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Also Known As Miss Reply

DAMN I’m early!! Hi John thanks for being so kind and honest! I started watch ing your videos a year ago and I’m down from 201 to about 173! Still have a bit to go but I’m so much closer than before!

    Bernard Gervais Reply

    You got this 100% !

    Bailey Jackman Reply

    You are awesome!!

    Also Known As Miss Reply

    Hey thanks y’all! 😁

Grace D. Reply

It’s so sad that people’s personal health journeys can be “controversial” now.

    Grace D. Reply

    Yep… I’m a big advocate of talking with a professional no matter where you are in life. Just like you see a doctor when you’re healthy and when you’re sick. Your mental health is just as important as your physical.

    Samantha Speaks Reply

    @Luczadee I agree with that!!! They are lazy or low self esteem so they try to push others down 🙏🥺 its terrible

    Luczadee Reply

    @Samantha Speaks nothing inspires more hate than seeing the person that you could’ve been

    The Weight Battle Reply

    So so sad. I’m all for loving your body, but becoming healthier can only be a good thing right. Especially later in life.

    cheeryblossoms Reply

    @Samantha Speaks some really just believe it is impossible for them. I have 3 friends with PCOS. One is trying to lose weight. The other two are not. All of them struggle with it. It’s really hard. It’s hard for me to watch and know I can’t do anything. But none of them have ever expressed anger because someone else is losing weight…I try not to bring it up too much because I know it can be triggering for them because they feel like they can’t do it.

KickingGeese Reply

that’s wild cos I totally felt like I looked worse after losing weight at first, it sucks, because its like your clothes get baggy but youre not ready for the next size. it sucks at first but she’ll move past it… I’m very happy for her I hope shes feeling better!

    CaptainCastle Reply

    I definitely feel like I look worse too

    Shadow Sun Reply

    I realized I had to buy the next size even if it was hella tight otherwise I’d subconsciously stay comfortable in the clothes I already had. Like a reverse hermit crab. Especially bras -.-

    Redpilled Princess Reply

    Oh my gosh, yes! I’m four months into a boxing hiit training circut system and I feel freaking awkward in my own body right now.

    Morgue Reply

    Hey you! It’s lovely to see you here 🖤

Personne Ici Reply

Good on her for listening to her body and not letting the crabs pull her back down into the bucket of misery.

    Miss GIJoe Reply

    How long was she a crab in that bucket pulling others down?

    Brenna Vaz Reply

    This is the first time I’ve heard this analogy but I think I love it

    Beans Reply

    Miss GIJoe uwu yes the answer is to be negative

Nisha Etheria Reply

I’m on a similar journey as this woman (different point of the road) and I relate so hard to everything she’s saying. The clothes, the changes, the new fears, the insecurity shifts, the judgement, the unsolicited advice, everything. Good for her for loving herself through this! 💜

    The Weight Battle Reply

    Well said. Hope all is going well for you.

    Nisha Etheria Reply

    @The Weight Battle It is actually, thank you. 😊🏋️‍♀️🏃‍♀️🤸‍♀️

Rebecca Leeds Reply

When I first started losing the weight it happened pretty quickly. And while I was happy I was looking better, I noticed I was terrified of it. I CANNOT explain why but I was so damn afraid of being different. I was not prepared for that. I figured…oh I’ll lose weight and just progressively like myself more as I go…NOPE not even close. Sometimes I would just look at myself and have a panic attack. I think that definitely played a roll in why I stopped my journey (other than the covid nonsense). Started the journey up again a couple weeks ago. Although I seem to stall at the same number every time I am excited to try and push past it!

    Alexandra Nakelski Reply

    I had a panic attack when I lost weight too

Kimberlee G. Reply

I really relate to her discussion about clothes and feeling like you’re in a stranger’s body. I don’t have Anna’s condition, but my body is disproportionately shaped as well; clothes that look nice one day will look baggy and weird 6 weeks later. It’s frustrating wanting to look nice for events and evenings out, only to feel out of place in what you wear because it doesn’t match your mental picture. It’s difficult to put into words, but I 100% get what she means.

    Kimberlee G. Reply

    @Lalith Kumar That is very fortunate!

