Which is dangerous, equally being under weight is not a balanced ideal.

    Miriam Havard Reply

    Anna BerrieBlu l’m SO happy l stopped following her; she’s a VERY persuasive speaker.

    Gizem Ak Reply

    The problem is that „health“ is used many times to criticize overweight people. They be like „you need to loose weight, I‘m just saying that because of your health“ and no matter if that intention is true or not, in the end of the day it always feels like „you need to loose weight because I don‘t like the way you look, you have to be slimmer“. That‘s why (myself included) struggled a lot to accept those helping attempts and accepted to be „unhealthy“. In my mind nobody has the right to judge my health, it‘s none of anyones buisness whether or not I am healthy. The struggle is real, because society makes overweight people feel like they are getting bashed just because of their extra weight. Whatever, graduating as a nurse and working at the icu I saw a lot of obese young people and it had a huge impact on me so that I am now on my own weightloss journey. But the important difference this time is I do it because I value myself and life too much to give it up because of some food having power over me.

    popcornto : Reply

    True. I’m an overwheight, 6’3 teenager (highest weight 260 lbs). I set the goal to weigh 180 pounds knowing well that it would make me skinny af. I lift weights. For a long time I always strived for the opposite extreme and tried to get as skinny as possible and failed. My Goals have now shifted and I’ve found a medium, reasonable Goal weight. I’m sitting at 230-240 fluctuating rn, but I’ve changed my Goal to try and get to 215 now, not a crazy 180 lbs. Even if I don’t get to 215, I know I’m healthy and fit at 230-240. I can finally accept that I’m not the Body type of a skinny shredded guy and no longer want to be that.

    Candace Bex Reply

    I really agree. Health has more definition than by just a number on the scale or the size you wear. Worshipping skinny is just as mentally unhealthy as being fully addicted to sugar and fat. But it is so important to be aware of the other numbers that define health such as blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol.

Rosa H Reply

There is a difference between defeatism and self-compassion. The former is harmful, the latter is great. I feel like this article is aiming at promoting a compassionate attitude towards yourself but, sadly, comes across as defeatism.

You can love yourself and still actively work towards making changes in your life, mentality, body, appearance etc. Just don’t beat yourself up for perceived failures. You have worth even if you never reach your goals but knowing that does not mean you should stop reaching for them.

    Averie Soto Reply

    Very well said 😁 you took the words right out my mouth. I completely agree. Giving up is what destroys people. No one should be made to feel less then worthy but no one should also give up on their health. If you don’t have your health you don’t have anything. Thank you 😊

    Personne Ici Reply

    Well said!

    Jessica N Reply

    I agree! Sort of related: I know a lot of people don’t like intuitive eating, but I think a lot of people forget gentle nutrition is one of the pillars. For me, it’s a way to use self-compassion while making sure I eat lots of nutritious foods. It sounds like for her, she uses “intuitive eating” without thinking about the nutrition or exercise part. It’s sad. She doesn’t have to be like, picture perfect fitness influencer, but she could do healthy behaviors in a loving way.

Getting Fit In Indy Reply

I used to be a fan of hers a long, long time ago but she’s rude, she’s a bully and it’s just disgusting how many people worship her and her channel! I mean good for her if she’s admitting that this is her lifestyle and it goes against the “norm of society” and she’s happy with it… That’s fine but she also makes other people feel bad for not living the type of life she does and if you are a person who is really any size and wants to lose weight she’s called people out for being horrible for wanting to lose weight before.

    Jessie Eermit Reply

    What did you like about her?

    Miriam Havard Reply

    Getting Fit In Indy l used to follow her, too. Glad l stopped.

    AnalogWinter Reply

    She really is the definition of a bully. If she were so content with her body and lifestyle, she wouldn’t be so pressed to defend it

JordanAlmond Reply

To me she’s just glorifying her admitted eating disorder. If I had posted this at my lowest and most dangerous weight, I would’ve been tagged and removed from Instagram. It’s two sides of the same coin. Fine, you’re unhealthy and yes you still need to be treated with respect but why wouldn’t you want to get better for yourself? I recovered from disordered eating because I realized I wanted to live and THRIVE. Not to fit society’s standard of anything but because there was a lot of life I still wanted to experience. One can’t do that if one isn’t willing, in some capacity, to take ownership of harmful behavior. I also have a congenital heart defect. That’s not my fault at all- I was born with it. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to eat well and exercise to keep my body going strong. As someone who is working toward becoming a mental health coach, this article concerns me deeply.

WeirdoMusicLoverNaz Reply

I just can’t help but think that if someone with anorexia wrote “I don’t care I’m unhealthy. I don’t want to fix my disordered eating.” Most people would not support that. Double standards.

    Michelle Granger Reply


    Evie Reply

    i was just thinking that lol

    lxn Reply

    @Sarah Duran she addressed it after treatment last year tho?

    Sarah Duran Reply

    lxn yeah. She addressed it after the fact. But during the situation, her intentions were not to cause harm to her audience. Of course that’s an awkward place to be in when you mean to harm but have people telling you that you’re wrong for being the way you are.

Dana Fay Reply

100% agree. Changing to be healthy is a choice, not anyone’s job to bully them into shape. They deserve respect regardless.

