Full At Home Workout Guide (No Equipment, All Levels)

I hope you guys enjoy today at home workout guide! All the movements are listed below! Get creative with your workouts! Let me know what you think!

Body weight training

Cardio based
Squat thrust
Jumping jacks
High knees
Mountain climbers

Push up (knees)

Air squat
Jumping lunge
Jump squat
Glute bridge

Super mans?
Table row?

Sit up
Tuck up
Russian twist

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Sorta Healthy Reply

Good advice in this video! We gave a lot of the same advice and did some of the same moves in our workouts too! Thanks for the content!

lain Reply

thank you thank you thank you!! i’ve been struggling on what to do at home

The PACK Is BACK Reply

I desperately need a good at home workout 🏋️‍♂️!! I’ve been slacking and am feeling like crap

Lisa Wilson Reply

This is legit exactly what I needed. Thank you so much!!!

Kristen70364 Reply

Thanks for this! I’ve been contemplating what kind of home workouts I want to try. Gonna start jogging tomorrow.

CallMeLucy Reply

Just a side note: if you have any jugs at home(from milk, juice, tea, etc) you can fill these with whatever you have. I had sandbags in my garage, they were 65lbs at $4 a pop, and they work beautifully.

    annainretrograde Reply

    Im literally using my cat litter containers since they’re roughly the same amount of weight I usually use for bicep curls and Russian twists

My Own Celestial Reply

The ironic thing is I signed up for a gym membership four years ago back when I was 280 pounds and never used it. When I got serious about my nutrition and started exercising I lost all my weight by performing body weight exercises. I started my weight loss journey in October 2018. I lost 115 pounds total.

AnimationEpic Reply

This is an incredible video!! Thank you. 😀

Zara Zeitlow Reply

With the glute bridges you should keep your feet on your heels instead of flat on the ground. My trainer use to make me do that. You can feel the difference right away.

Cranberhi rhi Reply

Thank you!! As someone who’s just starting gyming for just the past month I almost sank into the “what’s the point?” mindset but this has definitely helped in lifting me back up ☺️

Janice Winning Reply

Do you have any exercises that older people could with less mobility xx

Kaitlin Hall Reply

U make me so happy :’-) Thx for putting out this content. I’ve lost motivation to do home workouts bc I prefer going to the gym so I needed this lol

JessD77 Reply

You can get resistance bands as well that can be connected to a door to do back and arms specifically

Elke Christina Reply

Yesss just what I needed, I didn’t feel motivated today to do a workout

ScrubbaSaurusRex Reply

I need to get myself back into shape. I do have one problem with some of the workouts listed, I use a wheelchair and have little use of my legs, do you have ideas for good cardio without the use of my legs?

FitFatBrittRNY Reply

“Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.”

— John Wooden

Stacey Mcalister Reply

Thanks so much for this! Cast iron frying pans or other cooking vessels made of cast iron are perfect for putting in backpack for using for rows etc. (and adding weight to squats and other things). Also using pebbles from garden stuffed into plastic bottles for weights/dumbells (making sure each weighs same as best I can). Resistance bands are your friends at this time too!

Alexis Zamora Reply

Don’t forget calf raises!! Literally the simplest movement but it can do so much ❤️

Joy Bell Reply

So I came home for spring break. After working out for the last 4 months straight with a weight loss total of 30 pounds (I was 252 ibs standing at 5’2). During spring break I only worked out that first Monday. Afterwards I began eating badly again. I believe it’s due to the fact im home and around family which has just helped put me in a slacking mood. This is my second week not working out and I can feel the effects of having gone so long. I’ve gained a pound as well. It horrifies me and I just need a little motivation to start back up. Well not start back up, but to keep going once I start again. I’m alone in this and it’s harder that way as well. Please keep me motivated. I have developing arthritis (I’m only 19) and my weight just isn’t helping.

Laura Hill Reply

4:55 when you saying doing a superman I’m just thinking of that kid in school that tripped over a root and came flying down a tiny wall like superman, that was his nickname ever since he did that.

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