    Margarita P. Reply

    I was in that stage too! It’s like your body loses weight in all the wrong places at the wrong pace. Just brace yourself and power through. It does seem like an awkward “teenage” stage, but it gets better: your body “normalises” with time and your mind gets used to it too!

    Kimberlee G. Reply

    @Margarita P. Exactly! I feel like I look like a deflating balloon. I’m struggling especially so this year because I love autumn, but none of the outfits or even tights that I wore last year feel presentable now. It’s not like I’m unhappy to have lost more weight but ugh :-/ I’m planning to stick with dresses for a while just to get through the next few months.

    Thank you so much for the encouragement; I really appreciate it. It’s nice to know that there’s light at the end of this tunnel. <3

    Margarita P. Reply

    @Kimberlee G. I feel you! But just think of it as one or two autumns you are sacrificing in order to have new and improved style for many autumns to come! Don’t rush, don’t expect from yourself to know right away how to dress your new body. For me personally exercising helped tremendously with accepting my body: not only does strength training improves the body aesthetic itself, it helps to know and appreciate your body and be more accepting to the imperfect aspects you don’t quite like yet😊 I honestly wish you the best!

    Damaria Senne Reply

    I can relate too. The women in my life were starting to get frustrated with my “homeless person look,” because my clothes hung on my smaller frame.
    ” I wish you wore tights which actually do their job,” my sister said before dragging me to the local retailers and buying me better-fitting clothes.

Rchl Swtzr Reply

Oh wow. ALR really does imitate her kinda unsettling I thought at first her rambling style reminded me of ALR but then I realized ALR has personality changes every other month and she was more likely imitating Glitter and Lasers.

    Amanda Reply

    You’re SO right. I mean, minus the actual work Anna puts in to make the actual changes needed for herself but as soon as you said ALR it was like a light bulb went off.

JessieBanana Reply

I gained a lot of weight during COVID and I lost 20 lbs and was back in a more healthy range, I felt better and all that, but I need another 20 lbs before I’m closer to the size I prefer and more importantly can fit into all my clothes. Someone tried to mock me for wanting to lose a bit more weight that I acknowledged was largely vanity and to get into my wardrobe. It’s like what is it to you? And who are you to try to make me feel bad? At 5’4″ and 130-135 lbs (which is my goal and my personal norm), that is a very healthy weight, no where near underweight. Some people really need to mind their own business…or volunteer to replace my wardrobe.

    Natalia Reply

    Agree with the” volunteer to replace your wardrobe” 👏. I’m in the same boat. Keep going!

    Alexi Spam Reply

    Well Im 5’5 and 120 pounds and on the “skinny” side.. I wish I was a bit heavier (working on it).. so your goal isnt weird or “low”.. people should stop bothering with other peoples lives/bodies etc..

    A.H. V Reply

    Your goal is normal im 5’6 and my goal weight is 130 – 136 lbs. yes that type should definitly volunteer to replace a wardrobe since they know stuff like that so well

Angela Reply

It’s the awkward stage….it also sux if you can’t afford it


People who don’t even workout or eat well try and give me advice about how I should stay physically fit🤣

    Rhea m Reply

    Dam u met my dad?

    Jane Bell Reply

    Bruh same xD

    Ty Bey Reply

    *People who look better aesthetically then me, giving me advice on how to stay fit, despite them doing 0 effort to look the way they do all the while eating garbage and not exercising. While I’ve been working on my eating habits and exercising for years already. Smh.

    Bilge b. Reply

    @Ty Bey 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼

    Thorn Of Rage Reply

    Oh man I hate these kind of people!!

F_moss_3 Reply

I remember when I was losing weight concerned “friends” starting accusing me of having an ED and tried to make me eat chocolate. That was pretty stressful

    Miriam Havard Reply

    Sorry that happened to you. 🌺

    Aurora Valdivia Reply

    oh no :C

    I Need More Sleep Reply

    Ah yes, chocolate surely is the best of foods. The most nutritious for people recovering from EDs /s

    Alexander Lewandovski Reply

    Me my female friends said that like I hated myself becouse I was losing weight l loved myself

Moshman Reply

Here’s a few tips for going through the physical awkward-stage during weight-loss:

》Thrift-stores like Goodwill are your friend.
▪︎ Set the extra money you would have already spent on more expensive clothes, like designer brands, aside for when you reach your goal. Then when you reach your goal, go on a clothing shopping spree to celebrate.

