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punkybrewstar83 Reply

Why is Freelee still around? Why, in a world with actually qualified people, are people actually taking advice from this literal fruit bowl? Why?
And why don’t people like Anna, who can afford it, simply go to a qualified person? Anna’s dietitian would create and cater a diet specifically for her.

    DaniJo2320 Reply

    @punkybrewstar83 i highly doubt that. Nobody cares what you do for a living. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    punkybrewstar83 Reply

    @DaniJo2320 I don’t know what part you highly doubt, and I don’t need your permission to state what my occupation is. Anyway, going to take my own advice, and spend my time more wisely than this.

    DaniJo2320 Reply

    @punkybrewstar83 in your original comment you misused the word “literal.” So there’s that. You also asked why Leanne is “still around.” Seeming as how you are clearly highly intelligent, I think you’d know the answer to that. That’s sarcasm there. But then again you don’t know what literal means so 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ do you honestly think I can have an intelligent conversation with someone who misuses a basic word and also asks why someone is “still around?” No. The answer to that is NO.

    DaniJo2320 Reply

    @punkybrewstar83 Good idea, girl. 👏👏👏 you go spend that time wisely.

    Lena Reply

    @Celeste Wilcott well of course. It’s the complete picture of “I eat how much I want, unlimited calories and still look like THIS”. Which is honestly bs but without enough education in schools some people will still buy it.

Melanie Baker Reply

Freely genuinely is the worst. She doesn’t realize how unhealthy her mind is. It’s insane.

    Brinette Nyew Reply

    I thought it was durianrider that was the crazy one and that she was rlly nice but after their breakup I realised they’re equally crazy

    Ttosllihcs.J Reply

    @Des nah it won’t, your body can make the cholesterol it needs. But you should eat fat in general, so it might actually apply to her xD

    Lena Reply

    Oh she does, but actually functional weight loss methods are much harder to sell.

    Melanie Baker Reply

    @Lena lmao! 🙂

    Saintly Targs Reply

    @Brinette Nyew wait she and durianrider used to date? that explains sooo much

Meg R Reply

Maybe you should actually try her diet, man.

    Celeste Wilcott Reply

    @IronMeds isn’t that what Freelee does, constantly insist her diet is the only diet that is healthy and attempts to pressure others into following her diet, maybe you need to look up hypocrisy. Pointing out that there are concerns about any restrictive and overly specialized diet is not controlling, it’s just discussion and it’s a discussion that needs to happen. It’s well documented that people struggle with excessive restrictions if they are trying to loose weight. He is simply suggesting that for many people they need to make less drastic changes and make gradual small achievable changes for better chances of success. He is also rightly disputing Freelees claim that we are fruigivores. He is simply promoting what most research on weight loss shows, he’s not making any outlandish claims at all. Feel free to be a raw foodists but please consider reading a book on raw written by a dietician, try “going raw” by Brenda Davis RD and Vesanto Melina RD.

    Laura Uwharrie Reply

    There are skeptical YouTubers who have tried her diet. They always start out saying it how insanely expensive it is.

    Sons of Peter Reply

    The vegan diet is amazing when you do it right, but omnivore diets can be healthy too. Just don’t underestimate fruit and veggies

    Obilwe wufuh Mubufu Oulou Reply

    @Yeontan is my bias if it walks like a duck. And talks like a duck. It’s a duck.

Amy B Reply

So effectively she’s saying that thermodynamics is phoney baloney. No ma’am

Morgan Hampton Reply

I always forget Freelee exists and once every few months she’ll pop back up and I get annoyed again.

    rivhall85 Reply

    Me too

    Lilybug97 Reply

    I feel that. Listening to her spreading bullsh*t is upsetting.

    Ira G. Reply

    Lol same

    Amanda Reply


    CeceSweat Reply

    exactly what i thought when i saw this video! haha

Emily Gignac Reply

I’m vegan and very aware of the horrible advice of freelee. I love this commentary thank you 😂 I am laughing so much

    BlueberryMan Reply

    If you notice most of the Ex vegans on YouTube were following raw food diets. Cooked food helped humans evolve. We are the only species that cooks our food.

    The Wreckage of Shrekage Reply

    Eating raw makes me feel really good, I just dont follow it all the time cuz of how much fruit ya gotta buy. Still tryin👩‍🌾🙉

    Aurora Galore Reply


    Danh Hoang Reply

    @Jessica Blair
    I’m pretty sure she did. I saw a video about it

    KickingGeese Reply

    I gotta say (im vegan too) I do feel quite good when I start my day with some fruit. obviously I eat lots of other things throughout the day

Nikita36816 Reply

As an Australian, I apologise for Freelee. We are not all like her.

