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Blake Kayat Reply

Greg is the circle

DietDevan Reply

What I really like about Coach Greg is that he doesn’t recommend get completely shredded. He recommends getting down a body weight that you can sustain even if it’s above your “ideal” goal weight.

    Wow Rood Reply

    Where i stand now is I could get leaner, but it would require work that unsustainable to maintain so I just let it be. I could slowly lean out over time as long as I continue with my healthy habits but I would consider that as a bonus. I’d rather my physique changes slowly over time (or just stay where I am, with smol gut and all) than get super lean and then gain it all back fast. I don’t weigh myself daily now but i’m 4 months into a reverse and i’m sitting comfortably at 120lb while i get to enjoy a more balanced diet so fingers crossed!

    DietDevan Reply

    @Wow Rood aye congrats that’s awesome to hear!! 🙌🏾🎊 What I really like is that you have such good self awareness of yourself. I’m sure you’ll slowly get there 😊

    Gabriella Gulyás Reply

    @DietDevan I totally agree!! <3 I love that he actually promotes a sustainable healthy lifestyle and bodyweight! love that he always says that aim for half of your dream physique, it makes so much sense!! like I was so shredded two years ago but I was constantly hungry and I had to realize the hard way that it was just not sustainable for me! I'm now a few lbs more and I'm actually still trying to figure out that "ideal weight" that would be healthy and sustainable for me..It's not easy to find that "number" that we can keep in the long run, but it's really worth it and he helps so much with his advice!!

    DietDevan Reply

    @Gabriella Gulyás yeah that’s what I hear a lot from people are very shredded. That it looks all good but mentally and physically draining to try to keep that year round. I hope you’re able to find what your ideal weight is that you can sustain 😁

    TheOutsider Jess Reply

    Which is why i value his opinion

holkava Reply

says it to the point no bullshit or false hope

liiparks Reply

My cat got scared when Greg started speaking lol

    Jiggly Bumflesh Reply

    Dr. Doucette prescribed daily yelling! The cat knows. Lol

    Dot the I Reply

    That voice 😳😳

Joseph Cook Reply

I still say Greg sounds like Gilbert Gottfried xD

    sal10851 Reply

    He’s a parrot circle manlet! Lol

    Gabriella Gulyás Reply

    @sal10851 omg I loved when he said this in one of his latest videos lmaoooo like I rewatched that video a few times already and always dying on that part :D:D:D

    Merdenoms Reply

    lmao. But his normal voice when he talks with Ally is completely different.

sal10851 Reply

Once again the Doctor who is not a doctor spewing and promoting health! He makes me a better circle everyday!

    Adele Smith Reply

    A doctor who is not s doctor = quack

    Jacquie Montclair Reply

    @Adele Smith THIS doctor who is not a doctor is right 97% of the time. Or 99.7% of the time I don’t remember 😂

    Megan Monson Reply

    @Adele Smith you must be new to Coach Greg

Darnell Reply

Dr Greg> All of the fitness industry

    somebodyonce toldme Reply

    Virtruvian physique>Greg doucette

    Gabriella Gulyás Reply

    @somebodyonce toldme why to make comparisons? we can love them both equally!:) I enjoy both of their videos!

fibonacci sequence Reply

as a moron, I enjoyed this very much

Kwarkool Reply

People think “Losing weight” is the be all end all.
Losing over all weight for your health is totally different from reducing body fat to single digits for pure vanity.

    Wow Rood Reply

    In my experience losing vanity pounds requires eating and training at a certain way that’s unsustanable for regular folks. It is achievable, but in time (think years, not months) and requires a lot of patience. Problem is people try to get the results fast regardless of the consequences.

Greg Doucette Reply

Thanks for reviewing the video; the more people who can hear the message the better.

    JasonWW2000 Reply

    @ilham jaa How does he get verified?

    William Christopher Reply

    59 you gotta go 69 bro very nice number

    JasonWW2000 Reply

    @William Christopher Wat?

    Đỗ Huy Tiến Reply

    You said the opposite of what David Goggins said

    Gabriella Gulyás Reply

    @JasonWW2000 you know it’s the “grey tick” after certain channel’s name on Youtube 😀 (eg Obese to Beast) if a channel is verified, it basically means that it’s the official channel of a creator, artist, company or public figure, I guess it helps to distinguish it from other channels..anyways, I think it’s kind of an accomplisment/milestone for content creators so yeah I think Greg would def deserved it already!!

Shy Sorai Reply

I am trying to listen, but totally distracted by his chest muscles moving every time he moves his arms, lol.

    chriss Reply

    And the veins in his neck 😭

    Michaela Tyroller Reply

    Felt just the sameee when starting to watch his videos. You kinda get used to it! 😅

    Nono Reply

    @Michaela Tyroller lol yeah. That’s so true.

    sal10851 Reply

    It’s just his chesticles!!


I haven’t eaten anything but a bagel today. Here I am watching this video, he mentions being tired on the couch but being hungry and needing to pee… this is the exact situation that I am in. Scary LOL.

