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Donald Shelton Reply

It’s a satire account, same with annoyedteenager

    MJ G Reply

    I was just going to comment that this has GOT to be satire. Whats crazy is that with all the fat acceptance crap going on I just don’t know!

    veezuh Reply

    @MJ Gits satire

Team Youphoric - Health & Fitness Education Reply

If you’re unhappy with your current state and workout, you’re fatphobic. If you’re unhappy with your current state and plaster your face with makeup, you’re empowered.

    Fit Fatty Reply

    This ☝️

    unicornalq11 Reply

    It’s a joke post, luckily

    Team Youphoric - Health & Fitness Education Reply

    @unicornalq11 I know, but it’s something that I’ve heard many people say and mean it.

Alan Munguia Reply

The longer I watch, the more I think that account has to be a troll account. 🤦🏽‍♂️


    Nyithra Reply

    It absolutely is and it’s hilarious

    Sullivan Marsters Reply


    Lalith Kumar Reply

    It is

    eon001 Reply

    Alan Munguia
    The title alone screams “troll”. It’s probably a Titana Mcgrath spoof type thing.

Mischief Art Reply

I already see the future. I believe it was the movie Wall-E.

    antwinettec Reply

    I said this about 10 years ago! 😂

    Jamie Melquist Reply

    Wall-E and 1984 are now manuals for life

    * Sugasito * Reply

    swolenormous made a video with just about the same concept, even down to “wall-E”💀

    Carole Standiford Reply

    And idiocracy 🙄

    Elizabeth Dugan Reply

    That is my night mare

James Carmichael Reply

Start a new party. Lipid Democalories

RachelReduces Reply

Nobody: What did you do today?
Me: Got Trolled by ObesetoBeast on YouTube

Though, the More I read this, the more I think this account may be Serious. 😂🤣😂🤣

Chelsea Reply

Can you imagine sending this in thinking it’s real and getting absolutely roasted lmao

Anne Plowman Reply

I’m so glad that was a satire account.

Marjorie Reply

It’s definitely satire. It says “save the turtles is fishist” but I know for a fact there’s people who agree with some of the stuff this account posts

Parahumanguy Reply

This is a satire account thank God

Jordan's Unix-based Machine Reply

i think they are mostly just making fun of that instagram activism format.

Julio Loreto Reply

My stomach hurts after laughing so hard, the funniest part was John’s real effort to take it seriously, but couldn’t do it, awesome video as usual

Nicole Russell Reply

The account is completely satire, I’m actually subscribed 😄

diego torres Reply

“Wisdom comes with pounds”

Soumya Mishra Reply

It’s a troll account…… People know that right???


    It’s done like the other “Politically Correct” accounts and that’s how people get duped. It’s pretty damn smart if you ask me lmaoo

Friendly_Neighborhood_Amazon Reply

Bro, what? “Yes, you’re all oppressing me by being active with YOUR body”.. I hope this is a troll..

    unicornalq11 Reply

    It is

    Liam Gideon Reply

    It most definitely is

hanna jeggings Reply

It has to be a troll account but either way, the fact that this is definitely believable is… wild. like whether or not this is a troll, I can imagine a fat acceptance person saying this….. thank god its a troll lmao but I bet some people (like me) bought into it for a second

yonnie11594 Reply

Someone on TikTok called me fatphobic because I don’t want to be fat.

♡ Cameo ♡ Reply

“D*sgusting” 😂😂😂 omg I died 💀💀

LumosMist Reply

Lol this satire account is hilarious. “if you have hair, you hate cancer patients”

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