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Randy Loses It Reply

Man, his story is so crazy and inspirational! 👏🏼

    Frederick Henderson Reply

    Thank u my brotha!! I’m glad to have the opportunity to share

    MarzDaTroller Reply

    @Frederick Henderson 👏

O Donovan Reply

Wonderful. I missed these real stories. Tears. When two or more ….. love ❤️

    Frederick Henderson Reply

    Thank u for the support!!!!!

Big Mike Loses Reply

Fred rocks. Fred is amazing.

    Frederick Henderson Reply

    You rock!!

    Big Mike Loses Reply

    Frederick Henderson much love, man!!!

Diana Begue Reply

Sending love to his mom for keeping on her baby to get to the doctor

    Frederick Henderson Reply

    She’s my MVP!!!

    Marmela Ota Reply

    Moms will send you to the doctor asap but when they themselves loose a leg they will say they don’t need one and drink a herb tea😌 god blesses moms

    Samantha Gottwalt Reply

    yes! Moms are so great – they know when something’s up!

Aoife Reply

41!! Oh my goodness. I was NOT expecting that. He’s defying aging lol

    Frederick Henderson Reply

    I’m a young old man 😂

Ashley PNW Reply

I’m in the middle of this video and I mean, complete full body chills. How unbelievably hard to hear the news this man heard and to have such faith. Amazing story.

    Frederick Henderson Reply

    God bless!!!


I’d love to have a chat with you, it’ll be a good conversation as I have many questions (I’ve been on a journey). I’m currently on my way to losing 100lbs, I’m also in my 30’s!

    Frederick Henderson Reply

    Keep grinding

    MELT OFF Reply

    Frederick Henderson Yeah bro, it’s hard! It’s been two weeks but I’m enjoying it for sure!!

    MELT OFF Reply

    @Frederick Henderson And hats off to you my brother. You’ve done really well and you raised some good points.

Coushatta Person Reply

This guy got a very inspirational story. This is why I don’t approve of the fat acceptance movement. Being overweight is so dangerous and deadly. It should not be promoted. I’m glad he was able to heal, It was definitely a scary way, but he looks so healthy and happy!!! Great conversation!!

    Frederick Henderson Reply

    Thank u for yr amazing words!!

Lamz Fil Reply

Bless you man. You made me get off the sofa. I’m going for a long walk tonight. Thank you for sharing your story ❤

    Frederick Henderson Reply

    Hit me on IG FAM!!

eon001 Reply

15:06 “Fitness is more than a 6 pac” Make that into a T shirt!!!

    Frederick Henderson Reply

    Man that’s my motto!! I have a clothing line, I just might


Another amazing story to hear 😀 Keep them coming! Just hit 100lbs down today myself, these stories keep me going, honestly.

    Frederick Henderson Reply



    Frederick Henderson tyty!

Conformist138 Reply

Congratulations to Fred! That is a lot to go through and an amazing turnaround! And his mom sounds amazing–she brought him into this world and she was determined to keep him in it 🙂

    Frederick Henderson Reply

    That’s why I spoil her til this day

Stella Song Reply

I appreciate the emphasis on diet that all your interviews have. I always find that part fascinating, since for me personally exercising is easy since I enjoy it… But keeping my diet in check is the REAL struggle for me. I watch your interviews while I ride my stationary bike all the time and I thoroughly enjoy all of them. Keep it up!

Aurora Zamora Reply

I started watching you when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.
3 years later (long af I know) lol
I’m down from 340-270 still going strong now since I stopped for a while.
Butt I’m not longer diabetic! 🥳

    Samantha Gottwalt Reply


    Nadine Fields Reply

    Congrats!!!! I’m in the pre stage. I’m trying to prevent it

    Jessica 12 Reply

    Keep up the great work!!!!

    Baseball Fan Reply

    I have a question what made you go get tested and what did you do to prevent it

    Aurora Zamora Reply

    Baseball Fan I knew something was wrong I was going pee every 15-30 min and I was always super tired.
    To prevent what?

Aurora Zamora Reply

Why is he my fave now though lmao I love his vibe

kyle lay Reply

I started my weight loss journey about a month ago im 16 and i was 350 lbs and ive lost about 14 lbs and I’m going strong because of motivation from your videos they really do help alot!

    historyman13 Reply

    Keep it up bud! 🙌 you got this!

    kyle lay Reply

    @historyman13 thanks man

    C Balladares Reply

    That’s awesome! You got this 😄

FontaineDeSang Reply

Really proud of you guys! 🔥
For some reason I got my click-moment during this covid-19 madness and now I working towards weight loss and getting healthy. I am 26F, 5’4”, started on May 2nd at 208.6lbs, today weighed in at 197.8lbs, with a goal of 136-141lbs range (and my body fat went from 45 to 44,7%, not really setting a goal % but definitely aiming for a healthy range). Your videos keep me company when I am working out and help me stay positive throughout this journey ✨

Adrienne Hart Healthier and Happier Reply

I have been following Fred on ig for a while now. This collab is so incredibly cool to see! I’m so inspired by you 2 legends and kings! 👑❤️

JoeJoeBinx Reply

Im 365 pound’s you journey has inspired me to begin my journey here on youtube. I would love to hear some feedback from you guys. Thank you have a wonderful day.

    Ryan Sigler Reply

    Drink lots of water!! A lot of the time when u feel hungry your actually thirsty

Astraeanaut Reply

I love the interviews! When you, and others, who have struggled with obesity share your experiences it directly opposes the “health at any size”. The facts are no one is healthy being so overweight. Thank you for all you do <3

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