    Jonathan Viteri Reply

    You can be lean and still eat well. If you’re willing to torture yourself by starving to get your dream physique, I can honestly say doing some research that you are agreeable to implement daily, can give you better health, and looks than just being skin and bones.. unless your trying to be like a runway model … then, your for sure on your way to several eating disorders. I hope, for your sake, you don’t choose to do that to yourself.

    Frances East Reply

    I promise as someone who is very thin and also in shape that this isn’t necessary to lose weight or maintain a weight loss/thinness. A slower weight loss on a diet you could maintain long-term will give you far better results, especially when combined with exercise. Is there a reason you’re dieting like this?

    LINDS O Reply

    @Frances East im not dieting lol. Im on medication that kills my appetite so sometimes its hard to even think about food haha. This isn’t intended.

    Frances East Reply

    @LINDS O I feel you. I have to take Topamax for epilepsy and it’s an appetite suppressant. I set alarms on my phone to help me remember to eat.

    Esmee Reply

    @LINDS O I can relate to it being really hard to eat when you have no appetite. I’m comfortable at a bodyfat% that’s underweight for my body, I don’t suffer many consequences (maybe because half of them I suffer regardless) and when I’m in a lot of pain (chronic pain) it’s hard to motivate myself to eat.

    However when I had a really bad month I dropped way too low, could barely eat and bloated like a balloon when I did so even drinking was painful. My muscle fibres became oddly visible, I was a freaky mix of muscle and bones. I luckily got the luxury to recover at my aunt and uncle. But otherwise I think I’d lost a lot of muscle and maybe worse like a vicious circle of getting too weak to even go out and buy food. Finally bought that freezer I’ve been wanting and keep some ’emergency’ staple calorie-dense foods. Got up to 66kg, which was 5kg above my previous maintain weight but my body is just throwing it off again. I suspect to hover around 63kg but this time with a freezer full of meal-prep, pantry with calorie-dense food options and my favourites. Come to think I was once 134kg I really didn’t see it coming.

    I don’t know if you’re at such an extreme but please, do be careful and take care of yourself. Weight and food can be tricky at all weight ranges. Best of luck!

Sharon Rogers Reply

I don’t know how many people know how you can accidentally get here after successfully losing weight. Like this paranoia starts in about possibly gaining again. And you end up in this place.

Adam Seal Reply

I do like how this channel covers issues for not just obese people or just “bodybuilder bros”. Even though I’m sure obese people will use this as an excuse just as bodybuilder bros will misinterpret you’re videos for obese people.
It would be nice to see you make some content on eating material for Performance based athletes. I don’t think people realize there’s more than just comfort overeating, “bulking”, and dieting and cutting. Surprisingly aesthetics are not the only reason to eat a certain diet.

Cath Reply

All the people in the comments complaining about his voice 😂 just wait. I’ve fallen asleep watching a video of his

    Domovoi07 Reply

    For the first five minutes I thought his voice was weird and annoying, then it started to entertain me

    ananta albar Reply

    me first hate him because he’s seems mean to another fitness youtubers, now im waiting daily for his new video!

    Beastbombshell Reply

    His voice is actually kind a deep when he isn’t talking fast or loud

    Lemon Cat Reply

    Gilbert Gottfried ASMR? 😂

    Audrey Elizabeth Reply

    Right, you get so used to it lol. My fiancé always whines when I watch his videos and he doesn’t get that I’m simply used to the voice he does now lol

Fitbeee Reply

I whent through this phase of cutting to starvation, being possessed and then binging to the point where I was crying while still eating. It’s surreal. It really does feel like you’re being possessed.

    Marta López Reply

    The same, I even lost my period

Caitlin Reply

I would really appreciate if my inner starvation demon didn’t have ancestors who survived the potato famine lmao

Elise Nieuwe Reply

15:20 this is why I hate diets that start with eliminating food groups, most often all carb foods.
Bacteria in our gut are responsible for digesting our foods mostly. If you take out all (pseudo) grains, legumes and other starchy stuff for a longer time, you can lose the gut bacteria that digest these foods!
It’s so annoying to see people eliminate these foods for 2-3 months and then when they eat them again they get bloated and immediately conclude: oeh I was intolerant to these foods all along. Oeh these foods are bad. NO, you just fucked up your gut biome, by starving the bacteria that feed on these foods. It takes time to get them back.

    Audrey Elizabeth Reply

    That’s really fascinating. I never realized that happened with anything other than dairy (I developed mild lactose intolerance because I rarely ate dairy, I now do eat/drink dairy products to try to retain some form of tolerance to them)

Kali Mcc Reply

“Some people eat what they want and weigh 300, 400, 500 pounds…”

“I don’t understand why he’s decided to attack me but okay” 😂😂😂

Epona Lee Reply

Yeah, losing your period is a bad sign. Lost it during puberty going through an Ed and I was very underweight, so please read the signs your body tries to show you!

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