Cage Gd Reply

If someone posted fresh self harm scars claiming to not care that they were hurting themselves, people would not accept that. If a heroin addict said they didnt care about destroying their health, they wouldnt be supported. If a underweight person said they didnt care that they were unhealthy people wouldnt be ok with it. Why is it different with morbidly obese people?

    Miriam Havard Reply


    fanOmry Reply

    Path of least resistance..

    Melika B Reply

    Cage Gd I know it is. But it’s seen as an entirely different thing than self harm or drugs because you have to eat. I am not normalising obesity nor do I condone it, I’m just telling you why people don’t see it as bad.

    Amanda D Reply

    everyone has to eat and most people will overeat, at least on occasion. people aren’t used to seeing overeating painted as harmful in the same way as any of these other behaviours. there is also the difference that eating is non-negotiable, it isnt a choice to go down a path of overeating in the same way one can choose to take a drug or cut themself, because things like drugs and cutting are not necessary to life for the average person in thr way thT food is. most people have some visible fat, so it probably isn’t as shockingly unhealthy to see someone with more as it would be to see someone who is completely emaciated or covered in self harm scars. sorry, i wrote a lot.

    audrey feist Reply

    The message is more about accepting yourself at the unhealthy point you are. Even if you aren’t healthy right now or working towards being healthy you should still try and love yourself rather than be extremely harsh. That, in a lot of circumstances, is the first step to getting help & getting healthy.

JohnNathanShopper Reply

“I am unhealthy; I am whole.”
Out of context, this is a perfect slogan for starting to lose fat and get healthy. I’m going with it.

croxvamp Reply

Just here to point out health is not a societal standard, it’s a biological and physiological state in which your body and mind work properly so you can not only survive but live well until you die.
Health is not a goal, it is the basic state every living being should be in until disease comes. Regarding physical health, if it becomes a goal it is because either an illness has appeared or in most cases these days, because you’ve spent your life destroying your body. Still, it is in most cases a very reachable goal, especially regarding adiposity.

EDIT because as a health provider I almost got a stroke: being healthy IS better than being unhealthy. These days we can easily see the difference between how much better is not having pneumonia from SARS-Cov-2 with a relatively short (either fatal or not) ending than having it but it seems we cannot wrap our brains around the idea that it is much better dying at 95 from a stroke or a heart attack in your sleep in your own bed the day after you and your grand-children were at the park or even camping than dying at 75 after spending 15+ years in a bed, potentially in a nursing-home or chaining your children or partner to your room because you can’t even take care of yourself and you need someone to roll you every couple of hours because you’re covered in ulcers.

    Personne Ici Reply

    Death doesn’t scare me but pain and disability sure does.

    Everyday Debbie Reply

    Bingo. Exactly what I think

    Key Lime Pie Reply

    Well said.

Tina Morphis Reply

Here’s the thing, at least it was for me. When you’re that size you know you can’t do the things many of your friends do, and you feel awful half the time but, and it’s a big but, you don’t realize how much you couldn’t do, or realize just how awful you felt, until after you’ve lost weight. After losing 125 lbs, I’ve realized just how terrible, depressed, dragging my body made me and it wasn’t until I lost like the first 60lbs that I started noticing the changes. My knees didn’t hurt, my ankles weren’t swollen, my A1C had dropped from 8.1 to 5.6 to where it stays now at 4.7. Every blood test I get now is normal and I still need to lose another 40 lbs to be “normal’ but the changes already are more than what she realizes, at least it was that way for me.

    jay Reply

    You’re beautiful

    Miriam Havard Reply

    But that requires actual effort, and not everyone wants to do that. 💕

    Adam Crick Reply

    I don’t get how people live with or are happy with being so overweight, let alone advocate it. I was around 100lb overweight a year ago. Felt terrible, could barely work a full day, mentally it wasnt great either and then health issues started. That was enough to make me change. A year later I’ve lost 70lb and my whole life has improved.

Thorn Of Rage Reply

Wasn’t she offended over someone losing a lot of weight for herself? You know this Mercedes girl.

    Miriam Havard Reply

    Thorn Of Rage who is Mercedes?

Natalia Trehan Reply

I decided to go to her post, and look at the comments underneath. I was honestly shocked by all the comments. It honestly makes me so sad and appalled about how people can be so ignorant and follow influencers so blindly. They are just parroting her words and don’t understand what they are saying. This whole movement has been twisted so badly, and its becoming so dangerous.

Alex Skies Reply

As someone with an autoimmune disease I’ll never be able to get rid of, it shocks me how people who have the choice to be healthy take it for granted.

    Kate Apted Reply


    Inês Manessiez Reply

    Exactly!!!! I was just about to write this!! I was diagnosed with 2 autoimmune diseases on my 20’s and althouth I learned how to live with them over time, I can’t stop to wish they would disappear or a cure would be found, speacially for the ones who get it worse than me. And here are these people just spitting on their plate!! It makes me very angry!

Allison Griffiths Reply

You need to first define what “better than” means. It’s “better” to be healthy from the standpoint of that individual living longer and having a more fulfilling life. It is NOT that healthy people are “better” and should valued more. When she says better she’s making an external value judgement.

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