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zisforzoo16 Reply

Is it me or is he lookin hella tan

    Amanda Martin Reply

    Probably all the outdoor workouts!

Mikey Lawrence Reply

He has come for the “GC”. Hahah never thought she was gunna be on this channel. Lol big fan from the UK

    M Herd Reply

    Haha I love this ! Never thought these two would cross paths ( even virtually). Love from another big uk fan !

    Seyi Oladeleojo Reply


    Mimi Stardust Reply

    @María Cali it’s Tiffany “New York” Pollard lol Natalie Portman is a white actress, she was in The Black Swan 😂😂

    hr Reply

    Some girl

    Rajan Bachra Reply

    I’m not getting involved, I’m here to enjoy myself GC style *sips a gin*

Rachael Carpenter Reply

“Hunger is an enormous barrier to weight-loss.” *I’d agree with that* I DIED 😂🤣 TRUTH my man

    Life As Kimberly Reply


    pfg Reply

    Honestly if it was just hunger I could lose weight like it was nothing. It’s that emotional/stress/boredom eating that gets me

    Rachael Carpenter Reply

    pfg Yeah for sure that’s hard too.

Shaven Wookiee Reply

Ugh, I honestly wouldn’t listen to Gemma Collins. She’s from one of those hideous reality shows over here in the UK and she’s a real diva, and is only famous for being famous.

    Pictgirl Reply

    Not to mention the amount of times she has been caught using photoshop software to appear slimmer.

    Fit Food Review Reply

    Shaven Wookiee And for falling through a trapdoor on stage 😂😂😂😂

Peter Woodhouse Reply

She is a horrible person, promoting this sort of stuff to her following, most of which will be impressionable young girls. She will promote anything as long as she gets paid.

    stevenp25100 Reply

    I’d put a little more focus on the medical doctor prescribing it.

Elizaveta Alekseeva Reply

No one:
Literally no one:

Sellout: so you guys have been asking me….

    Rein D Reply

    You do realize he has multiple social media accounts aside from just youtube and receives thousands of comments daily and DMs that you don’t have access to. Just because you dont request it or see the comments doesn’t mean it hasn’t been requested. You don’t have to watch his vids if you don’t like him having a medical professional explain and discuss a public figure promoting something that can harm people. There’s no need for that childish crap. So what your comment actually says is

    Unknown people: requests
    Literally Unspecified amount of people idk: request

    John: answers requests with expert witness
    You(me): i dont like this content so im🍑💥 aka butt hurt aka booty bothered aka got the peach pain.

    You don’t have to like you get to deal with it

    Elizaveta Alekseeva Reply

    @Rein D I meant people who promote fit teas and stuff like that on social media not John

    Annette Leggett Reply

    Elizaveta Alekseeva the influencers seem to always start their sales pitch this way ( I wonder if that’s what the companies give them as a script). It’s right up there with some person I barely knew from HS hitting me up for an amazing opportunity that’s going to make me rich (read: MLM).

Scott McErlean Reply

I don’t know who this Skinny Jab mob are that she’s shilling for but Gemma Collins has all the intellect and appeal of a drunk horse.

Vintage Camera Girl Reply

Take what ever she says with 1000s of grains of salt…shes an absolute joke here in the uk

M Herd Reply

As an extremely pale British person, all I could focus on was your lovely tan !

    J Reply

    He is glowing!

    Flora Beltaine Reply

    Agreed, I’m jealous of that golden tone!

    Christina Brenneman Reply

    i know! I am not British but am also glow in the dark pale. I always marvel at peoples ability to tan. I just freckle and burn!🤣

Fit Food Review Reply

If you look to reality TV “stars” for weight loss tips or advice then you are screwed!!

Leah W Reply

I love when you collab with Dr. Nadolsky, he is SO interesting, I could listen to him talk about the science behind obesity and weightloss all day.

Christina Parker Reply

The facial hair makes him look like John’s Evil Twin

Natalie Lewis Reply

Her partner James Argent has an eating disorder, and history of drug abuse. She should know better!

Mystery13374 Reply

I decided this girl wasn’t worth the time when I saw “loosing weight!”

Apples N’ Sunflowers Reply

Okay my favorite part of this was when he was reading the post & he emphasized “LOOSING weight” 😂 love it lol

butrflysings01 Reply

Sounds like a weight loss clinic I’ve gone to in the past here in the US that prescribes phentermine…but I’ve never seen a person on social media advertising for them..

Wordsmith 430 Reply

Why do so many people misspell “losing?” 🤦‍♂️

    Mo Grosset Reply

    Misspelling losing and a lot (when people write “alot” or “abit”) are my pet peeves 😂

Zama M Reply

He really read it as “loosing”😂, so petty

Jen Wick007 Reply

This Ad is literally trying to take a Jab at a person’s moral compass. #FAIL

Random J Reply

I love how you literally said “loosing” as she wrote in the caption instead of “losing” 😀

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