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Our Excellent Life Reply

She’s lying. She saw that video.

    Brenda Baum Reply

    I think her crew of mean girls gave her all the info she needed to bash Anna!!

Melissaaa Kohler Reply

Her tone of voice, body language, etc. just oozes mean girl 🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️

    Danielle Brooke Reply

    Her fake smile, so irritating

    honig2sassi Reply

    Yes, exactly this! I think she only did this because of the backlash she got and you can tell that she’s not really into the ‘apology’

    Ark Nova Reply

    Disney Villain tier.

    TheFiReLoRd777 Reply

    Butter golem for sure

    Vlasta Barac Reply

    Frustrated woman.She can’t control herself anymore ..

A Horse With No Name Reply

They don’t wanna listen, they just wanna be pitied and be playing the victim

    Marley Reply

    @Dot the I It actually isn’t about quantity so much as it is types of food. Lots of fibre filled vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes tend to be great for satiety. Also the volume of vegetables and fruit due to water weight also is quite filling. The stretch receptors in our stomach allow for the release of leptin which inhibts hunger. Of course if you have binge eating disorder this may not even work for you. For a general person you would stop if you are full. When people restrict foods they often restrict volume. This leads your body to panic and think its starving.

    Dot the I Reply

    Marley I do quasi-keto, non-lean fats but I also eat a ton of fruit. So for me the addition of fat keeps me full. But I also like the sweetness of fruit and eat them in their whole form. Grains don’t agree with me so I have zoodles instead of pasta and cauliflower rice instead of regular rice. For me I’m looking for sustainability instead of “perfection” so fatter cuts of meat with fruit is a good compromise.

    Jane Doe Reply

    Marley food addiction or not, they are still responsible for the way they treat others. Addiction is WHY people do what they do, it’s not an excuse to continue those types of behaviors especially when it’s treating others poorly.

    Marley Reply

    @Jane Doe I agree. People should be held up to their actions. Why cannot explain away blame. If you have done something harmful then you should be told. We cannot expect people to be mind readers. I just don’t enjoy people saying these people are pure evil. Most people are not evil. They are misguided and potentially unwell.

    Jane Doe Reply

    Marley Common decency shouldn’t be on a mind reading level though. It’s scary that so many adults should need to be told don’t be a jerk to others. Again, being “unwell” with food addiction also isn’t an excuse for being nasty to others. Food addictions do not make people be involuntarily shitty or abusive to others.

hannah22banana Reply

I think she for sure watched it and got such a negative response that she’s pretending she didn’t. I think she did and heard what she wanted to hear and took it too far over the top, then backtracked. I dont know though. Shes for sure being weird and full of bs either way

    Mary Poppins Reply

    Oh defiantly. She’s lying out of her behind.

    Heather Marie Reply

    I agree! I think she watched it and is now doing damage control because she got a response she didn’t anticipate lol. I really can’t stand the sweet girl tone in her voice and her stupid smile, like oh I can’t do no wrong blah blah blah. She pisses me off

    emiiii Reply

    She definitely watched it. In her reaction video she refers to “accountability”, which is a word that Anna used in her video.

    hannah22banana Reply

    emiiii good catch 👌

KETO Diamond Channel Reply

How does anyone talk smack about a vid they didn’t even watch??? That makes a ton of sense.

Alyssia Taylor Reply

She turned off her likes and dislikes lmao, and holy snit her comments are filled to the brim with pandering and whining. Talking about how body positivity has been co-opted by diet culture??? Are you kidding me? It’s people like them who’ve co-opted it

    earth star Reply

    @Alyssia Taylor worst part was it was like her “reveal” post because most people didn’t or don’t know she has a prosthetic leg because she hides it. She took a lot of bullying when we were kids because of it and as soon as she could switch schools around high school to hide it she did. It was really traumatic for her because she struggled so much with being okay with it or just not actively hating it at least.

    Ambeezy33 y Reply

    She said she filters her comments

    Alyssia Taylor Reply

    @Ambeezy33 y True. I’m somehow still shocked at the values some of her supporters hold. I guess I’m so used to seeing from body positive figureheads, and not so much from their little underlings lmao

    waterchild_23 Reply

    Yep and they are spewing the fat acceptance propaganda in her comments, health and bodysize has nothing to do with each other and anyone who has says otherwise is fatphobic. 🤯 Clearly tells me that they didn’t bother watching Anna’s video either. Jesus’s Christ..