    Isabel Abreu Reply

    And Durianrider…why Australia? Lol

    Alexandra Ciceu Reply

    @Caitlin  this made my day! :)))

    GeeGee _ Reply

    She’s probably the only Australian I dislike

    Katie Welsh Reply

    oath to that

    Wasteland ASMR Reply

    We don’t claim her.

Monica Hargrove Reply

Not gonna lie…I totally had forgotten that Freelee existed until I saw this video come up. Um…she hasn’t changed much… or… at all…

    Yuchin Cheng Reply

    Well she aged 20 years in the span of 5 years so there’s that

    Glazed Life Reply

    @Yuchin Cheng lol yeah I was about to say 😂 And she still brags that she looks young

    Yana's Opinion Reply

    @Yuchin Cheng I mean i dont want to be a devil’s advocate..but if I didnt know anything about her, I think she does look great, especially since at her age group so many people so sick :/

    Metta in a can Reply

    @Yana’s Opinion So many people in her age group? How old do you she is? I think she isn’t even forty yet!

    Yana's Opinion Reply

    @Metta in a can I think shes late 30’s if I remember correctly, I’ll have to look it up

A T Reply

Freelee is a huge troll so don’t be surprised if she makes a video on you.

    Jazmin Daneen Reply

    She going to do him like Abby 🤦🏽‍♀️

    tay5250 Reply

    ik im like he is SO next

Julie W. Reply

people like her make veganism look like a cult

    Des Reply

    @Elise Nieuwe well veganism kills plenty of animals but apparently it doesn’t matter because nobody knows about crop deaths or how much it takes to export fancy fruit all year.. or how much plastic is in everything “vegan” or how many farmers have to kill rodents or deer to keep them off the food.

    Kristian Hellwege Reply

    @Elise Nieuwe
    This is an extreme diet based on misinformation with a clear agenda. It has nothing to do with ethics contrary to her claims.

    Penny Opinions Reply

    @Des Apparently you don’t know about crop deaths for animal feed including hay. That all meat is wrapped in plastic. That cows eat more crops than humans and in turn produce less food for humans. That vegans don’t need imported fruits. That omnivores eat imported fruits anyway…
    (Edit: and that animal farmers have to kill wild predators to protect their animals in addition to the ones killed to protect the greater amount of crops for the feed).

    teeamabry Reply

    It does so much more harm than good. Why would anyone exploring the possibility of a vegan lifestyle change find and think “that’s it! that’s the way I want to be!”. She does more harm than good and only attracts other people with extreme views like her.

    teeamabry Reply

    @Elise Nieuwe Freelee 100% is NOT a representative of the vegan community or lifestyle. If you think she is, I am sorry for you. I think people who feel strongly about not utilizing animal products at all somehow confuse people criticizing Freelee and confusing it for criticizing veganism. She is not a synonym for veganism, and she shouldn’t be.

Keniyah B Reply

She is extremely hypocritical and the way she thinks is almost as toxic as her dietary advice

    Wolfina Foxtail Reply

    Isn’t Freely a marathon cyclist?

    The Wreckage of Shrekage Reply

    She just tells people they should be eating more fruit, I actually tried and it worked I feel amazing when I wakeup in the morning🤩. I eat alot and I feel stronger at the gym, my stamina seems to be improving. My anxiety is alot better now, thanks to freelee🤗. I’m glad she still makes videos and isnt scared off by all the criticism, she does help people.😻

    Danh Hoang Reply

    @The Wreckage of Shrekage
    Diet isn’t going to make mental disorders go away. It can make it better but it’s not a solution.

    Gabyodd Reply

    The fact that she promotes losing her period as a good thing is the part that still scares me most.

Anna N. Reply

As someone who is vegetarian for religious reasons, I’m sorry that Freelee represents the vegetarian/vegan community.

    Calin Gibbons Reply

    She doesn’t represent vegans. Most of us know vegans are usually chill people making a personal lifestyle choice. Sadly, it’s the loud crazy ones who demand all the attention from the movement.

    some rando Reply

    I know, right? I’m an omnivore but I hate that for y’all vegans. I think she makes a good point about how cruel factory-farming is as well, but she is just SO INSUFFERABLE about it that it makes me want to stuff her in a locker high-school-bully-style. She’s ultra-sanctimonious and so obviously trying to sell her book, and so needlessly condescending to Anna.

K Jaime Reply

She’s a villain from an old Disney movie. She’s Fruitella de Ville.

    DiEt MoO mOo JuIcE Reply

    The fact that actual Disney villains are liked more than her says something…

    Citrine42 Reply

    I was thinking that too

    junimondify Reply

    This made me laugh so much, thank you!
    Although I like some Disney villains more than her. At least Hades or Yzma or someone like that are not annoying and have some style.

