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Andreea Alina Reply

I’ve never been this early wow

Jamie L Reply

She crapped on your advice so she needs to chill

Randy Loses It Reply

Had an option to skip forward… Nope! Watching the whole video

Tieia Middleton Reply

I love your response to this and that you stayed classy.

Jaime Reynolds Reply

Never a good idea to reach out to someone like Amberlynn. You are a very kind person.
Stay safe everyone! 😃❤

Tpelzy Reply

As someone who watches her videos I am genuinely happy for Amber’s weight loss, but she’s still trash lol. So good choice steering clear haha.

    Gnome King Reply

    Weight loss? She’s been lying about it for awhile now. She’s back over 500lb and is more trying to hide it from everyone. She showed it on her tiktok and then removed it when people saw it.

Tricia A Reply

I feel like Amberlyn may be just trying to reel you in and to be honest stepping away from drama is good.

Your position of wishing her well but not getting directly involved makes so much sense.

Btw- creative spot for the pullup bar. Lol!

LeeAnn Michelle Reply

It’s best to just ignore Amber. She’s being super messy and just looking for attention

Danielle S Foster Reply

Thank you for not giving ALR any more of your time than just those couple minutes. It’s great that she lost the 70 pounds, but she’s acting like she cracked the weight loss code. She’s being way too smug, as per usual, and calling people out over things that she has done herself. You’re better off staying far, far away from that mess!

holly, herself Reply

I feel so bad for how she initially did you dirty. She asked for help and you gave her help! she manipulates her audience and gaslights them. You are a cool guy, steer clear of her bs!

Paula C. Reply

Definitely know how it feels to get injured and have to put off favorite exercises 🥴 SOOOO glad to see your back is getting better!! Looking amazing as always!! Stay strong, positive, and focused!! You don’t need to apologize for being honest and for even letting us in to your personal life (to an extent). No one is perfect and that’s OK! You’re an inspiration!

Josie Schuller Reply

I’m glad you’re not getting involved in ALR’s drama anymore. You were so kind in trying to help her before but the woman needs serious professional help and until she gets it she will drag down with her every kind person who tries to help her.

bless this crazy mess Reply

Those of us that struggle appreciate seeing how others we look up to handle when they are struggling. Thank you for being honest. I’m struggling so it’s appreciated.

D Kelley Reply

ALR is messy. Glad you’re staying above it.

Mauricette Diaz - Nutrition & Body Transformation Reply

Don’t let drama affect you! You’re such an inspiration! Stay strong 💪🏼

Victoria Crossan Reply

So glad you’re feeling better John. You handled the “tag” really admirably – straight to the point, no beating around the bush, but still respectful and enforced your boundaries. Keep at it! Love your content.

KickingGeese Reply

if she took your advice. she’d be much lighter now. 🙂

Josh Fiske Reply

Sunglasses remind me of the doc in back to the future part 2

Kelsey Martin Reply

Your openness and realness at the end is so appreciated. Sending you positivity and love.

No Soup For You Reply

ALR : “ Obese to beast, love him”

Really?! Then why did you try & drag down his rep last time you reached out to him for help, just because he told you that doing Mukbangs weren’t good for you, since you struggle with binge eating & that’s literally what a Mukbang is.

Update on ALR : She lost over 50lbs because she couldn’t eat since she got a UTI from not being able to clean herself properly. She was sick with a UTI for several months, & antibiotics made her nauseous.

The rest of the weight slowly came off since she hasn’t been able to go to her favorite buffets & restaurants to binge, because of quarantine. Her UTI started to improve in late February going into March, which means she couldn’t indulge as much as she used to.

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