    Kate Santell Reply

    Oh she’s deleting comments too

RachelReduces Reply

She’s a LIAR, Constant Contradiction. Her making this is only just going to prolong her admonishment.

    Raven Gayle Reply

    Hey Rachel! 😀

    RachelReduces Reply

    @Raven Gayle Heyyyy Beautiful Raven❣

Ndashe Reply

Y’all she accused Anna of being racist under one of her comments on this video.… Love how black people’s pain can be weaponized at liberty.

    Constance Richards Reply

    Can you paraphrase it because I’m just so curious, but I don’t want to watch it again?

    Auntie Apocalypse Reply

    @Constance Richards She said something along the lines of “I’ve never even spoken with Anna personally, except once several years ago because I privately took her to task for a racist comment she made.” And she just let that linger there, imo, because she’s casting aspersions to deflect some of the heat from herself.

    Constance Richards Reply

    @Auntie Apocalypse wow…

    Do I know you from Reddit?

    Danielle Broadbent Reply

    On her original video calling out Anna, there was a girl going through the comments calling people racists for calling her out for being mean about Anna. I was like, “Um, do you people know what racism is? Because this is not it.” It was very frustrating and ignorant.

    Angela Anasta Reply

    I saw that it made me so angry 😠 it’s a big accusation to make

JstDz Reply

but what’s scarier than this video is the fact that her “fans” down in the comments are supporting her crazy rants telling her that she’s in the right!!!!
In what world is this lady correct in calling Anna a PREDATOR????

    Mary Poppins Reply

    She highly monitors and deletes comments constantly. That’s the only reason you’ll be swarmed with positivity when you look at them hun.

    almog1910 Reply

    @Mary Poppins yeah i commented also on the video, it make sense she did it. she also turned off the likes and dislikes

    Amanda Reply

    This is how one cancels themselves within their own BS movement.

    Popcorn? 🍿

    KolTony Reply

    @almog1910 And set the comment section from top comments to new comments

The Patman Reply

If she’s so unbothered, why keep talking trash about other people…? Sheesh, leave the girl alone, it’s her pain, her legs, her body.

    Sindy J Reply

    Exactly. Well said

    Jillian Goldstein Reply

    The reason he is dissecting her message is because it misleads other people (her followers) to make harmful decisions. Just because they don’t seem to be bothered doesn’t mean you shouldn’t critique people who are in the limelight. Do you think Trump could be bothered? Should we stop holding him accountable for his words?

    Alice B Reply

    Jillian Goldstein I think you misunderstood – they meant why Fat Girl Flow kept talking about Anna and not ObeseToBeast about FGF

    Jillian Goldstein Reply

    @Alice B ohhhhhhhh

Sempirvirens S Reply

Super narcissistic behavior to deny or twist words when called out on abuse “I’m not a part of that body positive movement you said is toxic. I’m fat acceptance” even when she’s included body positivity in her posts prior. Classic gaslighting behavior

Allison Klauer Reply

She’s real life Regina George

    C B Reply

    I saw Regina eat a cake for 10 people in one sitting, so I ate a cake for 10 people in one sitting

    Katherine Pierce Reply

    Except no one wants to be her and she ain’t Rachel McAdams

    Andrea Munoz Reply

    Nah Regina was trying to lose weight and she actually changed at the end lol

    Pauline Petit Reply

    Except she’s out of breath speaking.

    Andrea Munoz Reply

    Pauline Petit I still can’t understand how someone can claim to be healthy and well and not be able to talk without getting out of breath when they don’t have a health condition affecting their lungs

Meg Petersen Reply

If she didn’t watch Anna’s video to begin with how did she know what kind of “language” she used….

    Stefanie Champagne Reply

    Meg Petersen exactly, but then twists it into “I just want to get on her and talk….” like it’s open for discussion.

    Donnalee Clubb Reply

    Because Corrissa is full of crap. She watched the video.

    J D Reply

    I think she got her ideas about what the video was from comments about the video. Then she made her video based on a biased interpretation of it. Then when she got called out for it, she tried to pretend that she wasn’t really talking about Anna in particular; she was just reacting to general “language” that she’s heard on social media. She was just trying to dodge responsibility for what she said.

    Mindz Reply

    well now it makes a lot more sense how all the stuff she was saying that anna said, was never actually said ! since she didnt even watch it.