    Moe Lewis Reply

    Thank you, this pun 100% improved my day XD

    sajjjk Reply

    Love this comment hhaha, made me laugh out loud hahaha

Kathryn L Reply

Freelee: “Anyone who has caffeine in their diet has a-”
Me: “Job? Young family? Actual real life that doesn’t involve sitting on an exercise ball spouting hate at other women and delusions entirely unrelated to human biology?”

    Stephanie Reply

    Right, it’s easy to not need caffeine when you get to wake up whenever you want because you make your own schedule

    K Biviano Reply

    It also ignores that some people just like coffee. I drink a cup or two in the mornings because I like the taste, I can go without it but don’t want to.

    Mr. Mayonnaise Reply

    …….Or constipation. 👁👄👁

    Lena Reply

    Or actually likes the taste? I’d take a nice cuppa coffee over pretty much any slice of cake or pizza.

    teeamabry Reply

    While adding sugar to sweet fruits and smoothies because she thinks sugar is healthier than caffeine. Sugar is as addictive and people have a dependency on it. But ya know, that doesn’t fit into her pro-fructose story.

sakaya987 Reply

So caffein is a drug, and sugar isn’t? Ok.

    Kenneth Diaz Reply

    She would rather give a diabetic patient a smoothie with 8 bananas and 4 tbsp of refined sugar than 1 cup of black coffee, even though the black coffee has 2 calories and does not affect the blood glucose level.

L P Reply

She’s a professional troll with a cookbook- hence the “feel free to dislike this video,” because engagement is engagement.

    junimondify Reply

    Yep, that is why I only watch her through videos like this. Absolutely do not want to contribute in any way to her channel, even if it is only 1 view.

    weruleyoudrool Reply

    @junimondify Only way to hate watch them I swear, and I get to see funny commentary from my favs.

Aeia Mar Reply

What a horrible person. She should educate herself before making a video like this or give any advice.

Melanie Murphy Reply

“We know you like fruit…we get it.” Haha I’m crying! Freelee is why I ended up with orthorexia years and years ago when she was ’30 bananas a day’ girl…it got so, so bad! And recovering from that I developed binge eating disorder so needed to do therapy TWICE for eating issues! Been recovered for a few years and it feels so good <3

    Brinette Nyew Reply

    I feel you on this!! I’ve had an ED since so was 13, I was terrified of carbs and completely avoided them for 3 years + then when I was 16 I found HCLF veganism bc of Freelee and I thought it would kick start my recovery. Lol it just made me terrified of oil and to this day (I’m 21 now) I still can’t cook food with oil without having a nervous breakdown. She really ingrained the whole FAT IS BAD thing in my head but I guess she got me to eat rice so :// ofc I’m not blaming her for my ED as it stems from childhood trauma but her advice is horrible especially since so many ppl in the ED community were following HCLF to ‘recover’ and end up substituting the fear of carbs (usually) for the fear of fat lol

    KatieMakingWaves Reply

    Congratulations on your continued recovery! ♥️

    Moe Lewis Reply

    Ignorant question, so I apologize, but what is orthorexia?

    horror vacui Reply

    Congratulations on your successful recovery! 👍

    horror vacui Reply

    @Moe Lewis it’s not ignorant, don’t worry. It’s basically an eating disorder that allows you to only eat certain foods, based on how “healthy” they are. (in quotes, because the key to healthy is more or less moderation and there’s not a lot of that in EDs)
    Orthorexia hasn’t been treated as an actual ED until quite recently, I think. And since it often (I think, I’m no expert) appears as a form of anorexia, you wouldn’t hear as much about it in particular.

Schokobienen TV Reply

It’s appaling how little Freely actually knows about human nutrition…

    Lena Reply

    Oh, she knows. But she found a niche market to make money off. Actual consistent weight loss is 90% on the person trying to lose weight, sure you can depend on a plan and such but it’s mostly to self control and commitment which people don’t want to hear.

Abbey Sharp Reply

Oh boy

    Ema Syee Reply

    …here we go again.

    Jazmin Daneen Reply

    I legit just said she is about to go after him like she went after abbey. 🤣🤣 she is like the candy man… say her name 3 times and she pops up and won’t leave!

    Light P-J Reply

    Its amazing Freelee is still going… 🙈🙄

    Mr October Reply

    Freelee would give her left nut to live your life. It’s clear that behind her mouthy no effs given persona, she’s actually quite miserable. But I don’t feel sorry for her as she’s he’ll bent on destroying the health of so many young impressionables.

    Not Ok Reply

    Oh boy indeed

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