》 To stretch out the life-span of pants so your buying them less frequently, use suspenders, not belts. I was able to get another month out of them this way.

》 When clothes become too big to wear anymore, get rid of them, give them away ASAP… don’t let them linger in your house for your mind to associate those bigger clothes with a fallback-plan so it’ll be more okay with gaining weight again.

》 The sucky part watching your body getting smaller is sometimes certain parts of your body will hold on weight longer than other parts; usually the parts you want weight to disappear from the most—like your abdomen, man-boobs if you’re a guy, for me it was my thighs. Realize these are your stubborn parts and over time, if you keep iterating the correct behaviors for weight-loss, these parts will give in and shrink accordingly.

    Isabel Chaparro Reply

    I only shop at thrift stores while I’m on my journey. When I reach my goal weight I will reward myself with a new dress 🥳

    Ruby Rootless Reply

    People like you with random advice are so kind and lovely.

    Naruto Uzumaki Reply

    Ruby Rootless people like you are so sweet as well.

    scubageek17 Reply

    This is such a nice comment section 🥰 an additional word of advice- invest in an adjust-a-button to make pants last longer 🙂 Also very useful for adjusting waistbands on certain articles of clothing once you reach your goal weight 👍

    Ruby Rootless Reply

    @Naruto Uzumaki Aww, thank you 💚
    You too. Spreading some love 💚

thiefofthursday Reply

Love hearing John call Anna his friend. Would love to see a legit collab between the two in the future!

    Miriam Havard Reply

    Me, too!!!!

Sarah the Expat Reply

I feel all these things in pregnancy. I’m 8 months now, and I feel like I’m living in a stranger’s body.

    Anna Elle Reply

    8 months into my pregnancy and all I wanted was to get this little stranger out of my body lol

    Christian McCowan Reply

    I felt this too! Sorry to tell you but if you’re like me and didn’t get the elastic-skin genes, it still took me awhile after pregnancy to get used to my new body(softer tum, loose skin, etc.). After a lot of patience and gentle exercise(check out Sarah Therese’s channel for post partum workouts), I’ve gotten to a new normal that I love now. Moral of the story, love yourself, give yourself grace, and you’ll get out of the woods. Also, congrats on the new babe!

Joyti M Reply

I’m happy for glitter and lasers. Anna heheh! She’s living her life and doing her thing. Like why rain on her parade when she’s enjoying her journey.

Rachmaninov was Emo Reply

I love how humble she is while being confident at the same time 🙂

    KamTheAstro Reply

    This exactly!

Bella Garzia Reply

“Misery loves company”

No wonder people who aren’t happy with themselves get mad when someone wants to better themselves🤭

    waterchild_23 Reply

    Well said 👍🏻

Liliana v Reply

I lost a friend when I dropped 130lb. She stopped hanging out with me and I couldn’t understand what I had done wrong. A few years have gone by and I have largely kept the weight off. I saw her again a few months ago in passing and we had a brief chat.

After that I looked back on why we stopped being friends. I think I realise now that we were friends because we used to hang out and binge together and when I stopped that behaviour she didn’t like being around me, because she would be the only one indulging and I guess she wasn’t comfortable with that. It’s a shame to lose someone close, but at the same time, I had to move forward and she just wasn’t ready for that herself (which was always fine with me).

I guess without the food and the acceptance of each other’s bingeing, there may not have been much more to our friendship (? 🙁 )

    chelsy singhal Reply

    Aw i’m really sorry you lost a friend! But congratulations on your incredible journey. ❤
    I feel like as we grow to be different people, its okay to grow out of friendships too 🙂

Sam Madlin Reply

She says she values eventually being able to do things she has wanted to do, but hasn’t been able to because of her body.
And there it is. The other people giving her a hard time are jealous of her. I don’t believe some of these HAES advocates when they say they’re totally happy with their body. Deep down there’s no way they’re okay with missing out on certain parts of life.
They’ve told themselves and everyone else they can’t do it, and women like this prove you absolutely can.

    Amanda Reply

    I guarantee you that if a pill existed that you could take and be an average weight, 100% of the people in the HAES community would take it.

    None of them are happy, they’ve just settled for their reality and refuse to do anything about it. Deep down they are all miserable and bitter because the world knows their existence is one of pain and sadness.

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