Kathleen Barney Reply

She’s gaslighting and lying. No responsibility for how rude and condescending she was to Anna. She doesn’t apologise or admit she was wrong for making judgement on a video she didn’t bother watching.

    Rikke Reply

    Something is super off about her. This video honestly made me think she needs therapy (and I say this with so much empathy). She seems TOO bothered and overly defensive, which seems to make her turn straight to gaslighting her audience in an attempt to save face. Like.. no. She seriously needs to work on herself to figure out why she reacts so intensely to criticism.

    Natural4CHairPassion Reply

    She’s jealous. Anna still has support. Many of these fat people incorrectly believe they will have no support if they lose weight.

a Friend or Foe Reply

She promotes poor health and toxicity while trying to claim shes positive. She has used false science. She needs to not be on youtube. She started the drama. She seems to be like someone who wants to do whatever she wants without consequences. Can we just focus on better ourselves and improving our quality of life? I find her to be a hypocrite.

metrini Reply

She and her croonies deserve each other. Hope we don’t ever have to hear her unbothered voice or see smug face again

Heather Laughery Reply

Okay I am a obese 47 year old women and what I hate seeing is all these people glorifying it I have so many health issues I’m dealing with now and I’m in the process of trying to get gastric bypass surgery and it amazes me these people bashing people for trying to get healthy being morbidly obese is not a lifestyle it’s a journey to a pine box I said here and I’ll say it again until you fall and you live alone and you can’t get up and it takes everything you have to get off the floor you have no idea and seeing these 20-30 year-olds glorifying it sickens me on the other hand now I’m not sitting in bed shoving food in my face all the time either glaring at me and the grocery store and saying mean things is not going to make me feel like I need to get healthy it’s going to make me just give up so if you want to be a decent human being don’t bash people that are unhealthy but I don’t tell people that it’s okay to be unhealthy alsoand until somebody can show me medical research stating then through your whole life you can be morbidly obese and be completely healthy I call b******* on it

    Aset J. Reply

    Wow that’s amazing I hope you get your surgery

    Michele Shadrick Reply

    It’s because these women are still young and aren’t experiencing a lot of the health problems associated with obesity yet. That’s why I think they are continuously talking about health not really being associated with obesity.

    Heather Laughery Reply

    Wow thank you you guys are great just said what I feel

    Heather Laughery Reply

    See this is what it’s supposed to be like it’s supposed to be people helping people no matter what they look like or their size or their race people should just help people and just be kind no matter what

    hannah22banana Reply

    Heather Laughery AMEN ✨

Dovvie D Reply

I liked her until she started bashing people who want to change. That’s not body positivity

    Wasteland ASMR Reply

    She is very insecure.

    CrazyPinkFlamingo - Reply

    She has been doing it for years.

banana banana Reply

I hate her excuse of “i just wanted to talk”. It’s a really common deflection tactic that manipulative people use – it turns the conversation around and makes us look like the “bad guy” because 1) we’re not open to a supposed discussion, even if it’s not a discussion in the first place, and 2) it asserts that she was just mIsUnDeRsToOd and we’re at fault for that.

“You think I”m trying to ruin someone’s life” – no! We literally just want you to acknowledge what you did and give Anna and your viewers an apology!! JFC she’s defensive.
I hate her so much. She’s such a snake.

    J D Reply

    I have known narcissists who did the exact same thing. It’s almost like they all read from the same script.

Mary Poppins Reply

Let’s just be honest here, shes 100% jealous of outreach/followers G and L has. This woman has been doing the same thing for years. She is barely an influencer. The only people who follow her are those who are unwilling to better their lives and the creepy fetishists who follow her on YouTube and watch her adult content. No one who is ACTUALLY happy in their own skin would ever go out of their way to crap talk anyone bettering their own lives. It’s always those who wish they could accomplish what they see others accomplish. She’s just doing this for attention.

    Sindy J Reply

    Couldn’t have said it better myself

    elaine abreu Reply


    Whiffling Tit Reply

    This isn’t jealous behavior, jealousy is overprotectiveness. This is envy, the desire for another’s things/situation.

    Alex Yokiel Reply

    Her subscribers have barely budged in the past couple years

    GeeGee _ Reply

    Whiffling Tit I hate to break this to you but jealousy and envy are the same thing. Literally synonyms of one another. I believe you’re thinking about jealously in terms of a relationship and that still is t being over protective, it’s just being jealous of the third party person.

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